Si tú, al igual que nosotros, tuviste que emigrar de Venezuela por razones más que obvias,

seguramente te habrás molestado muchísimo con las "nuevas reglas de la SUDEBAN" para el envío de remesas a nuestras familias.
Para refrescarte un poco la memoria con respecto a estas nuevas reglas, no puedes abrir tu cuenta bancaria fuera del territorio nacional sin antes notificar a la SUDEBAN los siguientes datos: A qué país vas a viajar, cuánto tiempo estarás de viaje, razones del viaje, porqué necesitas usar tu cuenta bancaria en el exterior, en fin.
A parte de todo eso, no puedes realizar cambios de moneda paralelos a los que dicta en BCV.
Como ya sabrás, si tu institución bancaria detecta el inicio de sesión fuera del territorio nacional sin haber notificado lo anteriormente mencionado, están obligados a suspenderte la cuenta por usu "ilicito".
Por suerte, para esto existe una solución, y es de lo que te queremos hablar hoy: TUXLER es una empresa que ofrece servicios de seguridad en internet y entre tantos servicios nos permite utilizar sus servidores VPN's para enmascarar nuestra IP y poder burlar de esta manera los "radares" del gobierno venezolano.
Tuxler es una herramienta muy sencilla e intuitiva de usar, basta con entrar a su sitio web, ir al final de la página de inicio y descargar la aplicación para Windows o Mac (según sea tu caso).
Luego de haber instalado la aplicación solo te queda seleccionar la opción "ON" de "IP CHANGING", seleccionar el país del cual quieres que se te vea conectado, en este caso sería Venezuela y por último solo resta seleccionar la ciudad de Venezuela de la que nos queremos conectar, este último paso es opcional ya que con haber seleccionado Venezuela como nuestra máscara automáticamente nuestra IP, en nuestro caso chilena, quedará oculta y mostrará una IP venezolana.
Para descargar la aplicación sólo debes ir al enlace que te dejamos en nuestra biografía.
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Es gibt im ganzen Universum und in unserem Leben nur zwei Dinge, die wir kontrollieren können.

Wenn wir das radikal erkennen, dass wir ansonsten machtlos sind, entspannt sich unfassbar viel - und wir fühlen gleichzeitiger, unsere Autorität und Kreativität. Also, hier die einzigen zwei Dinge, die wir im Leben kontrollieren können: Unsere Gedanken und unsere Taten.

Mission: Take down Satori - The loT Worm that causing worldwide security issue.

Everyone's endanger of security breaches. To protect your own home get most sophisticated VPN Service, consider Tuxler VPN - Your Privacy Firewall. Follow the story here >>

If you want to find the best proxy server that money can buy, you need to find a quality proxy service, and Tuxler provides some of the best you will find anywhere.

While other servers may experience slowdowns and other connectivity issues, we can guarantee you will get the most uptime you will find anywhere.


A VPN protocol can facilitate the encapsulation and encryption of data being transmitted across a network, and its purpose is to create a secure tunnel through which it can travel.

They are sometimes called “tunneling protocols,” and many of them use the Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) to establish the connection between different points on the network.

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I may want to hide my IP address to improve my online security, and you should do the same.

Find out today how Tuxler can give you the best VPN & proxy servers.

A proxy server can be a great way to create a more secure Internet connection, and it can make it easier to access sites that may have been restricted.

With so many different choices, it can be hard to find the best proxy server – one that would meet your needs and fit your budget.

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If you’re just getting started with VPNs and want a basic VPN for using on public Wi-Fi hotspots or accessing region-restricted websites, there are a few good, simple options.

We like ExpressVPN because they have great speeds and a lot more functionality than average including clients for almost any device—you can even get a router pre-installed with their VPN client.

Tuxler residential VPN changes the way you can access content on the Internet thanks to features like:

SECURE YOUR CONNECTION - Use Tuxler and get full online anonimity anonymity!

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Hoaxes use weaknesses in human behavior to ensure they are replicated and distributed.

In other words, hoaxes prey on the Human Operating System

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Tuxler residential VPN changes the way you can access content on the Internet thanks to features like:

RESIDENTIAL IPS ONLY - 100% of our IPs are genuine residential.

