Ever wonder what pro players use to gain the competitive edge?

Even the slightest adjustment matters.

Zowie XL2546K is a 24.5inch TN panel gaming monitor that has easy accessibility to change your display settings and allows you to import and use pro players setting with ease.

Take a look at Zeeq's personal settings and why it helps him gain his competitive edge. If you want to try our his personal settings, here is the link (clickable link on our FB) --> https://bit.ly/Zeeqpersonalsetting
Looking for the best 240Hz gaming monitor that turns you into a god-like player?

Check out the XL2546K (240Hz) - https://benqurl.biz/3o1vhW9

Here is the best 144Hz alternative:
XL2411K (144Hz) - https://benqurl.biz/2XLrj96
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The journey continues! Our Brawlhalla player Tiger's next tournament is the Autumn Championship Southeast Asia.

Let's support him as he fights his way one tournament at a time till Brawlhalla World Championship!

Watch Kingsmen Tiger @jeff_jeffzx unleash his fury and combos, if you rile a tiger (pun intended), he will show his claws!

Support Kingsmen Tiger at https://www.twitch.tv/Brawlhalla live! 🔥🔥👊

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MPL SG Regular Season 2 has ended, but who is the MVP of the season?

OhDeerBambi has been the pillar of Kingsmen who has an immense will and drive to win the playoffs!

Show your support for Kingsmen,
Vote for OhDeerBambi ----> https://bit.ly/PVPWebsiteFB

Vote link in bio

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Yet another victory! Our Valorant team rallied with a huge reversal in game 2 in the last few rounds to secure the win!

Continue to support us and we will see you guys at the playoffs. 🤗

#kgm #teamkingsmen #valorant

First day of KJC Valorant Invitational and we won our first match against Oasis Gaming.

Well played to Oasis Gaming, they rallied and gave us a tough fight in game 2 but we stayed strong!

WOMBO COMBO!! We won our matches in both MLBB and Valorant.

Support us live for our next match against ONIC G on 3rd OCT 4 PM +08

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A great day for us as we achieved victory for our last match in MPL SG Season 2 games!

Our team stayed strong despite losing game 1 and we came back strong for game 2 and 3.

Thank you all for your continuous support! We will be back at the playoffs!

#kgm #teamkingsmen #kgmwin #mpl #mlbb

Our Valorant team is back in action! We've gone through intense daily training in preparation for the KJC eSports Valorant Invitational!

We will be going head on against Oasis Gaming on 2nd OCTOBER 2 PM +08 GMT.

Support us at https://www.twitch.tv/kjcesports KGMWIN!!!!

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Like crypto markets, we see many ups and downs. Oh, wait, who else loves to go up and down?

It's Khufra! AzuraX is back using tanks! Watch gameplay highlights for MPL SG Season 2 and definitely, AzuraX's Khufra!

We have more in store for you, stay tuned for our boys' journey throughout MPL.

In Crypto, User experience can be very complicated in many exchanges, causing you to bounce up and down in your head, but for @tokenize.exchange , it is user-friendly and simple with a clear explanation of everything you can do in the exchange!

Use promocode "TKX_KINGSMEN" upon signing up to receive 10 TKX coins (Currently worth 80 dollars) with min deposit of SGD 20

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We ended the week on a high note! GGWP to our boys!👊

We hope to continue our momentum into the last week of MPL SG Season 2 on 2nd of October 3 PM +8 GMT. Our last match is against Almighty and we will try to blast our way through despite our slow start to the season.

Do watch out for us not only for the last match, but also in the playoffs!

#kgm #teamkingsmen #mlbb #mpl

The first game was intense and a tough fight but we managed to pull through.

XPLR gained the upper hand and took game 2 from us but we came back strong to secure the win for game 3!

Continue to support us tomorrow 26th September 5 PM GMT+08 against Notorious Villains!

#kgm #teamkingsmen #mpl #mlbb

A big shoutout to Zowie for sending over and supporting our Valorant team with their XL2546K esports gaming monitors 🔥

XL2546K is a 24.5inch TN panel gaming monitor that is the new standard in the FPS esports professionals scene. It offers a native 240Hz refresh rate, proprietary DyAc+ Technology to claim the smoothest and clearest gaming monitor on the market.

The 240Hz esports gaming monitor is very adjustable and flexible, allowing players to game with a lot of comfort and convenience.

Our Kingsmen player Ivan was very excited about the monitor, let us see what he has to say in this video 😎
Looking for the best 240Hz gaming monitor that turns you into a god-like player?

Check out the XL2546K (240Hz) - https://benqurl.biz/3o1vhW9

Here is the best 144Hz alternative:
XL2411K (144Hz) - https://benqurl.biz/2XLrj96
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Well played to Resurgence! We have lost but we will rise up again.

Our next match will be against XPLR on 25th September 7 PM GMT +08
We thank you for your continuous support! Have a great week ahead!


#kgm #teamkingsmen #mlbb #mpl

We may have lost today but the fight isn't over. Great plays from Team Flash!

We will continue to work on our shortfalls and be right back into action tomorrow against Resurgence!

Support us live at https://www.facebook.com/mpl.sg.official/ on 19th September 7pm GMT +08

#kgm #kgmwin #teamkingsmen

A win to end the week nicely for us with multiple great plays from both sides!

GGWP to Impunity Esports, they had great teamwork!

While waiting for next week's match against Team Flash (18th Sept 5 PM GMT+8), we will continue to train harder to give you fans more exciting moments to keep you on your toes whenever you watch us!

