Our Marketing team have been busy packing up the latest #VeryPC socks to be sent out to a whole load of our education customers.

We've gone for a retro theme this time around...with some pretty funky colours! 🧦

I'm feelin like it's gonna be Fall today whether you like it or not...it's what we do.

😜 Apple Cake with a hot cup of Apple Pie Donut coffee is just what we needed to make it happen!


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As a proud #GoogleforEducationPartner , we're on hand to help from licensing to getting your hands on the latest Chrome devices.

Switch to Chrome now with #VeryPC 💪

🏷️В наявності круті моноблоки. Ідеально впишуться в домашній інтер'єр або офісне приміщення.

🖥️Екран 24" 1920х1080 IPS
💽Процесор Intel core I5 6400 4x2.7 Ghz
🎮Відео Intel HD 530
🎚️Оперативка Ddr4 8gb
💾Накопичувач ssd 120gb
💻Система Windows 10pr

📍м.Берегове вул Б.Хмельницького 14
#windows #aio #allinone
#monoblok #pc #intel #corei5 #fullhd #verypc

We are delighted to introduce you to the brand new #VeryPCOnlineShop. Yep, that's right.

All of your favourite #VeryPC products are now available at one handy click of a button.

No matter if you're a home or business user, we're confident there will be a device or peripheral that meets your individual or specific requirements.

Educational and trade discounts are available and we encourage you to get in touch with us directly for further details.

#onlineshop #onlineretailer #excitingnews

We've become famous for our range of colourful and unique #VeryPC socks over the years and this

week our friends in the #education sector have been receiving emails to get their hands on the latest pair, as well as a host of other treats.

We're lifting spirits with the #VeryPCGoodieBox , with support from our friends at Western Digital and whilst we're keeping the latest design of our socks under wraps for now, we're confident you won't be disappointed when the posties come a-knocking. 🧦

#givingback #freebies #westerndigital

Sometimes you need a straightforward, no fuss, compact desktop PC that just gets the job done and that ticks all the right boxes.

Well, look no further and say hello to the #VeryPC Flex Mini. 👋

The Flex Mini is anything but the 'difficult middle child' in our #classroom PC range and we're confident you won't need to put this beauty of a machine on the naughty step.

Be sure to check out more details on our website (link in bio).

🎉 It's our 17th birthday! 🎂

Yep that's right. Today, #VeryPC turns 17 years old!

That's 17 whole years of doing what we love and here's to 17 more! 💚

We'd love you to share your favourite VeryPC memory in the comments below! 🎁

#SeventeenthBirthday #SheffieldBusiness #BusinessBirthday

We love what we do here at #VeryPC and there's nothing more rewarding than seeing our products leave the factory floor looking awesome.

A couple of years back, we had the pleasure of providing @therecruitmentcrowd with a whole load of custom #branded and built to order Flex Micro PCs. We delivered staff the power and performance they required whilst adding a splash of colour to their new machines.

Our customers love our products and service, but don't just take our word for it. Check out our testimonials page on our website (link in bio).

From all the #VeryPC family, we wish you a Happy New Year and all the best for 2021.

We’re hoping for a much brighter and happier one! 🎉 #happynewyear #newyear #2021

Merry Christmas from all of us here at #VeryPC ! If you're celebrating today, then we hope you have a great day and are enjoying all of the festivities!


#Christmas2020 #ChristmasDay

Well, it's been one heck of a year and as the #Christmas break approaches, we're reflecting on the past 12 months and it's fair to say we couldn't have done it without all of these smiling faces!

So with that in mind, Andy our Managing Director, has written his annual Christmas blog over on the #VeryPC website which goes into more detail about the year we've had. So, grab yourself a cuppa, crack open a selection box and be sure to take a read over on our website (link in bio).

#TeamVeryPC #SheffieldBusiness #TechnologyIsOurBusiness

#Laptops and #tablet devices have been, quite understandably, in high demand this year.

But, here at #VeryPC we’ve still got access to stock of devices, including the Microsoft Surface Pro.

Our #Tier1 value added extras mean we can enhance your new purchases with a dash of VeryPC magic. Including asset tagging, inventory management and our famous custom branding options.

