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Today is a special day for me and special days call for special photos. Today is my second crochet anniversary! Exactly two years ago, I bought a beginner's kit and tought myself how to crochet. My first project was a small grey amigurumi rabbit. I've definitly learned a lot since then.
This second year of crocheting was the year of the dragon, concentrating on my favourite purple dragon and his friends. I enjoyed creating these patterns so much and I'm not finished yet.
I really wanted to take this groupphoto but arranging all my projects in just one picture was quite a challenge. I have finished 86 projects this year and most of them are in this picture (I couldn't add the flying/floating ones and the ones that where presents). Let's see what happens in the next 364 days!
Also, here's a huge thank you to those, who like my pictures and comment on them. I hope these pictures abd their subjects make you as happy as me!

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"I hate DRAGONS!" This picture somehow reminds me of a scene during the final battle against Ripto in Spyro 2.

Spyro had to collect orbs of different colours and whenever he had a total of three orbs, he would get a special ability for a short time. When Ripto realised that Spyro had this superpower he ran away and Spyro had to chase him to be able to actually use his ability. Of course, the background is different but otherwise the scene in the photo looks like the scene in my memories.

I have been veeeery inactive on Instagram the past two weeks. After returning home from vacation, I was greeted by a huge pile of important work and it kept me extremly busy the last days - I didn't even touch my hook (and I will never catch up on everything I've missed on Instagram 😅). But know that I have finished my tasks at work, I can finally get back to crocheting in the evening. It's so relaxing. And hopefully, there will be some new Spyro related projects finished soon. 😊

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I've seen soooo many sheep these past two weeks here in Ireland.

Good thing there's no purple dragon in desperate need of a snack running around. 😅
Here is a picture of Spyro chasing after his favourite fodder. There is no Sparx in sight, so I guess he really needs a butterfly or two.
My holidays in Ireland are almost over, I'll leave for the ferry tomorrow (I hate ferries so much 😅). I love it here in Ireland and I don't want to leave but at the same time I can hear my yarn calling me home. 😉

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Since I am still on vacation and have nothing new to post, I thought I could share a few more pictures of the characters I've already finushed.

I take so many pictures of my finished works and most of them only end up in my photobook. I also wanted to add pictures with Spyro in the fore- or background for every character. So enjoy Spyro chasing one of these annoying egg thieves! I still think that the egg thieves belong to the best characters of the games. Oh, this intense lovehate!!! There are not many characters that can give you these strong feelings! 😅💙 Do you hear the egg thief's chant? I certainly do!!! #spyro #spyrothedragon #spyroreignitedtrilogy #amigurumi #eggthieves #eggthief #thief #lovehate #crochet #crocheting #crochetlove #crochetaddict #crochetaddicted #häkeln #diy #handmade #crochetcollections #crocheterslife #crochetersofinstagram #crochetpattern #thespyrocrochetingproject #spyro20th

"We've always had trouble with the Gear Grinders, but now they've set up force fields to seperate

us." I actually didn't realise how cute the Electrolls from Hurricos are, until I saw them in the Reignited Trilogy footage. When I looked at them more closely, I couldn't fight the urge to make one as soon as possible. This little guy also was the perfect project, as I could easily imagine the design of most of his parts in my mind and as he was small enough to be quickly made and to give me the illusion of being veeeeery productive. 😉 Whenever I spent some time making a larger character, like Bentley or Gnasty Gnorc for example, I seem to need to make a few smaller characters for a change. Good thing that there are plenty of bosses on my to do list, all of them three to four times as big as Spyro. 😅 I hope that there are still enough small characters left to compensate the time and the concentration I need for the bigger characters when I finally start to make the bosses. 😂
By the way, Hurricos had, in my opinion, one the hardest minigames in Spyro 2. There were these thieves who stole Lightning Stones in this more or less secret part of the level. Whenever I had put one of these stones back where it belonged, the alarm went of on the other side of the area and when this thief was taken down, another one appeared in the exact opposite direction. It was so annoying. 😅 But Hurricos was quite a good level and I liked the design and the other minigames.
Also, I wish that I had taken a group photo of my Spyro characters (at least the main characters) when I was at home to celebrate Spyro's 20th birthday, but I just couldn't squeeze it into my overloaded shedule. 😅 But I promise, my Spyro will get his party, he will just have to wait for November and the release of the game. 🙃

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"Well hello there, Mr. Dragon. Hmmm, you're pretty cute for a quadruped." I always wondered why the female fauns from Fracture Hills looked so different from Elora.

