We're back with another #FitnessFriday workout! Our trainer, Sidney, is here to follow-up on this week's #TryItTuesday and take you through a workout on the rower!

Try one of these workouts as a standalone cardio session, or as a conditioning piece at the end of your next back/glute/hamstring focused workout!.

Look back at our Try it Tuesday post for more information about the rower, and tag a workout buddy that you want to row with!

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Welcome back to another #TryItTuesday - this time talking about the rower!

This piece of equipment is unique among cardio machines in that it targets both the upper and lower body and focuses on the posterior, or the backside, of the body. It can be a great way to get a total body warmup, especially before deadlift, hamstring, back, or hip exercise. It can also be a great cardio workout on its own or as part of a circuit!

If you use the rower in your training, let us know your favorite way to use it! If not, tag a training buddy and give it a try in the next workout!

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They told me to take a hike! So we did!

We had a fantastic time last Friday hiking at Sugar Grove!

We look forward to hiking with you again next semester! But for now we'll be hibernating...

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Want to sign up for fitness classes but don’t know how? Here’s a step-by-step walkthrough to help!

Let’s get active! #recbirds

Hey Recbirds! we're back with another #MobilityMonday - this time talking about the knees and ankles!

Knees and ankles are especially important as they serve as the foundation for simply moving around on a day to day basis. Whether your goals are to improve athletic performance or to stay healthy and independent for a long life, knee and ankle health is key. Check out some of these methods of keeping our foundation mobile and sturdy.

Deep Squat - Once again the deep squat is featured, but this time with more of an emphasis on getting the knees forward over the toes and closing the knee joint as much as possible. Work to be able to sit in this position very comfortably.

Hero Pose - If your quads are tight, they can pull on the knee joint and cause pain. This stretch will lengthen the quads, and activating the quads at the bottom of the stretch can be a great way to gain strength and stability in the knee.

Couch stretch - Use this stretch to loosen tight hip flexors (the muscle on the front of your hips) and quads. Find an angle that gives you the best stretch in the desired area.

Downward Facing Dog - This is a great total body stretch that we are using primarily for the calves in this case. This position can also be used to stretch the ankle with a bent leg.

Calf Raise - perform with full range of motion and control at the end ranges to increase stability and resilience of the feet and ankles

Anterior Tibialis Exercises - Muscles on the front of the lower leg need work too! This can help increase ankle mobility and alleviate patellar tendonitis (knee pain on the front)

Slant Board Calf/Ankle Stretches - Perform with both a bent leg and a straight leg to relieve tight calves and ankles

Slant Board Touchdown Squats - Perform with an upright chest and lead with the knee forward to increase knee strength and stability, and relieve pain. Start with a short range of motion and low reps, and work up as comfort increases.

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Follow along with our trainer, Christian, as he shows us this week's #FitnessFriday workout!

This workout follows up this week's #TryItTuesday and is a total body session featuring only the TRX!

Try this as your main workout, or incorporate some of these movements into your regularly scheduled training! Make sure to check out our Try it Tuesday post for more information about this versatile piece of equipment, and be sure to let us know what you think!

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I think I cycled through all the good puns on earlier posts...

We enjoyed having you last week on the Constitution Trail Bike Ride! Remember you can use the ReggieRide services for free at the Student Fitness Center until Winter!
Join us next weekend at Sugar Grove Nature Center for an evening hike and campfire!

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Such a fun time at the Homecoming 5k and 1-mile fun walk/run!

Big Shout out to everyone that attended and worked up a sweat. Hope to see you next year! #redbirdhomecoming #recbirds

This beautiful spot is the place to be tomorrow, #recbirds !

This weekend @isu_ultimate takes over Gregory Street for their annual tournament!
Our very own @illinois_state_mens_soccer will also host home games at 1:00pm both Saturday and Sunday.
Come Support! #isu #ilstu @isucampusrec

Hey Recbirds! It's been quite a while since we've brought you regularly scheduled educational content, and we're excited to get back on track.

Welcome to #mobilitymonday , a new series where we'll share some tips and techniques that can help you gain mobility, enhance movement quality, and speed up recovery. Keep an eye out for more informative content in the near future, and let us know if there's any topics you'd like to see us cover!

Bar Hang - This is a great, easy way to help improve overhead mobility, as it uses your own bodyweight to assist in stretching. This can be most effective when performed with straps so you aren't limited by grip strength or hand discomfort. Accumulate 1-2 minutes before or after a workout, or anytime a bar is available.

Bench Overhead Stretch - Make sure to activate your abs so you are actually stretching the upper back muscles, not just overextending the spine. Start with a wider grip and make it narrower according to your ability, eventually moving to just the elbows overhead. Perform for 30-60s before and after training, or in the morning and evening at home.

