Friday post-eeg stops. 💕
Butter croissants and citrus cardamom buns from Happy Hi Coffee.

Donuts from Hobo Donuts.
Silo, mahon, tortillon cheeses, and Vesela's International Kitchen dill pickle kraut from Takeaway Gourmet.
Costa Rica decaf coffee from Green Spot Cafe.
Comic from Comic Readers.

The best way to end a crazy week is with a box of Hobo Donuts.

We're definitely Homer dancing through the land of chocolate now with those chocolate fudge donuts.

Starting to feel those sentimental vibes - a whole lot of love and gratitude! ❤️☕️🍩⁣

The quest for the best donut continues. Hobo donut is by far the best donut I have eaten.

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I had to go downtown for my next let's try and figure out how Angela's body is trying to kill her now test.

So, naturally, I had to make a couple stops for coffee and other treats.

Cinnamon buns, decaf coffee beans (Peruvian Organic, and Costa Rica), and cookies from Green Spot Cafe.

Next up was HoBo Donuts and a decaf coffee from Pause Coffee. I will miss the wonderful people of these places, but I am proud of Jimmy's ability to recognize that taking a step back right now is what's needed though it's not easy to do. 💕

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Regina Kindness Rocks loves supporting local entrepreneurs and their businesses.

Have you BEAN to Pause Coffee at 1810 Smith St.?
Open 9am-2pm from Tuesday to Friday and 10am-2pm on Saturday.

Their menu includes responsibly sourced and curated pourovers, aeropress, aeropress americanos, batch brew, cold brew, mochas, hot chocolate, and teas. 🤤
They also give away free ground coffee compost additive, just ask 😊

You can also grab a donut from Hobo Donuts in the same building. (if you get there early enough in the day before they sell out, they’re that good!)

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Had to leave my cave for an appointment this morning so I took the opportunity to make a detour and drop by HoBo Donuts and Pause Coffee for some treats.


Fritters, strawberry chocolate, cookies and cream, and churro donuts, with a decaf pour over coffee for the win.

#yqr #supportsmallbusiness #eatlocal #shoplocal #hobodonutsyqr #pausecoffee #donuts #coffee #☕🍩

Happy Friday y’all! Perfect way to start off this cold winter weekend!

Then having @hobodonutsyqr and @pausecoffeeyqr in the shop to keep us all warm! 🤘🏼💯🤙🏼 Stay safe and safe awesome! #pausecoffeeyqr #hobodonutsyqr #supportsmallbusiness

Since we haven't made it down to HoBo Donuts new place yet, I definitely couldn't resist the delivery option that started this week.

Especially when January is always a crazy work stretch. Delicious, as always. 💕

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Oh the weather outside is frightful,⁣
But the coffeeee is soo delightful. ⁣

And since there’s no place to go,⁣
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!⁣
⛄️ ☕️ ⁣
Reminder: Today and tomorrow are the last days available for home delivery until the 29th. The shop front is also open regular hours today and tomorrow (the 24th). ⁣
#pausecoffeeyqr #hobodonutsyqr

Holiday hours!⁣

We’ll be open our regular store hours (check out l our website or our bio) and doing deliveries as per usual, but will be closed Christmas Day and Boxing Day (December 25 and 26), and New Years Day (January 1). ⁣
That means 3 more days to stop into the shop or order online for a drop off (deliveries are happening Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday) before a brief hiatus.⁣
Make sure your coffee counter is set up with some tasty beans, brewing equipment and filters! And if you’re needing some last minute gifts, we’ve got you covered!⁣
For our Classics Coffee Subscription holders and our 3-Month Subscription holders who are scheduled for a drop off this coming Friday, your coffee will be coming a day early! We’ll be sending an email your way shortly to hold onto as a reminder. ⁣
#pausecoffeeyqr #hobodonutsyqr

Saturday Local Doughnut Review... Hobo Doughnuts... O.M.G. These are AMAZING!!!