The colours are different, the hairstyle and the clothes and whike Eloras face looks kind of human, the faces of the fauns from Fracture Hills remind me of wolves or grey foxes. I both kinds of female fauns, but still I wonder... Are there more fauns like Elora? Does she meet the fauns from Fracture Hills or the male fauns from Magma Cone?
I've always liked the fauns because they were mystical creatures, I had already heard of when I was younger. I also like the colour of their dresses and their hairstyle. And I like the flirty way they talk, although I don't think that I recognized it as a form of flirtation when I was a child. I probably thought that their way of speaking was just funny. But these huge Earthshapers in their world were just terrible. You couldn't just burn them, no, you had to run into them and that didn't even cause any damage, it just moved them a few inches. Some of them only died when pushed into lava. I think, I was a little nit afraid of them. 😅😱
The hairstyle of this faun is a little bit different from the original. I added longer strands, in order to get the basic style done first and cut it afterwards. But when I had cut just a little bit, I realized that I liked the hair the way it was and decided not to cut more of it. They normally have these two thin and shorter braids... but I just like this hairstyle in the photo more. I am not sure, if this decision makes me happy though. I normaly try to get as close to the original look as possible and this feels a little bit like cheating 😂. I might make a second version of her with the "right" hairstyle when I get home from Ireland so that I don't have to worry about faun hair anymore. 😂

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"Look here, dragon, if you know what's good for you, you'll turn around and crawl back up that hole

you came through!" I finished hooded Bianca two weeks ago but I just couldn't find the time to post pictures of her.
I used the pattern for "normal" Bianca for her head and body and then crocheted the cloak direktly onto her body. I had hoped to make the line of slip stitches in the front look like her cloak had been closed there but the line didn't turn out straight. Making the hood was the best part of this pattern. I had never made a hood before and enjoyed trying it out and I like the finished look of it. By the way, I always wondered how Bianca managed to hide her long rabbit ears with this hood. 😂
I am currently on my way to Ireland (I'm taking the ferry tomorrow and I hope that I won't get seasick! 😅), where I will stay for two weeks. I finished two other Spyro characters when I finished Bianca and I will post photos of them in the next days. I spent the last week with lots of work, friends, ordering yarn (half of it didn't arrive in time 😣), packing and a not Spyro related crochet project (I couldn't take proper photos before I left but I might post a picture in my stories). I won't be crocheting Spyro characters while I'm in Ireland (I couldn't take the finished characters with me as a reference and also didn't want to pack a needlefelting kit and wire and pipecleaners and all this stuff (I packed waaay to much stuff (and yarn) anyway)). I will focus on a few other projects and get back to Spyro in the last week of September after I've returned home.

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No Spyro quote today because these crabs that appeared as enemies in Spyro 2 and Spyro 3 never made

much noise - except for that precious moment when you ran into them headfirst or burned them and they fell to pieces with this cracking noise.
These crabs weren't much of a challenge onshore but I hated them underwater - I always managed to miss them and bump into a wall or something like that.
Sadly, this guy is only able to stand with the help of his claws. His eyes are so big that he always loses his balance. Next time, I will use something else to stuff and stabilize his body. Hopefully that will help.

