"Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer." - Romans 12:12

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"Don't Tie My Hands, Civil War Is Imminent"

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I am addicted to this channel .. Thabk you so much Jesus ❤️🙏🥰✝️ #heartdwellers #stillsmallvoice

I love you more Jesus ☺️😘🥰❤️😂😎🔥 #heartdwellers boi!!!!

"There Is Laziness In The Camp" message.

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Through your falls Lord, you have shown us that there WILL be falls in our life and path:

but you have shown us that it is possible to get up each time. For though beaten beyond human imagination, disfigured beyond recognition, weak, trembling, bleeding, thirsty and exhausted, flooded with wounds and blows that kept coming - You got up. You continued.

We pray Lord, that as we carry our own crosses we will imitate you in steadfastness and not stay laying on the ground in tears and discouragement, but that with you who strengthens us, we will RISE UP and continue on the path set before us. With eyes on the glorious prize that was prepared for all who persevere and endure it until the end.

We ask you, Blessed Mother that, as you held your Son near your heart even though maybe separated by a distance, you saw him and held him in your prayers to the Father. Please help us all to endure until the end, abandoned and surrendered to the will of the Father as it is manifested to us, being patient and hopeful toward Him and all His promises - as you were in the face of affliction.

In Jesus's name,


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"So I got sick with Covid a little over 2 weeks ago.

This was very discouraging for me because I have been praying continuously since the pandemic started and I still got sick and didn't understand why.

I was having all of the symptoms including a high fever and shortness of breath. The worst of the symptoms would go away when people prayed for me, but they would come back. Eventually, I had to go see a doctor who told me I also have pneumonia. I was given some medications, but I still wasn't feeling better.

This is when I reached out to you [to mother Elisha] and you instructed me to pray psalm 91, 51 and the divine mercy chaplet and to do a communion service at home. I normally do pray the chaplet every day, but since I got sick I had stopped praying it because I was feeling so weak.

Anyway, so I did the communion service and after I had received the body and blood of Jesus, I repeated the words "by his stripes I am healed" several times. Then I prayed the divine mercy chaplet and the psalms. I said the words more slowly than I usually do. I also asked Blessed Mother to pray for me.
Immediately after I felt so much better. I decided to go to sleep and the next day when I woke up, almost all of the symptoms were gone. All I had left was a little cough!

It's now been a few days and I've continued to pray the chaplet/psalms and take communion and I'm almost completely healed. Our prayers are powerful and definitely work. We should all pray the divine mercy chaplet and receive the Lord in communion, especially if we're sick."

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Check out this channel on YouTube😊😊trust me 👍🏼

Beautiful . 💞💖 #heartdwellers #rhema

"Look at the birds. They don’t plant or harvest or store food in barns, for your heavenly Father feeds them.

And aren’t you far more valuable to him than they are?" - Matthew 6:26 NLT

Write your prayer requests in the comments! We will gladly lift you up in prayer!

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Keep this prayer for it will be of help now and later 🙏🏼

Here's the True Story behind the prayer ( swipe👉🏻)

Mother Clare as you see her name in next slide has a ministry Still Small Voice with her husband and faithful souls that help with messages.
I've been with the ministry for nearly 5 years and thought this prayer be important to keep for everyone in these times... God Bless.
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Seeing the beloveds of his heart and the reward that was justly theirs, he took it and embraces it as his own instead.

Taking it all into his arms, accepting it with a kiss: the Cross of all pains, torments, sufferings, hallucinations, lusts, sins, violence. Just like Barnabas the criminal was freed and Jesus took his place, so did He took the penalty of death belonging to mankind upon himself. Denying himself, picking up his cross, he follows the way up to Calvary. Each bloody step was supposed to be my bloody step, your bloody step. Each open wound was supposed to be my wounds, your wounds. Each thorn of that crown was supposed to deeply piercing my skull, your skull. But God, the Holy Trinity, denied themselves, picked up the cross and went to meet death in our place. 

Father, the example of your Son shines before You as a most fragrant offering for he did this for the least of your creatures, he did it for You so you would have them back and restored by your side forever saved in your busson. Compared to him, our sufferings are but a grain in the sand but this grain of sand you granted it as a gift most precious. Yet how many times do we wish to run away from them? We wish for your comforting blessings and wellbeing on us, but our hearts fear suffering, this fragrance most delicate which draws your heart into deep gratitude when a soul accept it bravely and patiently.

Grant us please a zeal for You and these higher blessings, to endure them faithfully. Forgive us for complaining and wishing them away as soon as possible when pain and problems come into our days. You know our frame and how much each is able to bear with your grace sustaining. Grant us your peace and love that enables us to carry our pains patiently, lifting them and following the example of your Son. To love others as your Son did, so that salvation could come, and be openly accepted by those souls yet lost on earth.