So soft, and airy, and delicious! I started with the churro doughnut 🤤 so good, El had the Homer, also so good! @hobodonutsyqr Highly recommend this place! #locallymade #doughnuts #delicious #saturdayvibes #yrq #amazing #hobodonutsyqr #shoplocal #donutsyqr

Strawberry pop tart coffee!? 🍓☕️⁣
If you’ve been with us for a while, you might remember a post where we suggested a fun little exercise to identify the tasting notes in coffee.

If you’re like me, you often find it challenging to taste the flavours described on the coffee packaging, sometimes feel almost made up! Believe it or not, you can get some pretty sweet and wild tastes out of coffee when it’s roasted right. ⁣
For this exercise, you’ll need a Strawberry Poptart donut by @hobodonutsyqr and a @harkencoffee Hugo Melo pourover prepared by @pausecoffeeyqr. One of the tasting notes for this coffee: Strawberry Poptart!! 🍓 The donuts are part of this week’s donut menu and we have a limited volume of Hugo Melo available on the slow brew menu before we move to a new feature roaster next week!⁣
Here’s what you do:⁣
1) Take a bite of your donut, and close your eyes. Take note of where the flavour sits on your tongue and the different flavours. Sweet? Tart? Short? Lingering?⁣
2) Clear your palette with a sip of water, then try a sip of your pourover coffee. Again, try to note any hints of tartness or sweetness, short or lingering tastes and where the flavours sit on your tongue. Any similarities?⁣
For me, there’s an obvious difference in how the tastes present themselves. Both donuts and poptarts are more overtly sweet, and the sweetness in a cup of black coffee is more nuanced and subtle. BUT when I tried this exercise yesterday, I noticed that the flavours hit my tongue in similar ways and lingered in the same spots. It was so satisfying to have a cup of coffee and a donut who’s flavours complimented each other so perfectly!⁣
Get yourself down to the shop while both of these menu items are available this week to experience it for yourself. Then, let us know how it goes below!⁣
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One of these is not like the other! Welcome to the fam HoboFritter!

🍩☕️🍩 #hobodonutsyqr #pausecoffeeyqr

We grind our beans fresh and weigh them for every single brew whether it be a big batch or a single cup of coffee.

Precision is how we ensure consistency and place our focus on continuing to strive for measurable improvement. ⁣
Come in and try it for yourself! Whether you stop in for a minute or several, we’ve got brews to suit your schedule. ⁣
Happy Wednesday!⁣
#pausecoffeeyqr #hobodonutsyqr #yqrdowtown

We know, not everyone is obsessed with coffee like we are. We’ve got you covered though!

We make our hot chocolate in house with simple and decadent ingredients and top it off with marshmallows. It’s 100% dairy and nut free too!⁣
We have six different teas to choose from too! @shantitea uses certified organic ingredients and has worked to build close and sustainable relationships with their suppliers. ⁣
Looking for some cold options? There’s also cans of Bubly and Green Apple Cucumber or Ginger Kombucha from the amazing crew over @goodspiritkombucha !⁣
Which are you most excited to try out?⁣
Coffee (and other various beverages 😉!) is on 9AM-2PM (Tues to Fri, 10AM-2PM Sat) and @hobodonutsyqr starts at 10AM (Tues to Sat)⁣
1810 Smith St. ⁣
Hope to see you soon! ❤️☕️⁣
#pausecoffeeyqr #hobodonutsyqr

Everyone’s favourite Homer! Give us a call to hold a box or two before you come by!!

🍩☕️🍩 #hobodonuts #hobodonutsyqr #pausecoffeeyqr

We liiive for that magical moment when you get to participate in the meditative process of the slow brew 😌☕️⁣

All six varieties of beans available right now ( @pilotcoffee & @harkencoffee ) can be made by Aeropress or pourover. It’s a great way to connect with the brewing process, and we love how the flavours available in each bean are uniquely highlighted by these manual brewing processes.
Have you tried one yet??⁣
#pausecoffeeyqr #hobodonutsyqr #yqr

Sadly we missed the donuts but we got some great coffee!