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"The funny looking guys with the shock sticks have drained all our water!" Stumbling over a picture

of the seahorses from Aquaria Towers in Spyro 2 made it a lot easier to reach a decision concerning a new project. These seahorses are so cute AND they are PURPLE! 💜 I couldn't ask for a better project.
I am actually really happy how this one turned out. I think, it's actually one of my favourite creations and after figuring out the basic pattern, it's also a quick and simple little project. There are also not that many parts to sew on and that's great in my eyes as I hate the sewing part -  espacially as it takes up nearly as much time as it takes to crochet all the parts. So many times it took a whole day to put it all together, although it's only this one last step. And I'm afraid that I still tend to underestimate the time it takes to finish the sewing part.
As much as I like these seahorses, I didn't particularly like the Aquaria Towers level. It is an underwater level and I never liked those. One reason is that moving around is so much more problematic underwater. Furthermore, there were these metal sharks that kind of freaked me out. I was always afraid to accidentely swim into their area. 😅
#spyro #spyrothedragon #spyroreignitedtrilogy #spyroriptosrage #spyrogatewaytoglimmer #spyro2 #aquariatowers #seahorse #crochet #crocheting #crochetlove #crochetaddict #crochetaddicted #häkeln #diy #handmade #crochetcollections #crocheterslife #crochetersofinstagram #crochetpattern #thespyrocrochetingproject

"Well, well, look at you.. showing up here to raid the tomb, after I've done all the work.

I spend all day pressing switches and shoving boxes around, and you just waltz in here expecting to claim the treasure!" Here is one of the less known characters from the Spyro trilogy. It's Tara (Croft) who definitly isn't a member of the main cast. She can only be met in Desert Ruins in Spyro: Year of the Dragon. I had totally forgotten about her but stumbeled across her picture while doing some research for my next creations. She resembles Bianca a lot and since I could use that pattern, I was happy about a fast finished project.
I remember that I didn't get the Lara Croft reference when I played the game for the first time. I was definitly too young to play Lara Croft back then. It was in one of my last playthroughs that I finally got the reference 🙈.
I messed up the legs a little bit in the process of sewing them to the lower body but didn't realise it until it was too late. But apart from that, I'm happy with the result.
At the moment, there are way too many characters I want to crochet (mostly Spyro related but a few others as well). As long as I had my main cast plans, I could stick to those and postpone all the other ideas. But now, there are way to many possibilities and every time I look for pictures of a specific character, I stumble across another potential project. 😅 At the moment, I definitly have no idea on how to choose my next project. 😅

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"Why, you brazenly avaricious, duplicitous, larcenous ursine!" Bentley, the last character on my maincast list is finished!

I remember that I liked Bentley - I always saw him as a friendly character. I also liked the way he spoke - as a child, I thought that his way of speaking was quite funny. I didn't like his yonger brother though. In my opinion, he was too cheeky and a little bit rude. Nontheless, Bartholomew might be one of my next projects.
Crocheting Bentley was a little bit tricky for me. As I mentioned earlier, I was afraid, that he would turn out too small. Gladly, his size turned out just right. I also had problems making his arms but after one day of trial and error and a looot of unraveling and starting over, I was finally happy with the result.
My first plan was to needlefelt his fur - but I changed my mind as I was afraid that not much of the crocheted body would be visible afterwards.
The only problem I have with the finished Bentley is, that his huge ice club is messing with the balance. I think there is exactly one position in which he doesn't lose his balance. 😅

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"Hey there, Spyro.

When I zap you with my wand like this your current position and progress is saved." I really liked that they changed the unknown blonde fairy from the first game to Zoe (or Fünkchen as she was called in German) in the second game. I liked that I knew the fairy that could be met in every level and that she had an active part in fighting Ripto.
Zoe was quickly finished right after I returned home from vacation. I wanted to make her for a long time but struggeled with the decision about her size. With all my Spyro characters, I'm trying to get the sizes right. I usually look at pictures and videos to see how tall the character has to be in relation to Spyro and maybe a few other characters I've already made. But I had a feeling that it would not be easy to get a good result if I wanted to make her small enough to match Spyroc's size. In many ways, it might have been easier to make a larger version of her. But I decided to make the small Zoe and like I had expected, I felt quite limited in my possibilities to shape her body. I would have liked to use finer yarn, but I still haven't found finer skin coloured yarn. So I had to go with the yarn that I use normally. I'm okay with her body though. What did not turn out okay, was her face. I tried to needlefelt her features like I always do - and her face just looks like she was hit by Crush AND chewed on by Bulk. 😂 But as long as you can't see the mess I made with her facial features, the pictures are quite okay, so I'm posting her anyway. There will come a time when I have figured out how to get her face right! 😂 I might also make a larger Zoe - this would give me so much more freedom in my creation process.

