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#PrimeVideo Dr Tan Sok Chuen : What Are The Common Causes of Knee Pain?

Hi, everyone!

I’m Dr Tan Sok Chuen. I’m an Orthopaedic Surgeon from Hip & Knee Orthopaedics
I am based in Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital.

What Are The Common Causes of Knee Pain?

Knee pain can be caused by muscle pull,
tendon overuse, or sometimes it can be structural like damage to meniscus,
cartilage or ligaments.

When Should One Suspect That The Knee Pain is More Than
Just a Strain/Sprain?

When the knee pain is persistent, requires regular doses of painkillers,
when there is associated swelling, and when the patient experiences locking symptoms,
then he/she should seek consult with a doctor.

What is Locking?

Locking is when the knee gets jammed in certain positions,
and it is extremely painful/difficult to either straighten or bend the knee.

What Would The Doctor Do During a Consult For Knee Pain?

We as orthopaedic specialists would do a thorough evaluation
of the patient’s history of the knee pain, a clinical evaluation for the cause of the knee pain,
including examining for contributing factors or if the knee pain is actually due to referred pain
from the hip or spine. Thereafter relevant imaging in the form of X- rays,
bedside ultrasound or MRIs might be required to confirm the diagnosis.
Treatment options would then be discussed with the patient.
To prevent injury in the young, active individual
ensure proper warmup proper supervision
especially when starting a new sports or exercise regime.
Always go slow and build up the intensity gradually
and always listen to your body. When the pain is severe and persistent
Stop, take a step back and evaluate.

Our Mission

No one should be limited in their quality of life
due to musculoskeletal conditions.
Our clinic’s mission is to provide evidence-based, value-driven
and bespoke orthopaedic care to our patients.

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The Pits of our Stomach
All You Need to Know About Stomach Cancer

Stomach cancer refers to a malignancy arising from any part of the stomach. It is one of the top five cancers worldwide and its frequency is rising among younger people. Learn more about its diagnosis and treatments in Prime @https: //shortest.link/1ijb today!

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Our True Umbrella is unique as it allows the insured to use the market to their advantage. We can then step in and offer terms on the gaps, exclusions, and limitations.

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Lost for Words
Life After Stroke: Living with Aphasia

According to the Singapore Stroke Registry Report 2018, more than 8,000 adults suffered from stroke in 2018 and 1/3 of survivors are diagnosed with aphasia.
This group of survivors may have difficulty understanding words, and struggle to speak, read and write.

Find out about the clinical interventions to aid their recovery in Prime @t.ly /1D63 now!

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Dr Wang Yu Tien Video2 :
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Transmission Of Hepatitis A and E | Prevention of Acute Hepatitis

Hello, I’m Dr. Wang Yu Tien. I’m a Gastroenterology and Hepatology consultant at Nobel Gastroenterology Centre and I’m based in Gleaneagles Hospital.
So Hepatitis A and E are both transmitted through water and mouth. The infection is spread through faeces of an infected patient.
And just remember that even patients who have recovered will continue to shed this infection for a period of time.
So vaccination is available for Hepatitis A and to avoid contracting hepatitis A and E,
you should avoid taking high-risk food such as undercooked pork, offals or shellfish and avoid drinking water from unsafe sources.
- Transmission Of Hepatitis A and E
- Prevention of Acute Hepatitis

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Fighting the Big C
Finding Out About Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer (NMSCs)

Basal Cell Carcinomas and Squamous Cell Carcinomas are the two most common skin cancers.
Termed as Non-Melanoma Skin Cancers, they are the 5th most common occurring cancer worldwide.
Find out about the differences between the two, and their prevention and treatment in Prime @t.ly /1D63 now!

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Nothing wrong with a little Utah office rivalry. BYU moves to 1-9 in the last 10….😎

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Throwback to our first weekend out together. Hoping for get out on the water soon. 🌅🛥 •
Wedding day!
Leider hat sich unser Gewinner des dritten Preises nicht innerhalb von 24 Stunden gemeldet, weswegen der nächste von der Punktzahl nachrückt.
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SUV compacto y versátil
#DiscoverySport es una audaz interpretación del ADN del Discovery
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Sejak kecil sy sangat familiar dengan mooncake buatan #Sinhaphoat karena dirumah sering sekali papa mama membeli pia ini🤗.
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Solo en la Taqueria El Torito 🙌🏾🍺🥚🎊🎶🤪🍸🌈🇷🇴🇲🇽🌯🎉🌮🏖🥰👍🏾
Congratulations once again to UCLA Law’s Law Fellows Program for winning the 2020 Diversity Leadership Award from the American Bar Association’s litigation section!
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