#hobodonutsyqr #pausecoffeeyqr

It’s been a minute! 9 months of minutes actually! 😍😍😍🍩🍩🍩☕️☕️☕️ #hobodonuts #pausecoffeeyqr #hobodonutsyqr

Our obsession with coffee is a constant. And now, paired with donuts!? We’re so pumped!⁣

@pausecoffeeyqr ☕️ x @hobodonutsyqr 🍩 ⁣
Photo thanks to @jadenll ✨⁣
Lots of news for you down below 👇🏼⁣
🚨Delivery updates🚨⁣
We have a new delivery option that starts tomorrow! In store pick up! Want to grab your beans yourself? Want to make sure they’re in stock when you head in? Order ahead in the webshop. Give us a few minutes heads up if you’re needing them ground. ⁣
AND a new drop off schedule: Tuesday to Saturday starting after we’re done in shop. Roughly 2:30pm.⁣
In shop: Take-Out only! ⁣
In order to make sure everyone has the space they need (for selfies AND for social distancing) there will be no seating.⁣
We want YOU to feel welcome and safe in the space that we’ve poured a lot of love into, we’re so excited to share it with you!⁣
See you TOMORROW!!! 9AM! ⁣1810 Smith St
#pausecoffeeyqr #hobodonutsyqr #yqrdt #seeyqr

This partnership has been amazing and we cannot wait to open our joined permanent pop-up shop tomorrow!

Which also happens to be @pausecoffeeyqr 6 month anniversary of being in business!! 🍩☕️🍩☕️ #hobodonuts #hobodonutsyqr #pausecoffeeyqr #yqrdonuts #yqrcoffee

HoBo Donut deliveries are the best.

While we will miss the deliveries, we look forward to seeing the new space in the future!

Might even bring random pun cards with us.

#yqr #supportsmallbusiness #shoplocal #hobodonutsyqr #donuts #eatlocal

Mmmm, unexplained Hobo Donuts.

Did someone randomly send us donuts, because I'm pretty sure we ordered ours for Friday not today.

I know many of you that know I will never turn down mystery donuts of this caliber. Even if they are poisoned donuts from my enemies.
#Avances en Andares del Mirador.
How could you not like Thrash Metal???

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“That’s all a brother really wants 😉” - @darrenbrand_
Who has played this game?
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Masculine melon🍉🍉 #crack #egg #skin #potato #getbig #eggsterminator
Foo Fighters - Learn To Flight

🤘🖤💀 #supportyourfavoriteband
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1st throw was a 12:05. They don't call him the Caber King for nothing!
ಇಳಿದು ಬಾ ಕನ್ನಡ ಭಾವಗೀತೆ ಈಗಲೇ ನೋಡಿ
Singer: @chinn_dhee
Ilidu baa taayi ilidu baa
Great meeting yesterday about where the future of currency is going.
Hanggang lay out muna tayo, dipa nagsasama e. Miss na namin kayo💋
Never gets old. Happy New Year to you and your loved ones! 🎇 📸 credit: @eyestomyworld
September’s Manicure Awareness

Alopecia Areata awareness 💚

Šviežias flat ir gyjantis tragus su geltono aukso auskarais su deimantais 💎💞
Ready for our next adventure 🏔 @samvancamp_ •
Beautiful 🥰❤️ @rubinadilaik @rubina_my_jaan @rubina_fan_club_nepal @rubinadilak88 @stylish_queenruby @rubinaddilaik
Pequeñas ilustraciones sobre "Tocada y hundida", último episodio de la segunda temporada de la serie.
Hooey t-shirts for him. We keep celebrating! 🎉
I haven’t posted in over two weeks.
This video was back when my hair was short.
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🔸Product Name : Tetrahydrofuran (THF)
Daar ben ik weer!
😍 *A Line Princess cut,with Cotton Fabric with side pocket*

*Fabric :-* Cotton Flex