Please welcome our @thriveschool and @jessupu interns!

From ➡️ ⬇️➡️
- Alex is a “Texas boy livin the Westcoast dream” and will be super working with our preschoolers!

-Harriet loves the Bay Area where she is from and has a heart for special needs kids!

-Shelby moved and drove far from home to love and serve our preteen kids!

-Karyssa is returning for another semester @jessupu to love on babies 👶 🍼 and the littles

-Hannah is returning for her 2nd year to lead and reach young families!🙌🙌

-Sarah will be using what she learns with @goacswarriors to creatively teach the truth to elementary kids!

Our team is THRILLED and can’t wait to THRIVE this year.
#thankyoujesus #leadership #worldchangers #futurelooksbright☀️ #kidminstrong

We want to help and encourage your kid(s) to hide God’s word in their hearts.

I’m always amazed at how quickly kids can memorize things. Seriously, their brains are like little sponges, aren’t they? They just soak information right up!

Here’s a verse we’ll be focusing on the rest of the month of July.
#kidministry #kidmin #kidminrocks #kidminstrong #trainupachild

Our thoughts and Prayers are with our friends in Nashville and all of Tennessee!

Praying for all affected and those families still searching for missing loved ones. #PrayersforNashville #NashvilleStrong #KidminStrong #megacon2020

So blessed to be apart of our church’s Christmas presentation today! 🙏🏼

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Do you need a fresh injection of confidence? #KidminStrong #KidminAcademy

What’s your favorite form of creativity? How do you use your creativity to influence the children you serve?

#KidminAcademy #KidminStrong #CorinneNoble

What old ways of doing things do you need to throw away? What’s not working anymore?

#KidminAcademy #KidminStrong #MartijnvanTilborgh

Are you willing to be used by Him today? #Creativity #KidminNation #KidminStrong #CorrineNoble

Good Morning, Mega Con 2019 friends! Stop by the Orange booth this morning and pick up a free bag to hold all your items as you shop before heading home today!!

#kidminstrong #thinkorange

Shoutout to #kidminnation #kidmin #kidminnation #kidminlife #kidminnationmegacon #kidminstrong #kidminrocks !!

Come get your Yancy Yens here at booth 62!

Had a BLAST @kidminnation Mega Con today!
Check out my business page ( @kadicoleandcompany ) for more pics and videos from the day.

Such a fun group of people! 🎉

#Repost @kadicoleandcompany with @get_repost
@kadicole is having a BLAST @kidminnation ! 🎉
If you’re in Kid’s Ministry, you should definitely check them out!

We’re here at KidMin Nation Mega Con in Nashville, TN!

@1corinthians13_love will be speaking and introducing her new book, BE LOVED, to a group of Sunday School leaders.😍Make sure to stop by our booth! #kidminstrong #kidminnation #kidminmegacon

Hello from KidMin Nation Mega Con!! #kidminstrong #kadicole #kadicoleandcompany #developingfemaleleaders #kidminnation

Late night prepping for today’s talk at @kidminnation.

#kidminstrong #kadicole #kadicoleandcompany #kidminnation

Today’s itinerary. The church is all set up. Tomorrow, Mega-Con! 🛡

We will be a ministry partner at #Kidminnation #MegaCon next week!

We are so excited for you to see some new crafts! Will you be there? Stop by booth #51 and say hi to Lynn! #crafts #biblecrafts #vbscrafts #sundayschoolcrafts #childrensministry #guildcraftartsandcrafts #guildcraftsvbs #ministryconference #kidminstrong #ryanfrank #yancyyen

KidMin Mega Con is in 10 days!! I’m so excited to be a speaker at this event!!

🎉👏🏻 I have 3 words for all the leaders involved with Kids Ministry - “Get Yourself There!” 🏃🏾‍♀️ 🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏽‍♀️ Can’t wait to see you all!!😊 #kadicole #kidminnation #kidminstrong

Hey, all you Kidmin folks, we hope to see you in Nashville at Mega-Con!

Ryan Frank and the Kidzmatter team will fill you up and send you home overflowing with ideas.

@kidminnation @ryanfrank75

#Kidminnation #KidminStrong #CTA #CTAInc #ChristToAll

Ryan Frank is the CEO of Kidzmatter, and one of the co-owners of Kidmin Nation.

Ryan's passion is helping others-- especially leaders-- do what matters most. Thank you for making the entire Kidmin Nation world possible, Ryan! To learn more about the #KidminStrong campaign, head to

Jonathan Banks is another one of our amazing Mega-Con Online guest speakers.

Jonathan works at the Apostolic Faith Church in Chicago. He and his wife, Jacinta, live in Chicago with their family. Thank you for all that you do, Jonathan! To learn more about the #KidminStrong campaign, head to!

Madelene Metcalf is the President and Chairman at Sweet Sleep, an organization that demonstrates God’s love and hope in Christ to the world’s orphaned and vulnerable children.

She lives with her husband and three children in Nashville! Thank you for all that you do for the Nation, Madelene! To learn more about the #KidminStrong campaign, head to!

Karen Bishir is Beth Frank's lovely mother, who has been a huge help in the Kidmin world for years.

At past Mega-Con events, Karen has served as a guest speaker, providing insight and encouragement to our ministry leaders. Thank you, Karen, for loving our kidmin community so well! To learn more about the #KidminStrong campaign, head to!

Mike Clear is the Director of Children’s Strategy at the ReThink Group!

He is also a former pastor, who has honored us by being one of our Mega-Con Online guest speakers! Mike is constantly sharing helpful resources with the online kidmin community. Thank you for all that you do for the Nation, Mike! To learn more about the #KidminStrong campaign, head to!

Barbara Newman has been involved in children's ministry for over 35 years.

She serves as the Church Services Coordinator for CLC Network, as well as a Co-Administrator of inclusive education at a local Christian school. Barbara has written several books and ministry articles, including the book Helping Kids Include Kids with Disabilities. Thank you for all that you do, Barbara! To learn more about the #KidminStrong campaign, head to!
Chicken Mandi by @albarakipk was really very delicious.
Mickey Mouse 🤍❤️

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Royal Customs x Kickin It Wit Ty 💥
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The OWNA @dextadaps came to visit
Bae all day ❤❤
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Best son @scorpiomonstercos
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Thank you Usiagwu Arthur Osaretin CEO CCS Engineering Lagos for the School Block Donation to #Igbontor Primary School, #Igbanke #INPA
The Beer's on me linedance 💃.

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¿Conocéis los plátanos macho? 🤗
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Nosotros nos encargamos de la limpieza

How tf did bro get a rocket launcher?😭😭
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Vi säger grattis till de studenter och andra 😄 (se bild 2 👉) som just flyttat in i Hydra, ett boende mitt i vackra Ultuna!
Dinner tonight:
-The Vegan Factor Garlic Kievs from @tescofood
Congratulations to Semi from @waltmannslandscape for successfully completing his LR upgrade.
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All Chrono working
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