#spyro #spyrothedragon #spyroreignitedtrilogy #spyrogatewaytoglimmer #spyroriptosrage #spyroyearofthedragon #zoe #fairy #crochet #crocheting #crochetlove #crochetaddict #crochetaddicted #häkeln #diy #handmade #crochetcollections #crocheterslife #crochetersofinstagram #crochetpattern #thespyrocrochetingproject

"I warned you already. This place isn't safe for small dragons and...

pussy cats!" I finally managed to remake Bianca! I was so displeased with my first try but at the same time, I feared that the second try would not turn out any better and put her of every time I wanted to start a new project. But look, I'm quite pleased with the outcome this time! Her body, arms and legs are thinner and match the looks of the original sooo much better. She is also a tiny bit smaller. Her dress looks better as well.
I'm beyond happy about the improvements I could make on her design! I also hope that finishing her will provide the energy needed to finish Bentley, who is actually the last character on my maincast list. I started to work on him last week, after returning from vacation but I'm kind of stuck. I didn't have much time to crochet and I couldn't use my normal crochet time in the evening effectively due to this unnatural heatwave (my room is heated up extremly by the end of the day and honestly this heat is killing a lot of my energy - I've always been a fall/winter person). So I didn't get a lot of Bentley done and then I wondered if he might turn out to small and couldn't decide wether to start over again or to continue. So I made Bianca. Now that she is finished, I will have to get back to Bentley. I've just decided to continue on the part that I've already done and hope for the best. Cross your fingers that he turns out tall enough! 😅
I also wrote down a new list for my next Spyro related crochet projects. There are basically all the bosses from the trilogy on this list (plus a few other characters). 😂 I have to write my planned projects down - there are too many characters and too many ideas (and by far not enough time) 😅

#spyro #spyrothedragon #spyroreignitedtrilogy #spyroyearofthedragon #bianca #crochet #crocheting #crochetlove #crochetaddict #crochetaddicted #häkeln #diy #handmade #crochetcollections #crocheterslife #crochetersofinstagram #crochetpattern #thespyrocrochetingproject

"Nah nah nah nah nah!" I still had this photo of my finished egg thieves on my phone.

I finished the last egg thief (the greenish/yellowish one on the right) when I had my problems with moneybags and I was so happy that my yarn for the last egg thief had finally arrived. As I had already pointed out in my last egg thief post, the wiki said that this guy was yellow, whereas I had always thought that he was green. Although I had to admit, that there was also a touch of yellow in the colour of his clothes, I didn't feel that it was accurate to use one of the yellow shades of my yarn colletion. I think this colour I finally used is a great compromise to solve my colour problem (although on this photo he looks a little bit more green than he really is)!
I also love how they are all a little bit different. Spyro won't care though - he will chase them all down no matter what they look like. 😉
By the way, the ringtone of my phone is now the "nah nah nah nah nah" tune of these guys. 😁 It makes me laugh everytime I get a message.

#spyro #spyrothedragon #spyroreignitedtrilogy #spyroyearofthedragon #eggthief #eggthieves #thief #nahnahnahnahnah #crochet #crocheting #crochetlove #crochetaddict #crochetaddicted #häkeln #diy #handmade #crochetcollections #crocheterslife #crochetersofinstagram #crochetpattern #thespyrocrochetingproject

The villains all came together and are now throwing a party.