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A VPN service can help you protect your privacy on the web.

But even if you aren’t concerned about prying eyes, it’s still a good idea to use a cheap VPN for more end-to-end security. It’s an important consideration if you do a lot of business online, especially if you plan to use open Wi-Fi at a hotel or coffee shop. Using these networks can make you more susceptible to hacking and online theft. So, you want to do what you can to protect yourself, especially if you have a lot of sensitive files that you want to keep safe.

If you do a lot of world travel, you may come across certain geographical restrictions that may prevent you from accessing certain sites. A cheap VPN can help you bypass these restrictions (also called “geo-blocking”), because it can divert your location.

Businesses will use VPN technology to let their employees remotely access their servers without compromising security. It comes in handy if they have people who work at home or travel to different locations for business.


You want to be able to access to your business information whenever you need it.

Even if you’re just an employee who wants to finish his or her work for the day, it’s still a major concern. This can be a big problem for larger corporations, but it’s even more important for a small business to stay on top of what’s going on within the network. You need to access your company’s infrastructure no matter where you are.

A lot of different companies that can serve as a VPN host, but you want to work with the best company you can find. So, you want to find someone with a good reputation, because you want to get the best kind of network security that money can buy. Tuxler is the company you want, because they fit all the criteria for a solid VPN host. We provide VPN services to many different companies, and we can help you regardless of your needs.


Proxies can serve as gatekeepers by which network communication can be controlled, and one of the main functions is to limit access to certain areas of a network.

A corporate intranet may not want people in their organization to access certain areas, and they can filter them based on their role in the company. When a user attempts to access a server, it’s forward to the proxy, which evaluates it based on certain standards. Then, it forwards the request to the server, which sends back a response.

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Nobody can give you freedom
Nobody can give you equality or justice

If you are a man you take it.

A VPN can help you create a more secure Internet connection, and it comes in handy if you have a lot of files that you want to keep safe.

It comes in handy if you’re on a public network (like at a hotel or coffee shop), but you don’t to spend a lot to set it up.

There are many cheap VPN providers out there, so you don’t have to spend a fortune to use what they have to offer. That way, you don’t have to break the bank to use their services.


A VPN can help you establish a more secure Internet connection, which can go a long way in preserving your online privacy.

Even if you aren’t concerned about prying eyes on the Web, it’s still a good practice to use a VPN Internet connection. It can keep any important files from getting stolen. It comes in handy if you’re using an open network (like a Wi-Fi hotspot at a hotel or coffee shop). For more details👉📎

While some use the proxy for movie sites, most of them use it for the official work.

Moreover, not all the people in the proxy world use the free proxy server to do what they need. A lot of people say that the paid ones are better. And if you pay for about 1000 proxies at a time, there are chances that many might come our blocked by certain sites. So that is when the scan is needed to know which one is working and which is not. And if the provider is a good one like the Tuxler, they would exchange the bad ones with perfectly working ones in no time.
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Surf the Web without borders! This Extension requires Tuxler Application to work. After installing this extension you will be directed to Application installation process.
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A VPN allows a user to create a more secure Internet connection on an unsecure network.

It can be useful for anyone who is concerned about hacking or online theft on an open Wi-Fi connection but someone may also want to keep his or her online activity private. This person may also be traveling abroad and is looking for a way to bypass certain geographical restrictions. Whatever the case may be, a VPN can help you create a virtual private Internet connection.

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Thanks to special Tuxler architecture all our VPN IP Residential are random, this makes Tuxler virtually unblockable and allows you to access any website.

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Cyber Safety: An Interactive Guide to staying safe on the internet.

Proper data analysis is the key, and Tuxler has a solid Residential VPN reseller service program that will give you everything you need to make money.

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Tuxler is the first community-powered free residential VPN that allows you to access any router and website.

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Tuxler is one of the leading Residential VPN providers on the market today, and we have a variety of options to choose from.

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With Tuxler, you can buy residential VPN access so you can freely access the web.

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Tuxler is the first community-powered free residential VPN that allows you to access any website.

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