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What other construction materials are freely available, cost nothing to use, and last 7 to 8 billion years?

“Natural light is your best friend and the perfect starting point for performance-driven lighting designs,” says gb&dPRO member Marti Hoffer, founder of lumenomics ( @lumenomicsinc ). Head to the link in bio for Hoffer’s seven-step guide for efficient daylighting design. ☀️ #gbdPRO
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Congratulations 2019 #LGBT Biz Pitch winner #lumenomics !!! #nglcc19 #LGBTBiz

#LGBT Biz Pitch contestant, #lumenomics #nglcc19

Marti Hoffer is the Founder and CEO of @lumenomicsinc Her advice to girls is to take time to figure out what your core values are.

When you align your activities with your core values, everything becomes easier. Watch her interview at https://www.careergirls.org/role-model/entrepreneur-marti-hoffer/

Marti Hoffer, Founder and CEO @lumenomics , a lighting company specializes in maximizing the use natural light for her clients.

Not only does this save energy, but natural light includes all colors of the light spectrum and allows people to see more clearly and work more productively. Her advice to problem solving is to first start with questions.

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When Theo Partner Investments decided to open the first ATLAS Workbase in Seattle, they were faced with a number of challenges.

It was essential the offices have light suitable for a wide range of workplace needs, from team meetings to video conferencing. But with limited natural light available, ATLAS Workbase needed powerful lighting solutions that matched its superior look and felt personal.
ATLAS Workbase required a lighting partner with a huge breadth of products and knowledge, an expert with both technical and aesthetic understanding. Marti Hoffer, CEO of Lumenomics, a Signify Value Added Reseller engaged to direct the lighting, knew immediately who to call. “Signify had the capacity and the sophistication to support the owner and their needs.” #ATLAS #Seattle #lumenomics #colorkinetics #signify #LED #office

Ever wonder how your roller shades are installed by #luExperts ?

Check it this time lapse video produced by our talented #teamlu member @michaelcboyer , lead installer for @bigfishgames HQ in Seattle, WA.
From Design and survey, to installation and service, #lumenomics is the single point of contact for all your illumination needs.

We love receiving photos from our clients, especially the ones showing off our @buywomenowned logo!

#SunOrShade is a brand of high quality #RollerShades that are powered by @somfyus and @rolleaseacmeda. The seamlessly integrate into #Signify products.

We found our @gbdmagazine article at #LF18 ! #lumenomics #maximize5600k #livingfuture

Thank you @the_iesorg for an education and inspiring two-day symposium!

Team lu had a great time learning and networking with the #IES community. Check out what we learned at the symposium on #lumenomics’s latest blog. Link in bio. #iesresearchsymposium

Thank you @the_iesorg for an education and inspiring two-day symposium!

Team lu had a great time learning and networking with the #IES community. Check out what we learned at the symposium on #lumenomics’s latest blog. Link in bio. #iesresearchsymposium

Thank you @the_iesorg for an education and inspiring two-day symposium!

Team lu had a great time learning and networking with the #IES community. Check out what we learned at the symposium on #lumenomics’s latest blog. Link in bio. #iesresearchsymposium

lumenomics is featured in @gbdmagazine - the leading info resource for #sustainability professionals.

Find out how our integrated shade and lighting solutions transformed designed spaces, productivity, and livability for occupants at @atlasworkbase.
Link in Bio. 📷: @gensler_design

Diversity and inclusion are top priorities at #lumenomics. Celebrate diversity everyday.


#lumenomics provided manual and motorized shades in building 500 and 101 on the @deptvetaffairs campus in Palo Alto, California.

This beautiful photo was captured by @michaelcboyer , a new #lumenomics installer from Phoenix, Arizona. Building 500 was the first project Michael worked on! 📷: @michaelcboyer

#lumenomics daily #Toolbox talk ☝🏽Connection is Power - get to know your team.

✌🏽Safety - Hydration: hydrate before you need it. Water is the tincture of a thriving life. 👌🏽Goals - When the team exceeds their goals, lunch is on lumenomics!

Another beautiful building in the heart of downtown Seattle with #SunOrShade window covering installed by #lumenomics !

@westedgeseattle is a 39-story luxury apartment tower, owned and developed by @urbanvisionrealestategroup and designed by internationally renowned architect Tom Kundig of @olsonkundig. Check out these amazing views! 📷: @ina_s_song

Just when you thought the fun was over.... HERE COMES THE SUN ANGELS!

☀️ 👼 #maximizing5600k in action!
The CA team is not only showing off the sunny weather, but also their angel moves.
Competition is fierce in any market. Negotiation takes practice and can be fun like snow angels and sun angels. In the business world, a good contract is written so both parties understand what the expectation is and there is a fair and reasonable exchange for the transaction. When one party is not treated fairly the partnership breaks down and everyone is back to figuring out who makes the snow angels or casts the shadow.

Fun and Learn, this is how we roll at #lumenomics

Follow us on a #QualityControl walk at the @deptvetaffairs Palo Alto Polytrauma Blind Rehab Center on a sunny day in #SoCal.

Cheers to on-time and on-budget delivering for #TalionConstruction and to the beautiful sunny day 👷🏽‍♀️👷🏼‍♂️🏥🏗

Happy 1st Birthday, @atlasworkbase ❤️ #lumenomics

@philips OneSpace is the perfect luminous ceiling when designing an uncluttered minimalist space.

Not to mention it creates daylight-like illumination for spaces that can’t be reached by natural daylight.

Have you seen #lumenomics state-of-art lighting and roller shade solution in action?

The perfect solution to #coworking spaces advancing productivity, comfort, and happiness.

#lumenomics believes in the power of light and love.

Today, we honor and celebrate #martinlutherkingjr
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Most of the remaining parts I needed for my RC18R & RC18B have showed up minus the 12mm hex adapters & the new 1/10 scale wheels & tires for the buggy.
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[RyuKiva] Hello everyone on the internet!

With a massive Zenkaiger drop just this morning, it had to be gushed over, and that is exactly what we did!
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Online Consultations available.

Liane Escalona Property Consultant REBL no. 012225
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