#spyro #spyrothedragon #spyroreignitedtrilogy #spyrogateway to glimmer #spyroriptosrage #spyroyearofthedragon #ripto #gnastygnorc #sorceress #thesorceress #villains #villainsquad #crochet #crocheting #crochetlove #crochetaddict #crochetaddicted #häkeln #diy #handmade #crochetcollections #crocheterslife #crochetersofinstagram #crochetpattern #thespyrocrochetingproject

"I'm a faun, you dork!" I managed to finish Elora before leaving on vacation and I love that I can now -finally!!!- put her next to the other characters of my collection!

Originally, when I started this project after the announcement of the Spyro Reignited Trilogy, I was planning on doing her early. I always liked Elora and thought that it was a pity that opposite to Hunter and the professor she wasn't part of the cast of Year of the dragon. But when I reached her on my list of characters I did not feel like I was able to make her and always decided to create her later - until last week. After succeddind in making all the other characters (and Hunter's legs), I finally felt up to the task!  I didn't think that I would finish her before I left for vacation (just wanted to relax a little while crocheting) but for sone reason, everything worked out as I had imagined it in my head before I started the crochet work. Normally, this just doesn't happen. 😂😂😂 I wouldn't change much about her - just her forehead maybe. But I am quite happy with her! 😊
Greetings from Helsinki, by the way!!! #spyro #spyrothedragon #spyroreignitedtrilogy #spyrogateway to glimmer #spyroriptosrage #elora #faun #spyroandelora #crochet #crocheting #crochetlove #crochetaddict #crochetaddicted #häkeln #diy #handmade #crochetcollections #crocheterslife #crochetersofinstagram #crochetpattern #thespyrocrochetingproject

"Simple? No threat? UGLY?!?!?! That does it!" So I finished Gnasty Gnorc on Thursday (well most of him was done in Tuesday, but I was procastinating on his mace), but was too busy to post.

I have to admit, I had never looked at Gnasty Gnorc properly before. When I played the game as a child, he was just this big green guy wearing a golden armour. Of course I knew, he was the bad guy - but I never really cared much for those. And compared to Ripto and the Sorcceress, he has close to no screentime. Just this scene in the beginning and then (if I remember correctly)  nothing until you finally get to chase him down - and that was it.
So when I tried to figure out, how to make him, I looked at pictures of him and my first thought was: "oh look who skipped leg day waaaaay too often!" 😂 He has this massive upper body and his legs are sooo weak and short. I wondered how this guy was able to stand.
My Gnasty Gnorc is not able to stand on his own, his upper body is just too heavy and his legs are too weak. I think, if I remake him (one day), I will be able to fix this by using strong wire in his legs instead of these weak pipe cleaners. 😂🙈
I feel like I needed a higher abstraction level for making Gnasty Gnorc as his illustration in the game is somewhat poor and as the Gnasty Gnorc on the cover of the game and the one in the game actually don't look much alike. But overall, I'm happy with the result. Except for his legs, I would only make his lower body a little bit shorter.
For now, I am happy, that my main villains are all finished, so that I can leave on vacation tomorrow without an unfinished project at home. To my surprise, I could also finish another character yesterday. I will post the result in the next week. I don't think that I can crochet a lot next week, as I will be doing loooots of sightseeing, but maybe I can finish a few squares for my granny square blanket.   #spyro #spyrothedragon #spyroreignitedtrilogy #gnastygnorc #villain #crochet #crocheting #crochetlove #crochetaddict #crochetaddicted #häkeln #diy #handmade #crochetcollections #crocheterslife #crochetersofinstagram #crochetpattern #thespyrocrochetingproject

"How about 22475?

