2 days out ✨

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2 days out

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Halloween Highlight | Sacramento Pro & Prague Pro Previews

Go check out our new YouTube video:

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Just a little peak week update! 🤳

If you haven’t been keeping up with my posts recently, I’m finally making my way back to the stage since my last show in 2018!

I’ve been in full prep mode since July with @teamatlasmtl , slowing chopping down. So at this point the physique has had plenty of time to get ready and now the focus is fine tuning the little details before stage day.

I’m so excited to be back up there, doing what I love. Thank you for all the encouragement and excitement you guys have shown me during this comeback phase. It means so much to me.

I’m thrilled to be competing at the @spectrumfitnessproductions Sacramento Pro for the first time💃🏻

Thankfully they will have Live Streaming access which I’ll be posting links to in my stories but you can always visit their page for direct info! ⭐️

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Stands on toes to see Glutes😂

Something about me

I’m 5’4😌

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When the color scheme hits just right!👌🏼

⬛️🟫⬜️ is the ultimate trifecta in our opinion, what do you think?

Slowly but surely❤️‍🔥
No talent. Just hard work and consistency.
Keep on pushing🔥

Almost 4 weeks out from #SacramentoPro

Almost 5 weeks out from #IronGamesPro

Team: @bodybyo
Coach: @kimbooddo
Bikini: @toxicangelzbikinis

社業、Prep、Posing Lessonで毎日フル稼働で4月から調整を継続しており、流石に疲労困憊な日もありますが、大きく体調を崩すことはなくここまで来れています😊
残り数週間keep on pushing❤️‍🔥


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On the off chance you want to sell a house, we’re there to help you sell the experience. 🏡 🍔


The goal is not to live forever, but to create media that does. 🎥 #LegacyWordsofWisdom

Also make sure to check out @electricmoonlights for all of your neon sign needs! They are AMAZING at what they do with very practical pricing! Check them out!! 💡

Become apart of the trophy beauty community and run your business &/or events with us !

Photographers, Models, content creators & anyone in the media industry!! Do you need a place to create or a photo shoot? Contact (800) 733-6194 to schedule your slot!! 📸

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20,000 sqft of prime Stockton commercial real estate just got leased by the beast @mikeyar 👏

If there were no backlash, we’d still be on the backtrack. 💪🏼 #WeHateWhatBringsOutTheBestInUs

Life's full of trade offs.


All of these in either direction....

Time for money. Experience for rest. YOLO for FOMO. Family life for career advancement. Happiness for honoring commitments. Pain for pleasure. Safety for risk. Investment for empty accounts. Fuel for taste. Arrangements for abstinence. Selfish for selfless. Fitness for fun. Lifestyle for lean. Strength for scale bumps. Stepping back for moving forward. Pressing pause for play. Setting goals for stagnancy. Searching for contentment. Sobriety for addiction. Focus for friendship. Head for heart. Lust for love. Divorce for marriage. Vulnerability for privacy. Being alone for security. Honesty for lies. Truth for perfection.

#flashbackfriday to #sacramentopro 2020 #prodebut with my fam bam.

Professional Dance Studio is currently looking for new adult students!

We will be glad to see everyone on our Zumba class.

Why is it better to take Zumba classes in the dance studio than in fitnesses?

Because there is an individual approach to every student. The class is not only designed for fun dancing. It consists of Zumba dance choreos, Strong by Zumba (push-ups, squats, kicks, planks, etc.) and a little bit of stretching. We use weights and resistance bands. If you want to be ready for the summer this class is exactly what you need!
Also there are Solo Latin, Fit Dance and Stretching classes for adults. Call us 916.833.8544 or DM for more information.

•Tuesday at 5.30pm
•Thursday at 5.45pm

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Shaliko Apartments had a problem.

They hired another photographer to capture professional marketing pictures for their new website and they were extremely disappointed with the results that were delivered. The property manager reported that she actually got "PTSD" from the whole experience as she had no choice but to use the mediocre content for their website and as a result, dwindle their online visitors' interest. It was such a painful experience for Shaliko's management team that they were very hesitant to hire on any new photographers for a secondary shoot.

However, they were willing to give us a chance to take charge of Shaliko's marketing photography as we had done some work for the multifamily management company in the past. To no surprise, the commercial photoshoot went phenomenally well! They received their photos within 2 days of the shoot and upon receipt, they immediately let us know just how thrilled they were with the new content! They had no complaints with the quality of photos, rather only compliments on our timeliness, quality, and professional service.

If you’re managing a multifamily apartment complex, then you know how important online media is to generate interest in the pipeline. Unprofessional pictures won’t do you any favors in filling empty units because as you know, first impressions matter. That’s where we come in.

Legacy Images specializes in making commercial multifamily media look its best because we don’t want to just help you market your apartments, we want to help you lease them.

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

Enchanté, my darling. 🌹 #3337AmericanRiverDr #ComingSoon

The oaks are fair and it’s summer all year long at this spectacular home built by @riversidebuildersinc & @valdmytriyev

The competition is gonna be fierce on this one, so if you’re looking for a brand-new look with 0.7 acres to match, hit up @benbondaruk 🏡 🌳

All it takes is a cool $1.2 million to own this luxurious 4,000sqft property in the hills.

