Temporary closure notice. Our cafe will be temporarily closed from 25th to 28th October 2021.

Thank you for the support this past week! Our cafe gaming and dine-in operations will be ceased temporarily. Our Mega outlet will be open from 29th Oct onwards and we look forward to seeing you then.

Nonetheless, our cafe will be open for retail and online Shopee/Lazada order pick up/collection so do feel free to come down to take a look at our games.

Feel free to contact us at 8121 5188 for any enquiries.
Stay safe and Shop our ongoing sale at our Shopee & Lazada and look forward to our 11.11 sale coming soon! 🛍

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You have a choice… to play these games at our cafe outlets or purchase these games to play at home.

Whatsapp 8121 5188 to purchase the games or head to our cafe and online retail platforms to shop!

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We are Helen and Ivan! 😂
Thank you for all the attention and suggestions on how we should use our coins.


Who has more money?
“We had the same number of coins. Helen had a number of 50-cent coins and 64 20-cent coins. Helen’s coins had a total mass of 1.134kg. Ivan had a number of 50-cent coins and 104 20-cent coins.”

Comment your answer down below. 🤔

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@sponsee_app is giving $5 to all Singaporeans to make a shoutout for ANY local business of your choice.

Download their app to find out more!

🍽️♟️ @themindcafe_sg is the perfect place to bond, eat & play with family & friends!👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Be it 2 or 5 ppl, they never fail to bring joy & laughter to me & my friends every visit😆 Huge love to their gaming packages which are so affordable especially their free flow of snacks and drinks!!😋 My favs are the potato wheel, matcha latte🍵 & ice choco🍫 Unsure on what games to play? Their friendly staffs will intro games and teach us how to play. Due to pandemic, businesses have been negatively affected, so check out @themindcafe_sg I have been supporting for years🥰
P.S. They also sell and rent their games to ur doorstep🎮
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Here is our October Retail Promotion! 💀🎃👻
Halloween themed; Trick or Treat style.

Choose your own ideal promotion: Trick- Buy 3 games & Get 20% off OR Treat- Buy 3 games & get the 4th game free!

On top of that: Our Award Winning Game: Dawn Under is having a special Halloween Special! 50% off, no min purchase. 🤩
*limited to the first 20 sets

What are you waiting for?

Head down to our cafe outlets and shop from the wide variety of unique games available.


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Hello promising champions:

Due to the current Covid restrictions, we will be extending the Dawn Under Championship event till a later date, so that more interested parties can still participate. (We will inform you of the end date on our social media soon.)

For all participants who already took part, please be rest assured that we have a record of your scores.
Presenting to you the current Top 10 for week 2 of this championship event! Congratulations! 🤩

Honorable mentions to the next few in line:

You can do it! Keep it up! 👍🏻

For other interested participants, you can still participate during this period or join us when the restriction eases. 😌

Do follow us on all our social media platforms to stay updated on the news and dates of the event! 😉

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Yes, we are OPEN! 🎊

We are open to serve your gaming needs.

From 27 Sept 2021 onwards, 2 pax are welcomed to play at our respective outlets. ✨

Our operating hours:-
Sun to Thurs: 11am to 2am
Fri & Sat: 11am to 6am

No reservation needed, just Walk In! If in any case there no seats available, a $20 Mind cafe voucher will be given. 🤩

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Come join us for a fun and engaging board games session with your family or friends! 😆

Our lovely game facilitators will surely find the perfect games for your group from our wide variety of games available.

Kindly make a reservation on our website beforehand to avoid any disappointment (www.themindcafe.com.sg) ✨

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Rats to Riches is ‘The strategy game for scheming rats’

It’s a Rat Race!

You’re a pack of filthy, scheming rats, racing to collect $100 Swindle, working your way to a better class of sewer, by investing in assets, hiring gangsters and – of course – stealing whatever you can!

Earn income, buy-sell assets, become the Red Ruffian, Green Gangster or Blue Boss or even The Big Cheese, sabotage other rats and build your sewer empire!

