A perfect family meal! Comment below on the dishes you will order when dining with your loved ones.

Tag us in your favorite Ban Leong dishes and be featured 🙂
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Some fun facts for the seafood we love.

Rainy and cooling, a perfect weather for a warm hearty meal.

Presenting you with some fun facts about what we all love :)

Make your weekends a perfect one with a juicy crab!
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What are you ordering for the week?

Having some delicious black pepper crab for such cooling weather is simply perfect.


When it comes to Zi char, everyone has their selected few favourite dishes.

For me, that would be pai gu wang (King Pork Ribs) and three egg spinach which consist of century egg, salted egg and a regular chicken egg together with spinach!

The way to happiness for your tummy!

A perfect plate for sharing with friends and family.
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Comment with your answers below! Share with your friends and give them a mini quiz to end the week.


Enjoy a hearty meal with your loved ones and Ban Leong, Grab a crab and get some tiger crystal at the same time too!

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We know the weather is getting warm, get a tiger crystal(325ml) free with every purchase of 1.3kg Crab!

Fastest orders first!
For dining in only.

Craving for some Mee Goreng? We got the perfect dish of rich flavours just for you!


What's your favourite sauce? 🤔

End off the week with the perfect black pepper crab and recharge for the upcoming week.


Pick a card with your favourite answer, which would it be?

when was the last time you had a perfect meal?
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Your tummy deserves a celebration too! Keep it happy with some good food served.

Are you a noodle lover? if you are you must have tried our birthday noodles!

If you haven't it is time to give it a taste!

For your safety, we will be doing ART test for all our staff bi-weekly.

So you can dine in and takeout with a peace of mind.

Having some good food to warm your stomach up in such a cooling weather is simply perfect. 😋


Let us all do our part to stay safe. 😊 Time to dine in as a group of 5 and enjoy good food.

If you are all vaccinated 😉

Nothing beats a plate of sizzling hot and hearty Tie Ban Tofu.

Dine in or order from link in Bio!
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