The world is within you,
believe in yourself and your intuition 🖤.

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Premium see through the matrix luxury vintage tee.

Let your inner spirit lead and guide you to the answers you seek
See through the matrix !
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Chase your dream to the fullest each and everyday.

Allow the fire from within you to bust and impact the whole world 🖤!

There is always two sides of a coin
Neither are deemed bad or good.

The harder the times the closer you are to breaking through just believe in oneself and abilities🖤.
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Travel the world
Explore the depth of the universe
Discover your purpose

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You are the vortex of everything that you want in life.

Trust It , Believe it & Everything will come to you🥂.

We all want to be somewhere or have something.
Keep believing that thing inside you and focus on how you can get it 🥂!

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Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned worn or consumed.Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace, & gratitude.

~ Denis Waitley
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One thing we won’t do is give up or give in ! Keep pushing to become the best version of yourself that you can be.

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The question is what will you do to achieve your deepest desires ? #impurpose #quotes

Discover your beauty from within.
Remind yourself that you are powerful🖤.

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Intuition is the guidance of the soul for all your answers. #impurpose #insideyou

Always stay stylish with our premium denim apparel.🖤
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Inside Beauty is by far the best beauty.
Always treat yourself with the highest up most respect simply because you do deserve it !🖤

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Make no apologies for following your heart. A woman on a mission needs no permission🖤.

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"Style is the only thing you can’t buy. It’s not in a shopping bag, a label, or a price tag.

It’s something reflected from our soul to the outside world—an emotion.”—Alber Elbaz #impurpose


No soy mis faltas cotidianas. No soy el error que cometí.

No soy el error que "me trajo al mundo". No soy ese error que me dijeron que soy. Soy más grande que todo eso.
Cuántas veces estuviste en ese lugar? Pensar y, hasta incluso decirte a vos mism @: "Para qué estoy en este mundo si ni mis viejos me quisieron tener?"", "Nadie me quiere, nadie me ve...", "Hago todo mal y no se qué sentido tiene mi vida..."
Yo también estuve ahí. Por eso te pido por favor, si estás en esta, hablemos. Todo tiene solución. El primer paso es hablar para poder cambiar este pensamiento tan terrible y sanar lo que te produjo esta palabra. Su peso es muy fuerte, pero te aseguro que hay más detrás de esto. Y dentro tuyo hay muchas cosas que tenés que descubrir, que son más fuerte que lo que te pasa.
Deseo que a partir de este mensaje, mi pedacito de corazón pueda influir en vos y te digas estas palabras:
Que el error venga una y otra vez, porque ya no me va a encontrar igual. No me voy a quedar ahí viendo cómo disfruta de que se me pase la vida en el mismo lugar, dando vueltas en un círculo vicioso que siempre termina en amargura. No quiero castigarme ni juzgarme más, por lo que hago, por lo que soy, por lo que hasta ahora no puedo ver...
Hoy me quito al error que me dio identidad en la oscuridad. Dejo atrás las mentiras que me dijeron, me perdono, aprendo de lo que me enseñó esta etapa, y decido que mi nombre vuelva a nacer la vida que hay en mi. Eso quiero verme ser. Eso soy.
Soy creadx y amadx!
Mi nombre no es ERROR. ❌
Mi nombre es VIDA...

Compartilo con las personas que necesiten saber esto!

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Purpose is the point at which your gifts intersect with a need in the world around you.⁣

We all want to live in this “universal assignment.” That is the true definition of purpose we should all aspire to seek. But like anything else in the journey of success, your purpose isn’t a fixed point that you arrive at and stay forever. The world changes too often. We change too often. It is the constant search for that point that keeps us on target.⁣
Living your purpose means waking up every morning excited. The moment your feet hit the ground, you can’t wait to make a difference in the life of another. You’re excited to solve a problem, put a smile on someone’s face, identify a solution to an issue, and you go to bed at night with the internal satisfaction that you were your most productive self that day. You brought your best self to work and gave it 100 percent.⁣
In Simon T. Bailey’s @simontbailey book Release Your Brilliance, he lays out a simple, three-step exercise to help you discover your purpose and then design your life around it.⁣
* Ask: Ask yourself, How can I use my purpose to make a difference?—and your subconscious mind will open to the universe and its possibilities.⁣
* Seek: Actively look for answers to how you can use your purpose each day. Look for the path that you’re supposed to take. Do your research. Understand that you may have to follow a lot of rabbit trails, some of which will take you to dead ends. That’s OK; it’s all part of the process.⁣
* Knock: When you come upon a door of opportunity that you intuitively believe is for you, you must knock. If you want to find out what’s on the other side of the door, you have to push it open and step through.⁣
What is your purpose ?

God will exalt you when men scheme to keep you down!!!!! Is 54:1 and 17.

Sing oh ye Barren....No Weapon formed......
Whenever barren is mentioned in the bible, it suggests that that woman will soon give birth. I write this with tears in my eyes. God you are awesome! Great are You Lord! Greatly to be Praised!!!!

Was a blessing holding a vibe on Hitz 92fm with Rodrick Howell!

Kingdom was dispatched and lives affected!! #impurpose

Having a rough day? Let this picture that @touny13 made put a smile on your face.

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Volví a hacer Carlota 😋. Hace mucho que no la comía.
It’s true🌿 Live life happy, get adjusted this week 🌞 Call or email for same day appointments 👏
Stove top sausage casserole served over buttered colcannon mash!
Donut Comel in da house today!

My Oscar Fish 🐟🐟🐟

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Happy weekend fellas😁

Sound : Tatsuro Yamashita - いつか (someday)
“Let my worship be within the heart that rejoices, for behold, all acts of love and pleasure are my rituals.
Wailing wall statue and fridge magnet.
Brewfest 2017
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Kerta kiellon päälle Halloweenia😁 Kakku on maidoton ja gluteeniton suklaakakku mustaherukkamoussella- ja hillolla.
Last weekend was legendary! We went to the 2021 Perkins Mud Bog.
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Feels so good to be back in the pool! Happy the #belmontshore pool is open.
Sapevo da qualche parte in cantina avevo ancora le foto.
Stamattina le ho dovute cercare.
No more wishing, time to make things happen.
Baby girl.
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