A deceptively detailed multi-level strategy game combining skill with an element of luck. 👍🏻

Made with multiple, custom-designed quality components and meeples, as well as an innovative playing board, integrated into the base.

And yes... leave your manners and politeness at the door!

Suitable for ages 8+, for 2-5 players, lasts between 25-45 minutes.

Thank you @lazada_sg for the game feature! You can now purchase Rats To Riches from our Lazmall official store: The Mind Cafe. 🐭✨

Click the link in bio to receive an exclusive 10% voucher. [Limited Time Only]

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The Mind Cafe proudly presents: The Dawn Under Championship! 🤩

Dawn Under is a game where you’re trying to find your vampires their way back to their graves. Flipped over an empty grave that isn’t yours? You can sabotage others by placing garlic into it! But beware, if you flip over an occupied graveyard there will be consequences to pay! 🧄

If you don’t know how to play, the staff here will be more than happy to teach you! 👍🏻✨

There are over $750 worth of prizes to be won and registration is free as part of your gaming time here! So come try your hand at the game today! Maybe you will be the next champion of The Mind Cafe! ✨

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Shop this 9.9 Biggest Brands Sale on Lazada now! 🙌🏻

Up to 20% storewide discount on all Board Games, Card Games & Toys waiting for you.
There’s more…
Get $5 off every $50 spend + redeem your 9% no minimum spend vouchers. + Get another 9% off your 2nd item! 🤩🤤

What are you waiting for? Grab all the popular games on 9.9 Biggest Brands Sale! ADD TO CART NOW! ✨

*Remember to look for the Lazmall logo for Authentic products! 👍🏻

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Mind Cafe's New Exclusive Game, CELESTIA has arrived! 🎊☁️🛶

Would you trust your captain?

Or would you give up the journey and take what you can? 🤔

In Celestia, a revamped version of Cloud 9, you board an aircraft with a team of adventurers to perform many trips through the cities of Celestia and recover their wonderful treasures. Your journey will not be safe, but you will attempt to be the richest adventurer by collecting the most precious treasures!

There will be a captain for each trip and before the captain plays the appropriate cards, each players must decide whether to stay within the aircraft:
-If you exit, you're guaranteed the victory points that come from exploring the current city.
-If you stay on board, you hope to make it to the next city in order to catch more precious treasures. If the captain can't overcome the challenge, though, everyone comes crashing down empty-handed and you'll need to begin a new trip with all passengers on board.

During the journey, each adventurer can try to pull out of the game with fabulous objects (a jetpack, astronomy glasses, etc.) or change the trip (modifying the travel or abandoning an explorer in the city). As soon as a player earns treasure worth at least fifty points, the game ends and this player wins!

‘Celestia 空中之城’ ☁️
The Mind Cafe is the exclusive distributor for this game and it is now available at The Mind Cafe’s online & physical stores. 🤩🎉

*Apply this code for an early-bird 20% off your Celestia game purchase. [limited to the first 10 orders] 🛍✨

-The Mind Cafe outlets: Show this post
-Shopee Voucher Code: THEMCLOUD (Apply under ’Shop Voucher’ instead of ‘Platform Voucher’)
-Lazada Voucher Code: Click link in bio to redeem voucher

*Redeem by 12th September 2021.

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Durians are still in season here at The Mind Cafe! In fact.. they are forever in season. 🌳😂

Come join us with your family & friends for a wonderful gaming session. Choose from the wide variety of games available for play and have a good time! 🤩👍🏻

Do you know what game they are playing?

Kindly make a reservation on our website beforehand to avoid any disappointment (www.themindcafe.com.sg) ✨

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Here is our September Cafe Retail Promotion! 🤩
Get any 2 games at 9% off

Get any 3 games at 18% off
Get any 4 games at 27% off

Check out the exclusive unique games available at our cafe retail section. It will surely amaze you! 🤩

It is also the Mid Autumn Festival! 🥮Shop for some games to play with your family alongside some delicious mooncakes too! 😋

Promotion ends on 30th September 2021.