In Jesus's name


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"Your prayers may not stop a soul from dying but it stops them from going to hell.

Your prayers may not stop a young Mother from aborting her child but may soften her heart and at some point, she will repent and not go to hell. Your prayers may not stop an earthquake or a country from being taken over by fraudulent elections but it will remove the curse of seared conscience so many will call upon My Name and seek me in their hour of trial and be saved. So you see, your prayers are for Me to do what I will, according to My good pleasure, to get to My expected end, and not yours. So trust me and know, not one of your prayers or sacrifices is wasted." - God the Father

From Message: None of Your Prayers Have Been Wasted.


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Before a multiple crowd of people, Pilate's words echoo into the open air as a final verdict on Jesus's case; Condemned to death.

By the washing of his hands he hoped to rid himself and avoid any guilt of the pure blood about to be shed to the last drop.... But natural plain water does not wash the Blood of God off of one's guilty hands and conscience. Only the pure blood of God itself could wash that guilt off of a conscience.

The crowd's shout at the news stirred them furthermore to advance with their plan against the King of kings. Truly, they knew not what they were doing.... But all was done for them and their salvation, thought they knew it not.

Father, many times we act and do things that we do not know of, in which results in us condemning Your Son to death; your Son clothed as our neighbor, your Son clothed as your own mother or father, your Son hidden and disguised as a poor person on the street. Him in the image of a child, a woman that we despised and injured, crucifying her to a cross by our foolish words, actions or thoughts.

Forgive us...! Forgive the full extension of our sins, even to the sins of shedding blood, spiritually or physically.

Please, open our eyes, minds, hearts, ears, and enable us by Your mercy and grace to have eyes that See and ears that Hear the groans and cries of these broken people we injure in ignorance or rancor. Enable our hearts and souls to lay down ourselves so they might live and bloom in your healing touch of love, that will be shown to them, through us. For there is no greater proof of love than to lay down one's life for a friend, and You are that friend, disguised as poor people, family members, neighbors, children... Those made in Your image.

In Jesus's name,

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Humility is a vacuum Holy spirit rushes to fill. 💕

Blessed Mother "You see where humility is, there is a certain emptiness that draws down upon itself the most profound blessings of God."
" He cannot resist a humble soul."

"This is what I would choose for you if you were willing. Always seek to be the last, do not give a quick answer in defence of yourself, allow others to finish their sentences, do not work to validate yourselves or defer a possible criticism,
This is not the world, this is a piece of Heaven on earth."

"Please my previous children, do not rush to be on top of things, have it all under control, and be seen as having it all together. Truly, this is the wrong direction for you. Rather be meek, humble, little, slow to speak and gently affirmative with others."

"Be little, be humble, be reverent, and leave the ways of the world on the outside. This is my choice for you beloved ones, deep,deep humility. Humility like that of my son."
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Rosary Miracle Testimony:

"Last October 2020, my cousin ends up having the advanced COVID-19 virus, so she sent me a message to pray for her rosary prayers because she can't breathe correctly, her arms are numbed and she lost her sense of taste and smell and it looked like she's about to pass away.   So later that noon I started praying the rosary, the joyful, sorrowful and glorious mysteries, all repeated 2 more times which totals 9 rosaries which lasted all the way to 10PM from 2PM on the same day, and on 11PM on that day she's completely healed from the COVID-19 virus and she's still alive till this day.  You can also include the luminous mysteries which is optional, I was just praying the original 15 decades rosary for her by way of repeat until she's all healed.  

I also prayed the rosary for my other cousin who had 4th stage cancer last 2017 of January, and she also got completely healed in 3 weeks after praying the rosary, she's also still alive to this day.           

And yesterday [year 2021] I have another cousin, and his 8-year-old daughter, who got hit by the COVID-19 virus. This cousin of mine is very close to me like a big brother, I'm gonna be praying the rosary for them today and I let you guys know if there's gonna be  miracle healings again."

[Updating us, he says] "He got fully cured from delta variant and COVID-19 hybrid virus with pneumonia last month.  After 3 weeks of praying the rosary for him (my aunties and my mom where praying for him too).  It took longer for him to receive a miracle cure maybe because I did not pray the rosary several times a day.  I was just praying the rosary once a day for 3 weeks because I myself is getting allergy and flu symptoms so I get so fatigued daily even now.  The miracle of the rosary again 🙏😊 thanks be to God."

- Rosary Miracle Testimony from a dear Heartdweller, Kyle.

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Even if it be a little matter that troubles you ❤ Let us lift you up in prayer.

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"Obedience is Your Safeguard"

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Visit One of Our Translators Ministry 😊

"Heartdwellers German"

It can be found on YouTube, where messages of both Mother Clare and Mother Mary Elisha are translated and given voice by Katarina, for you ❤ @heartdwellers_german

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"Our Hearts Are United in Mercy"


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