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... என் நிலையில் நின்று
உன்னை கண்டால்
உன்னுள் நீயே

தொலைந்து விடுவாய்...

✨ இருக்க பற்றும் உன் கைகளில் இன்னும் கூட தொலைய ஆசை 🖤❤️

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Naanum Rowdy Dhaan😍
PONDY PANDI Despite being an inspector's son, he grew up being friendly with the criminals behind bars and Later he wants to becomes a rowdy ..

though an incompetent one.
Pandi comes across a gorgeous young girl with hearing impairment KADHAMBARI !!
so that’s where it starts from Roja poomala to kadhu nee dhane periya rowdy venumnu ketta r u ok baby...!
Kadhambari is the daughter of a sincere police officer Ravikumar.. who is in pursuit of killivalavan a dreadful gangster and politician who destroy Ravikumar’s family Nd also was the reason for kadhambari to lose her hearing during childhood.
Kadhambari seeks pandi to find his father..Nd that’s when she spends her time with pandi and gets to know him..makes him complete her promise Nd finally falls in love with him❤️
And now when coming to the character .
PANDI..a young boy who aspire to become a Rowdy...when he sees kadhambari he finds his way cons into her life Nd falls in love with her..makes her stay happy,calm,Nd tries keep her away from the tragedies happened to her.
She is simply the messenger that god had sent to make pandi engage himself in something.she stands as a perfect example to not all the angels have wings.!Nayanthara made a stellar performance in this particular film.The way their love story moves Nd the way kadhambari reacts to pandi makes us feel good nd they Will be a sure shot laugh riot.Starting from THANGAMEY to YENNAIMAATRUM KADHALE..she steals the show with her funny walk with a top Nd skirt outfit.
Iiterally we be like ‘’na varava varava unna thurathi varvaa”.
On speaking on the relationship between pandi Nd kadhambari ,her hearing impairment doesn’t look to be a very big problem..
“Naa pesum kaadhal vasanam unaku dha kekalaye”.
Bcuz everything is fair in love nd war.nd kadhaluku mozhi illai.
Kadhambari to pandi is like the lyric penned perfectly by Vikki “Oli illa ulagathil
Isaiyaaga neeyae maari
Kaatril veesinaai...❤️”
This particular role as KADHAMBARI is remarkable Nd will be definitely spoken for years..FOREVER FAVOURITE ❤️
“Black Nd white kanne unna paatha colour ah maarudhey”😍
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A Sunday in Dresden - Absolutely in love with the Baroque style architectures of the city & also got to witness the annual cityfest ( Canaletto festival) which takes place every year around this time.
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Highlights of day four at #IMDImpactOWP in @dubai
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A little #texturetuesday flower which took me more hours than I wish to admit to create 😇
A performance 👀
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Trina is so pretty!
2020 was one heck of a year! It has been a blessing and a curse both at same time but I’ve learnt to care for my hair in the most natural way!
Surprisingly good lunch washed down with an excellent bottle of Aligoté...
Feliz Halloween🎃! Atrasado... porque no me ha dado tiempo a dibujarlo antes😅
🟡Já perceberam aquelas manchinhas brancas na pele, ou sardas brancas??

Es gibt auf dieser Erde scheinbar nichts, das es nicht gibt… so existieren auch Agenturen, um mit der/dem Partner/in Schluss zu machen.
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Great minds think alike. 📸 @bappancey

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On Nov 11, 2018, we had no idea what the future had in store for us.
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