At the recent Asia Kosen-rufu 60th Anniversary and SSA 33rd Kosen-rufu Day Commemorative Meeting, members from the Soka New Century Orchestra presented the song "Crimson Dawn of Peace".

Let's enjoy the video now!
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180 SSA Youth Division members recently presented the song, "Eternal Journey with Sensei" via the

online SSA's meeting held in commemoration of the Soka Gakkai's 90th Founding where 9,000 members participated. This performance was also featured in the Seikyo Shimbun on 8 December 2020. Congratulations to our Youth Division! Let's enjoy their wonderful performance now.
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At the recent SSA's November 18 Commemorative Meeting for the 90th anniversary of the Soka Gakkai

Founding, members from SSA Brass Band performed creatively to the tune "Crimson Dawn of Peace" using various instruments. Let's recap and enjoy the video from our Courageous Musicians!
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Today, let's enjoy a peformance put up by SSA Young Women and Women Division representatives from 9

Regional Headquarters on the song "Forever Sensei", in commemoration of November 25, Soka Women Glorious Victory Day.
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Today, let's learn to sing the Gakkai song - "Crimson Dawn of Peace"!

[Did you know?] This song was originally composed by the Young Men Division (YMD) members of the Shikoku region in Japan in November 1981. At that time, President Ikeda has stepped down as Soka Gakkai President and became its Honorary President, and he was determined to encourage as many members as he could. One of his visits was to the Shikoku Training Centre located at the southwestern part of Japan in November 1981.
In order to show their sincerity in welcoming their mentor, representatives of the Shikoku YMD members wrote this song as a pledge of their conviction to protect the organization and support President Ikeda and members of the Soka Gakkai. When the song was presented to Mr Ikeda, he further revised the lyrics to add greater significance to the song, and later renamed it the ”Song of Scarlet”. Eventually, the “Song of Scarlet” spread throughout Japan and was sung nationwide by the youths as one that encourages all to stand up and bring the Soka Gakkai forward regardless of whatever challenges they may face.
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Today, let's learn to sing the Gakkai song - "Morigasaki Beach".

[Did you know?] This song is based on a poem of the same name written by SGI President Ikeda when he was 19 years old in 1947. It was during the time when Japan was still in a chaotic state following the end of the war. In the void left by the collapse of previously dominant values, many concerned young people devoured literature and philosophy in the bid to quench their spiritual thirst. SGI President Ikeda's friend was also one of these avid readers. The young Ikeda often walked along the shores of Morigasaki with his friend, discussing about life and philosophy. Sometimes, they would compose impromptu poems and recite them to each other. One particular poem on which this song was later composed, was the poem that recounted the days of Mr Ikeda's youth on a beautiful moonlit night where the two young men sat discussing the meaning of life on the seashore of Morigasaki in Omori, Tokyo.
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Today, let's learn to sing the Gakkai song - "Song of Human Revolution"!

[Did you know?] This song was personally composed by SGI President Ikeda 44 years ago in July 1976 during a time when the Soka Gakkai was facing great challenges. He wanted to compose a song that would bring hope and unyielding fighting spirit to the beloved members to overcome whatever adversity that may arise in the course of kosen-rufu. From the moment he resolved to compose this song, President Ikeda had decided it to be titled "Song of Human Revolution", a song of life that would inspire all to build a new humanistic culture and humanism, and one that would communicate President Toda’s profound spiritual awakening of his true identity as a Bodhisattva of the Earth.
Let us sing this song together, arousing courage in our hearts to stand up and fulfil our mission as Bodhisattvas of the Earth through our own human revolution!
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In this month of the World Ikeda Kayokai day, let’s learn and sing the Gakkai Song, "The Vow of Ikeda Kayo-kai".

[Did you know?] “The Vow of Ikeda Kayo-kai” was announced and shared at the 27th Headquarters Leaders Meeting of the New Era which was held at Makiguchi Memorial Hall in Hachioji, Tokyo on March 4, 2009. Then, representatives of the Young Women Division first presented this song that expresses their dedication to a shared vow to advance with the mentor in high spirits.
Today, let us advance with great cheer while singing this song together with fellow youthful disciples around the world!
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Today is Mother's Day!

On this day, we are delighted to share the song "Haha" (i.e "Mother") lovingly put together by youth members of our Soka Chorus, as a tribute to all mothers during this circuit breaker period.👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
[Did you know?] This song was first introduced at a Women Division session held at Soka University in August 1976. It was rewritten as a song based on a long poem entitled “Mother” by SGI President Ikeda in October 1971. He shared, “I wrote this poem in appreciation of the many praiseworthy mothers who are dedicating themselves to countless activities for people’s happiness and peace throughout the world.”
Happy Mother's Day to all our noble Women Division members! 💐🥳❤️
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Today, let's learn to sing the Gakkai song - "Youth with a Noble Vow"!

[Did you know?] This song “Youth with a Noble Vow” with lyrics by SGI President Ikeda, was presented at the 5th Soka Gakkai Headquarters Leaders Meeting of the New Era of Worldwide Kosen-rufu celebrating May 3, Soka Gakkai Day and Soka Gakkai Mothers’ Day, held at the Toda Memorial Auditorium in Tokyo, on 19 April 2014.
Explaining his thoughts behind the song in his essay “The Song of Human Victory”, Mr Ikeda said: “A youth dedicated to the vow of kosen-rufu can spread boundless and eternal hope. As my mentor Josei Toda said, the sight of our members singing songs resonating with fresh vigor is a sign of the Soka Gakkai’s triumphant future development."
Towards the significant May 3 Soka Gakkai Day this Sunday, let's learn to sing this song with renewed resolve for kosen-rufu!
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Let's learn and sing Gakkai songs together - introducing: "Song of Indomitable Dignity”.

[Did you know?] This year marks the 65th year of the birth of this song, composed by a Kyoto Men Division member in 1955. This song was born out of the Kyoto members’ unwavering spirit of faith, and could be described as an important part of the history of the kosen-rufu movement. When the Kyoto Chapter was inaugurated, it was made the Chapter song, and the members singing it proudly and vigorously, went on to make their new Chapter the first in propagation in the nation. This sparked the enthusiasm of members across Japan. Link in bio.
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I AM THAT ONE DISCIPLE.... At the NHR study at Bhopal2

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Let's learn and sing Gakkai songs together - introducing, "Youth, Scale the Mountain of Kosen-rufu of the 21st Century"!

SGI President Ikeda composed a poem "Youth, Scale the Mountain of Kosen-rufu of the 21st Century" in Oita Prefecture, Kyushu, on December 10, 1981, and presented it to the members of the Soka Gakkai Youth Division. The poem was filled with his intent to fully entrust the future of kosen-rufu to the youth. Since then, this song which has been born from the feature poem, has been sung widely in all SGI countries. Link in bio.
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Sa March 20 na at 10 pm Ipapalabas ang Aja Aja Tayo sa Jeju.
Часть 2
Мы сами создаем себе "Орел и решка"

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New video is here ! Check it out! Link is in my bio! Enjoy!
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Film : Midnight University (2016)
Good news!

We are planning to re-open both studios on June 15th.
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