Chest Supported Behind-the-Neck Press - Start with empty hands and hold at extension before moving to a PVC pipe, light bar, or light change plates. Perform 3 sets of 10 presses with a pause at the top in your warmup to activate the upper back muscles and help pull you into the correct posture. Can also be performed at home, face down on the ground with empty hands or a broomstick.

Down Dog/Pike Hold/Handstand Hold - Make sure to activate the core and push the head through the arms to achieve the intended stretch. When you can comfortably accumulate 30-60s in down dog, try with feet or knees on a bench to put more bodyweight in the hands. If you are comfortable with handstand holds, this will provide even more challenge and loading to get your body to a strong overhead position. Perform before and/or after training, and at home in the morning and evening if possible.

Give these tips a try and let us know what you think!!


Paddling Intensely or Chill Flosting? We'll take either, oar!

We had an awesome time kayaking this weekend at Evergreen Lake!

Come join us next weekend with our Outdoor Leadership Trip on the Ice Age Trail!

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Did we have a great time this weekend SUP Yoga and hiking the Indiana Sand Dunes? Shore, we did!

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We had a great time on the Downtown Chicago Paddle! What to join in on the fun?

Water you waiting for?! Come join us this weekend for SUP Yoga on Evergreen Lake!

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Fun, Wet, and Sunset! We had a great time last week on our Sunset Paddle!

Join us next Sunday at Evergreen Lake for SUP Yoga!

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Are you interested in becoming a Group Fitness Instructor at the Student Fitness Center?  Or maybe just looking to learn a little more about group exercise?

If you have a passion for fitness and are looking to share it with others, come check out our ACE Group Fitness Instructor Prep Course!  This course is designed to prepare individuals for the ACE GFI certification, give you the know-how to design and instruct a variety of safe, fun, and effective Group Fitness classes, and will make you eligible to apply for the position of Group Fitness Instructor here at Campus Recreation!  
This 8-week course will take place every Friday from 2-4pm, beginning Friday, September 3rd.  Registration closes 9/2 at 4pm, so hurry over to the link in our bio to learn more and sign up!

Contact Madison at mebrow5 @ilstu.edu for inquiries.
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SPORTS ARE BACK! @isuwomensrugby and @reggie_isu want YOU to come to the Sport Club Expo TODAY (Thursday, 8/19) to talk to our 31 clubs.

We’ll be on the Quad from 10am-2pm! #isuredbirds #isu #recbirds #yourredbirdlife #throwback @isucampusrec @sai_isu @illinoisstateu

Fall hours begin tomorrow at all Campus Rec facilities.

Stop by and see us during your first week of class, #Recbirds !

Find all facility hours via the link in our bio.

Our August hiring sessions begin today and run through the 17th!

Visit the link in our bio to learn more. #RecBirds

Welcome back, Redbirds! We are excited to announce our Fall '21 Group Fitness Schedule!

Our group fitness classes are instructor-led exercise sessions that provide a fun and exciting way to try new workout types, interact with your fellow students, challenge yourself, and maybe even learn a thing or two!
Brand new to fitness?  Group fitness classes are a great place to start!
Seasoned veteran?  We offer a diverse selection of class formats so you can come try something you've never done before!
Tag a workout buddy and come on in for a class!
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New year, same team!

The Campus Rec Fitness Team is excited for another school year, this time with students on campus!  We have a lot in store for all you Recbirds, so stay tuned!  Keep an eye out for our upcoming Group Fitness class schedule post!
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We have some exciting reopening updates at the SFC!

No more capacity limits, guest passes can be purchased, all equipment is available for check out, water fountains are back in use, and sport courts are open. Stop by and see us soon #recbirds !

Are you at home missing ISU Group Fitness?? Fear not, head over to the Illinois State campus recreation YouTube channel to catch over 45 FREE at home friendly group fitness classes.

We have several recorded classes ranging from, Pilates to HIIT, yoga, Zumba and hardcore!

Check out our bio for a direct link to the channel. Comment below your favorite video and continue to check back for newly uploaded classes!

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Sticking around Campus for Summer?  Come check out our summer group fitness classes!  These classes

will start May 17th and will take place Monday-Thursday at noon, just right for that mid-day boost!  Can't make it into the building?  Don't sweat it, two of our classes will be available virtually as well!
More good news: pre-registration for a class is no longer required!  Just come on in and get moving!
Participation requires an active membership.  Students not registered for summer classes can purchase a facility membership for the summer semester to participate.
#Recbirds   #RedbirdsKeepThriving   #RedbirdsTogether   #Fitness

Summer SFC Hours begin tomorrow! New reservation policy also takes effect - members must complete a one-time registration and COVID-19 acknowledgment on activate.ilstu.edu.

After registration members can access the building during open hours all summer long! #Recbirds
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