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Shop this 8.8 National Day Sale! 🤩🇸🇬

Up to 56% OFF storewide + $X amount worth of discount vouchers (no min spending required)- Stay tuned to find out!


In celebration of this 8.8 and National Day, we are giving out fantastic discounts + vouchers!
This is a great chance for you to get some games to enjoy an awesome gaming session with your family & friends. ✨

Find us on Shopee: The Mind Cafe Official Store
Find us on Lazada: The Mind Cafe Flagship Store

Start adding to your cart now! 🛒🛍

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Here’s an exclusive voucher for you!! 🙌🏻

In celebration of Singapore’s 56th birthday, we would like to thank all of our supporters by offering a 56% discount voucher (no minimum spending required)!

Simply key in “THEM56SG” under Shop Voucher via Shopee or click the link in our bio to redeem via Lazada.

You will get to enjoy 56% off your game purchase! No minimum spending required! 🤩👏🏻

Limited redemptions available, while stocks last. This voucher is only valid till 7th August 2021.

What are you waiting for? Hurry redeem it now before it’s too late! 🤗

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A million thanks to The Mind Cafe for publishing my longer essay inspired by the Happiness book by Matthieu Ricard.

My third article with this distinguished publication that only publishes 10 percent of the articles submitted. One way to be happy is to make changes in your life, which is why my awesome friend Andrea is mentioned in the article, for she embraces change with all her being. Thanks, Andrea for inspiring me to make all kinds of changes in my life!


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We are open till 6am today! Selamat Hari Raya Haji ✨

Our cafe outlets:

MEGA Outlet- 30 Prinsep Street, #01-01 S(188647)
Flagship Outlet- 60A Prinsep Street, S(188664)

Our operating hours:
19 July (Mon): 11am to 6am
20 July (Tues): 11am to 2am
21 July (Wed): 11am to 2am

Kindly refer to our website or previous posts for more information (www.themindcafe.com.sg)

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Relive the memories with this set of F.R.I.E.N.D.S: The Apartments Lego Set! 🤩🎉

Here is our Giveaway X Challenge! 🎊

The Giveaway:
We will be giving away 2 sets of F.R.I.E.N.D.S: The Apartments Lego Set to 2 lucky winners (worth $260) + a bonus $200 if they complete it with their friends by 3 July 2021.

What you need to do:
1. Follow us & Like this post 👍🏻
2. Comment down below your favorite scene from the F.R.I.E.N.D.S TV show & Tag 5 friends that you want to build this with. 🙌🏻
3. Share this post on your story & Tag us ✨

This giveaway will end on 26th June 2021. Result will be announced on 28th June 2021.

The 2 winners will be selected via lucky draw. The more the entries, the higher the chance.

The challenge:
We will deliver the F.R.I.E.N.D.S: The Apartments Lego Set to the 2 winners on 28th June 2021. The winners would have to complete it by 3 July and send us a picture of the completed set together with 4 other friends whom they have built it with.
Upon verifying when we deliver, we will hand over the $200 cash prize as a reward for completing the challenge!

Thank you and Good Luck!!

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Based on the New & Updated Measures! ✨

From 21st June 2021,

-All outlets will be opened (30 prinsep street, #01-01 S188647 & 60A Prinsep Street, S188664).
- Operating hours:
Sun, Mon to Thurs (11am to 2am)
Fri & Sat (11am to 6am)
- Food and Drinks will be served.
- Max 2 people per reservation per table.
- For reservations of 5 pax - They must be from the same household (max 2 pax per table).
- All safe distancing measures & safe management measures will have to be followed.

Kindly Whatsapp 8121 5188 for any enquiries or reservations.
Do also kindly make a reservation on our website beforehand to avoid any disappointment (www.themindcafe.com.sg) ✨

Thank you!