#kgmwin #kgm #teamkingsmen #mlbb #mpl

We had a tough but amazing match with @evos.sgmy to start the season!

With a match setting a new record of more than 40 mins, Kingsmen battled to the end against EVOS SG.

Our second match is against @impunityesports 3pm GMT +8 (Sunday). We will continue to bring you exciting matches, do keep supporting us tomorrow!

#kgm #teamkingsmen #kgmwin #mlbb #mpl

It’s D-Day! A fierce battle right off the bat in MPL SG Season 2!

We will be facing @evos.sgmy , a force to be reckon with.

Come support us live at https://www.facebook.com/watch/live/?v=531435328086452&ref=search

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Here at Kingsmen, the core of the team are the Captain and the Coach.

OhDeerBambi and LuN pull everyone together to form an ultimate team that excels beyond expectations.
@bambixbambae , our team Captain is a renowned player that leads the team to victory. With unparalleled skills and consistency, OhDeerBambi is a strong pillar the team needs to guide them to victory! Be sure to watch him during our matches!
An impregnable team needs a strong and reliable coach to assist in the team’s flaws. @wahxzxdj excels in creating a team composition and analysing his opponents, guiding the team step-by-step to victory! While being an excellent player himself, LuN dedicates his time to groom a new generation of players to continue Kingsmen’s Legacy.
Playing many ML matches in a row can be tedious at times, resupply your nutrients and satisfy your hunger with @theofficialkoka. KOKA’s Purple Wheat noodles are steam-baked and have no added MSG. It's also higher in wholegrains, rich in antioxidants, and lower in fat, making it a healthier choice certified by the Health Promotion Board. It's a great snack to refuel your body, allowing us to maintain our focus during extended hours of gaming!

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Next on the list of our new Kingsmen MLBB roster are Fossa, 2EZ4ANGELO and Chu.

A triple threat force not to be reckoned with! 🤩🤩
Fossa is a deadly tank player who does not fear entering his opponents’ territory without any support. His aggressive playstyle not only pressures his opponents but creates space for his teammates. A veteran player known to create insane plays, do keep an eye out on him if you want non-stop action.
@angelo_mlbb may be new to the esports scene, but a promising rookie that will surely surprise you. 2EZ4ANGELO is a tenacious and determined player, underestimate him and you will be in for a wild ride.
Lastly, Chu is an off-lane player that will catch you off-guard and turn the tide of the battle in his favour. Despite his calm nature, Chu’s sudden aggressiveness can create great plays filled with excitement!
The three of them combined are a lethal force not to be messed with. Having them on your side will provide a huge sense of comfort. Just like them, @tokenize.exchange is a safe platform to store your crypto for passive income with their crypto earn system. Tokenize Xchange has top-notch security, IP whitelisting and 2-Factor authentication available for extra security and hybrid wallet mechanism with multi-signature strategy for stronger asset protection.

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Introducing our first two players for Kingsmen new MLBB roster, @jaychng_ and @azuraxtzy , a dynamic duo capable of unleashing many great plays!


Jayy is an incredible support who excels at great positioning, is able to turn even the most precarious situations around by supporting his teammates at the right time! Do not underestimate him just because he is a support player, or you will surely regret it! 🔥

AzuraX is a veteran player with great flexibility that will leave you stunned in amazement with any hero he uses. Be sure to catch some amazing plays from him! 🤗
Comfort is a key component to having a great mood for playing games! Interior Times excels in renovating a room catered to your needs so that you can have the best personal gaming room!

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Happy Birthday to our Vice-Captain of MLBB team @azuraxtzy

You are a level higher!

Bonus Unlocked: additional EXP given to you, use it wisely, and remember to save your progress to cherish the year ahead!

#teamkingsmen #kgm #happybirthday #mlbb

Who wins the best sleeper award? Kingsmen @wahxzxdj or @azuraxtzy ?

A gaming room is not only for gaming, transform your entire room into an ALL-IN-ONE experience with Interior Times Singapore! Not only is it perfect for gaming, but for relaxing.

Just look at our Kingsmen players, after a long training session, they can sleep peacefully in the gaming room because it is just so comfortable!

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Watch some of the most exciting plays from the Grand finals for our ML showmatch tournament!

Do you know Layla had a 100% win rate in this tournament?

Wearing a mask is part of daily life now, but you still can look great with Tokenize Xchange Mask! Slick and elegant, the @tokenize.exchange Mask protects you just like its Xchange Website or mobile app, they keep your crypto safe!

Use promocode "TKX_KINGSMEN" upon signing up to receive 10 TKX coin (worth 50 dollars) with min deposit of SGD 20"

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We had a wonderful time during the EMERGE x KINGSMEN ML showmatch!

Here were the best moments during the event!

P.S. Did you know that our casters were devouring @theofficialkoka during some of the breaks? They enjoyed it so much that they were caught eating in front of viewers after forgetting the stream went back live 🤦🏻‍♂️

Use promo code ""KOKAXKING"" for 10% on Shopee for all KOKA products (no min spending)

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The long-awaited Summer Championship has arrived! It is Kingsmen Tiger's turn to shine and take the limelight.

Watch Kingsmen Tiger @jeff_jeffzx unleash his fury and combos, if you rile a tiger (pun intended), he will show his claws!

Support Kingsmen Tiger at https://www.twitch.tv/Brawlhalla live! 🔥🔥👊

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