Sunday BLUES! Who’s rocking their blue today?! #hwumpireschool

Have you ever dreamed of working in the big leagues?

All roads to the show begin in Daytona Beach😎 #HWumpireschool

What rule set will you be going over this weekend? Remember, a strong working knowledge of the rules leads to a confidence unparalleled on the field.


Trust me, you’d want to be apart of this family! #hwumpireschool

Wouldn’t you want to be all smiles with Ed Hickox come January?

Come to Ormond Beach where we are the only umpire school in the WORLD to have full-time MLB Umpires on staff!! #hwumpireschool

Make sure when registration opens you sign up....OVER! #hwumpireschool

Malachi Moore and the staff can’t hurry up enough get you signed up for the class of 2022!

Stay tuned to find out when registration opens!! #hwumpireschool

On the rubber.....

Handling situations is an art. We’ll equip you with the tools you need to manage any situation!


“So let me explain to you why you should choose Wendelstedt Umpire School.......We’re the ONLY school in the COUNTRY that offers Major League Training from the FIRST pitch!” #hwumpireschool

Staying locked in on our future 2022 prospects! #hwumpireschool

Ed Hickox #15 visualizing the next Major League umpires in the class of 2022.

Will you step foot in Ormond Beach next January? #hwumpireschool

We want YOU to be apart of this family next year! #hwumpireschool

Who watched Jerry Layne #24 take the field today in Lakeland FL for Spring Training opening day?!


In less than 24 hours your lead field instructor Jansen Visconti #52 will be taking the field for the start of MLB Spring Training!

Who’s ready to see some other instructors take the field?! #hwumpireschool

🗣”HAPPY FRIDAY!” #hwumpireschool

On the rubber.......set.....!!! #HWumpireschool

“One more pitch!” MAJOR LEAGUE training from the first pitch! #HWUmpireschool

70+ years of training and evaluating professional umpires... who are we going to see in 2022?


Spots are filling up quickly for the class of 2021!

Register for the Professional Course today to ensure you can take advantage of the FREE TUITION deal in 2022! #HWumpireschool

Our Online Shop is now open for your Holiday Shopping!

Check out our new Wendelstedt Apparel and gear for purchase! #HWumpireschool
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Our Online Prep Course students begin their class today!

How are you preparing for umpire school this January? #HWumpireschool

Minor League Baseball umpire Ben Engstrand shares what he's learned on his #umpire journey through #MiLB , and gives us the scoop on a brand-new education opportunity for umpires at any level:

the Wendelstedt Umpire School Online Prep Course. Enjoy!

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Game 5 of the ALCS tonight will host Ted Barrett behind the plate!

Ted's son Andrew Barrett (Double-A Umpire) attended the Wendelstedt Umpire School in 2015 and was our Most Outstanding Student Runner-Up! Check out the other MLB Umpires who trusted their Sons' education with the Wendelstedt Umpire School! Major League Training From the First Pitch! #HWumpireschool
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