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We are open!! Come join us for a fun board games session with your family and friends! 🤩

Do refer to the next post for more information.

Kindly make your reservation on our website beforehand to avoid any disappointment (www.themindcafe.com.sg) ✨

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Here’s a special discount code just for you! Apply this unique code:

“THEMCAFEM” for additional 20% OFF!

Boncafe's Premium Roast & Low Fat Canned Coffee Drink* (12 cans)

*Available in 3 flavours:
☕️iCafé Caffé Latte
A rich, creamy brew of pure, roasted Boncafé coffee with milk.

☕️iCafé Caffé Mocha
A rich, creamy brew of pure, roasted Boncafé coffee with cocoa and milk.

☕️iCafé French Vanilla
A rich, creamy brew of pure, roasted Boncafé coffee with milk and vanilla flavour.

Order now and we will ship it within 24 hours! Don’t forget to apply the code via our Shopee store (The Mind Cafe Official Store) to get additional 20% off! 🤤 (Voucher limited to the first 50 customers, Grab it now!)

Get your daily premium coffee from us now! ✨

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We are going live for the first time on 15 June, 19:00 to 20:00! 🤩

Come join our lovely host, Shennyse ( @perfagshenn ) in an exciting lazlive session.🎉

Watch as we Unbox, Review & Play some of the unique Award Winning games like Rats to Riches, Dawn Under and etc. 🎲✨

Up to 30% off storewide + 20% exclusive discount voucher (only available during the live)! ✨

Not to forget our giveaway too!! We will be giving away fantastic prizes exclusively during the live, so do stay tuned and watch till the end! 🌟

We will see you on 15 June, 19:00 to 20:00. 👏🏻

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The 'Telephone Game' Turned Into The LOL Family & Party Game! ✏️

This outrageously fun party game Telestrations, will keep your family and friends entertained and laughing! 🤣Draw what you see then guess what you saw for hilarious and unpredictable outcomes!

Want to try it for yourselves? Here’s an exclusive discount for you! Get Telestrations for just $32.35 from our Shopee store (The Mind Cafe Official Store). Usual price: $59.90!

Promotion ends tomorrow (12 June, 2369)

Casual, family, party and strategy gamers alike all agree that Telestrations is one of the top 10 board games to add to their game collection, and game night.

It’s an engaging game that can be played over and over with many different ages and types of groups/gatherings - it's a perfect group game!

Don’t wait! Get it now! *link in bio

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Third and final Niners logo finished and being delivered today to @49ersjorge Doing it old school.
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I’ve been using 10mg cialis daily for about 18 months now - gives me such a great pump in the gym, among other awesome benefits.
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-菲律賓🇵🇭 Brooke’s Point
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Thank you to @berkshirehathawayhshhbr for once again sponsoring our Hope Gala!
September is chugging right along and we are feeling the Burger Love from so many PEI burger lovers!🍔❤
SAVE THE DATE! The #hackittogether Women’s Hackathon is coming to LCW on March 1, 2020.
Ex Swedish armed forces KV107 now flying on civil register. Based at Aeroseum, Gothenburg, Sweden.
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#KL643 @315.000
Size 35-39
Just because you can doesn’t necessarily mean you should. Damn it’s tempting, though!
Laugh Camp Comedy Club this weekend:⠀
🗣 Headliner, MAGGIE FARIS:
Вот и настал этот день! Зашла я в зоомагазин поглазеть на рыбок да корма прикупить и вот мне на глаза попалась Она!
Beast Wars Wednesday is up! This episode we take a tour of my Beast Wars Toy collection, my pride and joys of my childhood.
Natura - svi brojevi. Digitalno izdanje. Više na www.natura.rs
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Olight i5t Eos Camo
Looking to rent a truck? Save up to 20% off of our Penske Truck Rentals.
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Hello #pondy !!! How you are enjoying rain??? 🌧 Isn't a time for some Milkshake?
Why wait.
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Que Viva La Raza 🇧🇷🇲🇽