If you had the cash would you hit the gas or would you pass? 🤔💸 #2001BunkhouseCtPlacervilleCA95667

We don’t want to help you market your home. We want to help you sell it. 💸 🏠

I came a long way from being a one-man show five years ago to now... this.

It’s quite an understatement to say some things have changed throughout that time.

Head-banging trials, irreversible errors and trailblazing through new territory was a daily way of life. The sacrifices were innumerable and the doubt of whether or not this would work always pecked away at my mind. The real hard work and the real hard days were hardly shown. The real cost and the real investments were never shown: the cost of wealth, health, sweat, blood, tears, friends, and social life. Mistakes were made, clients were lost, relationships suffered. All for the sake of what? A job?

No. A legacy.

This life gives back what you put into it, and I gave it my all and then some. But the hard work isn’t over yet. Heck, it’s just beginning.

But, I’m not on my own anymore. From being a struggling one-man show to now a blossoming team of seven is insane for me to believe. But that was the reality I believed in five years ago, so I fought for it. I fought through the frustrations, through the disappointments, and through my own limitations.

Not for a job. For a legacy.

A legacy goes beyond you.
Beyond your capabilities, beyond your strengths, and beyond your vision. A legacy is what you leave when you leave the room. Will it be missed or will it be quickly forgotten?

In everything we do, we give it our all. Whether it’s photos, videos, marketing, or design - we want your media to go beyond you. We want it to leave a legacy.

I’m very proud of my team and what we’ve been able to accomplish. I’m especially thankful for my wife who has stuck with me through the thickest and thinnest and has been my rock on shaky ground and stormy waves. She believed in me and fought along with me, braving the unknown of tomorrow. She taught me that strength doesn’t have to come from within. That victory can also come from the strength of others and from the strength of God.

And victorious we shall be. 💪🏼


I’m super excited to announce the launch of our brand-new website that @conquered.heights and I have been tirelessly working on for the past 6 months. Give it a look sometime. 🎈 #linkinbio

Want free coffee? ☕️
Drop the price you think this unique property will list for, and the one who’s closest wins a Starbucks gift card!

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Contest is now closed!! @mattycanon is crowned victorious! 👑 ☕️

The grass could be greener on your side with this impeccable Roseville listing that’s going for $485,000...

and it will definitely go fast! 🌱 #1019OldMillCirRosevilleCA95747 @dmitriyrom

Don’t let your dreams be dreams. Pick up this beauty for $695,900 while it’s still on the market!

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IFBB Sacramento Pro results (Bikini) + Scorecard!
Winner - @_svetlana_fit ,

2) @maya_ifbbpro ,
3) @gabimessiasfit ,
4) @allamericanbarbie ,
5) @marissarenay_ifbbpro ,
6) @amandaaguzzi_ifbb !
Huge congratulations to Svetlana for the win👏👏! Also congratulations to all you beautiful ladies for your Top6 placings 👏!
SWIPE for the scorecard.
Photos by NPCnewsonline.
@spectrumfitnessproductions ,
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Mister International 2016 Paul Iskandar of Lebanon 🇱🇧
Ny dag, nya möjligheter. Dagen rullar på och lugnt just nu så vad passar bättre än en kaffe och lite bok.
Ready to prepare the next stage of my life, GO! #viva #lastschoolyear #backChina
Ms kitty says try again 🤣🥴 ain’t nobody trippin off #ceaserblackink BM Crystal🥴 #blackinkcrew #blackinkchicago #blackinknewyork
Para cerrar bien los ciclos...
1. Agradece la experiencia.
This brand-new sample from Dallas Market is an innovative flip-top table in rustic pecan, 72", $994.99.
Repost from @dmagallanesgcflooring

Floor works with Diamatic!
... "A Noiva Vesga" é o nome desse quadro, D. Klein?

Muito brilho nesse topo
Que ficou lindo

Bolo: da nossa parceira @docele__
Register now - https://chat.whatsapp.com/EVs2hQbRWAXATD8JgfOwED
You've got a baboon's bottom!

said Rosemary.

Check out the @gammaworldwide
Youth MMA movement! 👊

#Repost @gammaunitedstates
Studio Q1 on the 10th floor of @quadstudiosync was so badly affected by the flood that it had to be completely rebuilt.
@arthurthezombieking  will be a guest at @megaconorlando this year.
Happy Halloween! 🎃🎃🎃
What better mantis to represent Halloween than a sick ghost mantis!?
Glöm allt mixtrande med diverse livsmedel och allt vad "husmorstips" heter.
Another freshly retubed Nautica heading home to New Jersey with custom tubes from @custom_fenders_tubes #dinghypro #nauticainflatable #ribretubing #hypalon #inflatableboatservice #ribspecialist #essexct #ctboating #chaseboat #ussailing #juniorsailing
Felt a little 1950s housewife vibe with my sweater tucked in today! 😂

For Price & Queries Please DM us or you can Message/WhatsApp 📲
New episode out!! This week we’ve got some ‘The Credits Are True’ (The Price Is Right) for you guys!
My home is on fire
Venison Jerky!! Mmm Good!!

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This post is bitter sweet as the photos and video were taken moments before disaster when my faithful manta ray that has served me well at many wars came to a fateful end after a tumble...
All the packaging you need for your products in one place📦📦📦