That's my birthday 😉." I finished Hunter the day before yesterday (this is my second try of posting these pictures - yesterday, Instagram didn't let me post 😧) and I am sooooo happy how he turned out. I was a little bit reluctant to start working on him and made other characters first, as I was a little bit unsure about how I should do his legs (arms and legs are my biggest challenge and Hunter even has to be able to stand on his toes!). But in the end, I found a way of making them and I like how they look (the legs can be seen best in the second pic). I really enjoyed the minigames with Hunter. My pesonal favourites are the skateboarding challenges in Year of the Dragon! I returned to these a lot during the game, even after beating them, just because I had soooo much fun just skating around, rotating in the air as often as possible and breathing fire midair. 😂

I am not thaaaat happy with my pictures this time though. A nasty and painful insectbite right beside my right eye caused an unwanted and unnecessary delay in my creation process (I wasn't able to open my eye because of the swelling) and I really wanted to get the pictures done once I had finally finished Hunter, but had to hurry at the same time, as daylight was already fading.

I also realised that I will be working on this Spyro project for a long time. My plan was to do the maincast, but the more I think about the games, the more characters are coming to my mind and I basically want to crochet them all. 😂 There were soooo many funny charcters and enemies in the different levels. 😅 So even after finishing my maincast, there will be a lot of Spyro here. 😅 I also got an idea about what I want to create afterwards, although I doubt that I'll ever reach the post-Spyro-phase with all these ideas in my head.

#spyro #spyrothedragon #spyroreignitedtrilogy #spyroyearofthedragon #hunter #crochet #crocheting #crochetlove #crochetaddict #crochetaddicted #häkeln #diy #handmade #crochetcollections #crocheterslife #crochetersofinstagram #crochetpattern #thespyrocrochetingproject

"If only I had a few more gems, I might be able to remember how to lower the wall." Hey everbody!

Meet my most hated character from the Spyro trilogy: Moneybags 🐻💰💎💸. He was - and will always be - such a nuisance! 😠 Even seeing him from far away made me angry. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed chasing him down and getting all MY hard earned gems back at the end of Year of the Dragon. 😂😂😂 I felt that he was, despite all my hatred towards him, an important character and had to be crocheted in terms of completing my collection. This one is actually my second version of him. I made my first attempt last week (it took me soooo much longer than expected) and in the end I was extremly unhappy with the result. When I had assembled all the parts, I realised that he was just too slim around the waist and I felt that because of this he did not much resemble the original Moneybags. The rest of him was okay though. Nonetheless I still could not bring myself to go on and create something new before correcting my mistakes (still have to remake Bianca but I'm procastinating 😂). So I had to make Moneybags again and got a little bit unmotivated during this task and I'm happy that he is finally finished! Hopefully, I can now focus on another pattern.

My list of the Spyro maincast is also getting shorter: Elora, Hunter, Gnasty Gnorc, Bentley and Zoe are still to make and I would like to add Crush and Bulk.  I'm still hoping to finish them all until the end of Septmber.
#spyro #spyrothedragon #moneybags #crochet #crocheting #crochetpattern #diy #handmade #thespyrocrochetingproject #spyroreignitedtrilogy #crochetcollections #crochetaddict #crochetaddicted #crochetlove #häkeln #crocheterslife #crochetersofinstagram

"A dragon!?!? You brought a dragon to Avalar?!?! I hate DRAGONS!!!" Ripto is the latest addition to my Spyro character collection.

At first, I thought that he turned out a little bit to big - but I watched his scenes in Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage/Gateway to Glimmer again and reached the conclusion that his size is just right in relation to the other characters I've already made.
With Ripto's pattern finished, there is only Gnasty Gnorc left as a main villain of the trilogy. I would also like to make Crush and Gulp, though, but as I plan to finish my collection of the main cast until the release of the Reignited Trilogy, they are not my first priority.

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"A Rhynoc! Oh! Let me at him! You wanna piece of me, Rhynoc boy! Eat laser, punk! Come on, now!