For more information on our Tier 1 offerings, all the information you need is on our website (link in bio).

#TabletDevices #SurfacePro #Microsoft

We’re always pleased to be working with our friends at The Risk Advisory Group and fulfilling their IT requirements.

Whether it’s #VeryPC branded devices or laptops from leading brands such as #Lenovo , they know that they can count on us.

Having recently chosen to opt for bunch of Lenovo Thinkbook’s, we added a splash of our custom branding on the front to give their new devices a more professional and sleek look. This also maintains their brand identity, no matter where their users are working from.

Discover more about our value-added services on our website (link in bio).

We've built up quite the reputation over the years when it comes to all things #IT and techy.

However, we also love to keep our customers feet warm. With the sharp drop in temperatures at the moment, we're sure there's a few #VeryPC socks being worn up and down the country! 🧦

Today we thought we'd show you our range of socks from the past few years. They certainly won't get lost among the plain and boring socks in your drawer! If you haven't managed to get a pair then drop us a message and we'll see what we can do...

#customerfreebies #VeryPCSocks #sockittome

Everyone say hello to my #verypc money box, the #jollynigger. Had him for a good few years now.

He’s currently been very well looked after by my mate #dogshitdave #moneybox #oldschool #dontmakethemanymore

It's always a pleasure to work with the team over at North Yorkshire Moors Railway.

Not only are they a long term and loyal customer but they always task our Graphic Designer with an awesome custom branding request, which we think it's fair to say was fully achieved when these two laptops left our factory floor.

You can read more on what #NYMR have to say about all things #VeryPC over on our website (link in bio).

#custombranded #laptopsupplier #sheffieldbusiness

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We've recently had the pleasure working with St Mary's Church of England Primary Academy in #Folkestone , supplying them with a whole load of built to order and custom branded #VeryPC Ultrabook's.

We've long said that our custom branding options stand out from the crowd and this is definitely one of our favourites! 😍

We love adding a splash of colour to both our laptop and desktop PCs. Whether it's for a #school #business or just for yourself, all the info you need about our #branding options are on our website (link in bio).

#VeryPCUltrabook #Laptop #SheffieldBusiness #graphicdesign

Sometimes it's the more simpler designs that really do show off our in-house custom branding options.

Think of it as the icing on a well built, strong and tasty cake, if you will.

It's a special #throwbackthursday today as we take another look at our work with Kingswood School. Take a look at this simple, but elegant, design that showcases the schools branding and sits perfectly on the outside of a built to order #VeryPC Thinbook. Perfect! 👏

What unique and exciting design will you opt for? 👉 https://bit.ly/2GXlaOR

#tbt #throwback #flashback

We're always thrilled to work with our friends at Harehills Primary School.

Fresh from the #VeryPC factory floor, last week we provided them with our built to order Aspect Mini PCs. And of course, it's always a joy to add this unique custom branding design to their new IT equipment.

To find out more about our branding options and to get a splash of colour added to your new IT suite all you need is on our website (link in bio).

Well, we've been very busy here at #VeryPC headquarters.

Our Marketing team have packed up hundreds of our brand new socks to say a big THANKYOU to all of our #education customers!

They'll be landing on your doorstep imminently and we're even hearing that the postal gods have worked their magic to deliver some over the weekend!

We couldn't think of a better way to celebrate #worldteachersday than with a brand new pair of comfy socks! We hope you enjoy them 🧦 #VeryPCSockSuperhero

It's always a pleasure to work with the team over at North Yorkshire Moors Railway Not only are

they a long term and loyal customer but they always task our Graphic Designer with an awesome custom branding request, which we think it's fair to say we fully achieved!

It's always a pleasure to work with the #NYMR and you can read more on what they have to say about all things #VeryPC on our website (link in bio).

#custombranded #laptopsupplier #sheffieldbusiness

It's time for a #VeryPC #flashbackfriday ! We love seeing the results of our hard work and this picture certainly showcases all of our efforts.

A classroom full of VeryPC Thinbook's, all custom built and branded, for Bedwas High School in #Wales. We certainly know how to make a classroom stand out from the crowd 😍💻 #throwback #fbf
I love you as high as the sky and as deep as the sea 🙈❣️
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