RVUCOM-SU Class of 2024 is into their second year of medical school, but only just celebrated their White Coat Ceremony three weeks ago!

We're so happy we got to celebrate these wonderful students with their family and friends! See more photos on Facebook!

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With temps finally cooling down, RVU-SU students enjoyed being active on the lawn during their Annual Field Day!

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Christian Earl, OMS II, and Andrew Larson, OMS II, assisted with a medical aid station during the Huntsman Senior Games earlier this month!

The games are the largest "multi-sport event in the world for athletes 50 and over." #rvusu #volunteer #community

It’s a euphoric feeling to look at where you are now and remember you are where you have always dreamed you would be.

Yesterday I was officially “coated” as a student doctor at my White Coat Ceremony after many years of hard work. I MADE IT! I hope I can always serve compassionately and uphold the oath I took.🥼🩺

The people who came to support me today are the people that helped me get where I am (ESPECIALLY my parents). I wouldn’t be here without their constant support. Also, shout out to my med school friends for suffering through/enjoying it all with me.

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What is Surgery Week, you ask?

A chance for third-year medical students to practice skills like scrubbing, suturing, sterile technique, instrument review, and more to prepare for upcoming clinical externships! The workshops are available every month. #medstudent #rvusu #medschool

Practicing Ultrasound is always a good time! (See the last, very-blurry photo due to my laughter)

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Not done posting today!

Our ACOEP chapter on campus did an Airway Lab where we learned about placing emergency cricothyrotomies, intubation, nasal trumpets, oropharyngeal airways, and even placing chest tubes for pneumothorax* (not pictured due to sensitive material*).

This kind of stuff is what makes being a med student worth it!

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Learning to scrub in and don PPE for surgery for the first time!

We focused on scrubbing, gowning and gloving. Way fun! Many thanks to the Surgery Club at RVU-SU!

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The Ivins City Heritage Day parade was a great opportunity for students to host a booth and meet members of the community!

Can't wait for next year's event! #rvusu #community

SP encounters are way more fun this year in my opinion!

We have more freedom to conduct the interview, exam, and create our differential diagnoses of our own accord without much handholding. Granted, these patients are formulated to be something we can easily approach, but I love the opportunity to practice my clinical skills more freely 💙

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Saved a "life" today! Patient was in V Tach and declining, I helped my group through getting vitals, pushing meds, Cardioversion and hand-off to the floor!

Stuff like this makes med school feel worth it!
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Get excited, because AMWA’s first event of the semester is officially on the calendar!

We’re looking forward to seeing you there to get some volunteer hours, hang out, and snack! Remember to sign up using the link on our Teams page to give us a rough idea of headcount for food purposes😊 #rvu #rvusu #amwa #rvusuamwa #daysforgirls

#Repost @rvu_msbsprogram Our #gradstudents in the Master of Science in Biomedical Sciences program joined us on campus last week for their #OrientationWeek !

We're excited to see what they'll accomplish during their 9-month program! #RVUmsbs #rvusu

Our #gradstudents in the Master of Science in Biomedical Sciences program joined us on campus last week for their #OrientationWeek !

We're excited to see what they'll accomplish during their 9-month program! #RVUmsbs #rvusu

Jake Roush, OMS II, was elected as the Western Region Representative of the Student American Osteopathic Academy of Sports Medicine (SAOASM).

He will be responsible for all communication between the SAOASM chapters in the Western United States and the organization's national chair, as well as submitting quarterly reports for each club, attending monthly national teleconferences, and planning the Western Region Conference this year. Congratulations, SD Roush!

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While he was still a student at RVU, #RVUalumni Dr.

Kameron Black took innovation to the next level and co-created the Digital Health Track, one of the University's specialized education tracks that provides students with a diverse array of digital health related medical outreach opportunities.

We interviewed Dr. Black about his journey to merging his #medschool training with #digitalhealth and participating in the MIT Hackathon, where his team took first place for the development of their app, Caretinue! Read more on the RVU Blog - link in bio!

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Thank you RVU Utah family for the wonderful “Happy Trails” send-off party!

I will definitely put the hat and book to good use!! #rvu #rvusu #rvucomsu

When you're helping a new classmate move in and you get stuck in the moving truck during a monsoon with people you just met, you know you're going to be friends for life!

I mean, if we can make it through moving furniture in ankle deep water together, we can make it through medschool together...right? #rvusu #oms1

Baggs, WY Mass Casualty training was a super rewarding adventure, and I'm so glad I got to do it with such amazing people.

Rural and Wilderness Med Track at RVU is awesome! I definately want to go back, but no flat tires next time 🤞

#futureDO #rvusu #ruralmedicine #wildernessmedicine

Yesterday RVUCOM's SOMA-UT chapter met up to clean a park as our last service project for this school year!

Looking forward to serving as their communications officer over the next year.

See you guys in 6 weeks-ish!

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Graduation day for @codyeugene28 , ahem, Dr. Cody Patterson.

He will be attending Idaho State University for three years to complete his residency.

@hubdaddy24 and I couldn't be more proud.
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Thank you to the AAPI student leaders! #rvu #rvusu #aapi #stopasianhate

No matter if you are in #gradschool , undergrad, or are still in high school:

Finals Week is here and Finals Week is hard! Over here at the RVU MSBS Program, our students are currently preparing for their Comprehensive Exam, and have just finished their last Block Exam! Before every Block Exam, Dr. Joel Roberts will send out an email with his test taking tips and a friendly reminder to get a full night's sleep!

Good luck MSBS Class of 2021, remember your tips, and we cannot wait to celebrate you at graduation and our End of Year Toast!

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Did you know that RVU-Southern Utah has an MSBS program? #rvusu

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