No fair hiding!" I finished Agent 9 yesterday and I'm really happy with his finished look! While creating, I wasn't sure about his arms and legs - but in the end, I feel that they turned out quite good. I think, they fit the original character.
When I started this project of creating all the Spyro characters, I thougt that Agent 9 would definitly be the last character on my list. I had a lot of problems with his minigames in "Year of the Dragon" and I was afraid of creating his limbs. But I changed plans and here he is - he's even got thumbs. 😅 I didn't make his laser gun in the beginning - I just wasn't sure if he would be able to stand holding it. But when I showed him to my sister, her first reaction was: "well, he's great but where is his blaster?!" And so he got a blaster as well - I guess, he wouldn't be Agent 9 without it!

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Poor Spyro! So many thieves to catch!

I started working on a few more thieves when I visited a friend last week. I always take something to crochet with me when I stay somewhere else or when I travel by bus or by train. I did both of it in the last week and creating completly new patterns doesn't work for me in these situations. I need my quiet place at home where I crochet most of the time.
The days after my return where busy, so I decided to finish the thieves before starting the creation of something new. I finished the red, the purple and the green thief yesterday evening and they immediately teamed up the the blue eggthief. The Spyro wiki says that there is also a yellow thief (referring to the thief that appears along with the red thief in the speedway bonus levels in Spyro: Year of the dragon). I have to say that I wasn't aware that this thief was yellow - I actually always thought that he was green as well 😅 but after looking at differtent pictures, I have to admit, that he is not as green as I thought he was. 😂 I will have to order yarn in this yellow-green shade and add another thief to my collection. Sooo so sorry, Spyro! 😅

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"No sheep were harmed in the making of this game!"
Spyro's favourite fodder animal: the sheep.

I crocheted this when I needed a break from crocheting the Sorceress. It's a quick and easy pattern. But I fear that the poor sheep is not too happy about standing next to Spyro in my cupboard. 😅
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"Now, watch how a real Sorceress dispatches her enemies." Finally finished the Sorceress from Spyro:

Year of the Dragon the day before yesterday. It actually took longer to make her than I thought (I wasn't aware that she had to turn out much larger than Spyro). Making the details such as the crown, the necklace, the scepter and the ruff was a lot of fun. I really like how she turned out (espacially because most of the time creating her I wasn't sure if the result would be any). #spyro #spyroreignitedtrilogy #spyrothedragon #spyroyearofthedragon #sorceress #crochet #crocheting #crochetlove #crochetaddicted #crochetersofinstagram #crocheterslife #crochetcollections #häkeln #diy #thespyrocrochetingproject #handmade
Oh it’s like that Artist?😩
We did go to the AG Place in LA for the #worldbyus release!
Super travel friendly essentials from @carelineph 💛 These multisticks are all great ✨ my fave is the strobe stick, what's yours?
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La dactilopintura (en este caso con harina, agua y témpera) es una de las técnicas grafoplásticas que mas placer genera👍👍
ilustración hecha con rotuladores a base de alcohol y lapices de palo✍
Chinakhov made a name for himself last night posting 1G 1A and 4SOG in a comeback victory over the Red Wings.
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I made this cute edit and


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The stage is calling.

We will see you very soon 😎

"The beautiful journey of today can only begin when we learn to let go of yesterday" - Dr.

And swing
Strike a pose
And swing
Strike a pose
Sights & sounds from tonight’s varsity football game at Aloha Stadium 😉 Final:
A public housing estate in the gloomy 🏙️☁️
Ferociously Fluffy
The merc with a mouth
Maximum Darkness
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💎Study The Game. #richforever #thebreakfastclub
NEW wine alert! 🚨This is a fascinating Sancerre from Sébastien Riffault.
I walk in the store and I order me a bacon egg and cheese on a roll NO PORk….the bodegas love me❤️❤️❤️
Amfiteatrul din Ephesus, fiind locul organizării celor mai importante evenimente, a fost locul unde în fiecare an, în luna aprilie, se ținea o mare sarbătoare în cinstea zeiței Artemis.
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Enak dan Rasa Alami 😇🌿✨

Dengan SuperFIT™, kini Anda bisa mendapatkan semua manfaat pelangsingan secara alami, tanpa efek samping dan bahan kimia yang tidak diinginkan!