BERTIEN VAN MANEN, Archive 1970-2021 will be on view @enter___enter , starting today until November 28, 2021.

The exhibition at includes all of her books, alongside unique material from her archive, brought together by @hans.gremmen , who worked with @bertienvanmanen on her the latest publication 'ARCHIVE' (2021), published by @mack_books.⁠

30 October - 28 November,2021⁠
ENTER ENTER, Nieuwe Herengracht 11, Amsterdam⁠
Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, 1-5 pm. ⁠
Hosted by @roma.publications @fw.books⁠
Supported by @afk020 Amsterdam Fund for the Arts⁠
→more info at the link in bio⁠

Bertien van Manen, Tbilisi - Masha, Gana and Irina after the bath, 1993⁠

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It was a Sunday morning in Bliss when I consumed the first alcoholic beverage of my life.

I was seated alone at a table in the Bliss Saloon and the bartender, known only as Cndrlla, served me the bottle of beer I ordered. I left with the bottle, and wanting to honor the occasion with Cndrlla, worked with a glassblower to reshape it into the form of a glass slipper.

Working with @hans.gremmen on the design for “This Is Bliss” was an unexpectedly generative experience for me. After spending time with his early drafts for the book, new ideas emerged that sent me back into the studio to produce new pieces specifically for the book, one of which is the first image pictured here. “Cndrlla and the Glass Slipper” has multiple generations, the first being the object itself, the second a photogram diptych including a short narrative detailing my time spent in the Bliss Saloon, and lastly, this new image produced for the book, soon to be published by @yoffypress and @fw.books.

Pre-order and Kickstarter information in my bio. Almost 85% funded!

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My Japan
Issei Suda
Published by Fw: Books
Edited by Anne Ruygt

Designed by Ayumi Higuchi
Texts by Frits Gierstberg
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The Living Mountain, Awoiska Van Der Molen
24 x 29 cm
48 pages

Soft cover
Designed by Hans Gremmen

This is the third publication in which Awoiska probes deeply into the essence of the remote unspoiled natural worlds where her images are created. The book is published alongside the music composition “The Living Mountain“ written by Thomas Larcher as composer-in-residence at the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam (2019-2020). The music piece draws inspiration from photographs that Awoiska made for Larcher in the mountains of his native Tirol (Austria). The monochrome landscapes are combined with reproductions of Larcher’s scores and remnants. The title for both the composition and this book is taken from Nan Shepherd’s book of poetic prose on the Cairngorms mountains that she wrote in 1942 and which was first published in 1977. Awoiska van der Molen: ‘Regardless of how personal the starting point of my work may be, in the end I hope my images touch the strings of a universal knowledge, something lodged in our bodies, our guts, an intuition that reminds us of where we came from ages ago. A memory of our core existence, our bedrock, unyielding certainty in a very precarious world’.
- From the publisher’s website

Just under 24 hours and “This Is Bliss” is 35% funded! Thank you to everyone for the early support.

The campaign is also featured on the Kickstarter homepage as a “Project We Love”.

Pictured here is “Horse and Snake”, a spread from the upcoming book by @yoffypress and @fwbooks.
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Today is the launch day for the fundraising campaign to support my first book. Co-published by @yoffypress and @fw.books , designed by @hans.gremmen , the book is 280 pages, 11.8" x 9.5" / 24x30 cm, Softcover with cloth spine.

After putting seven years of energy into this project, I couldn’t be happier with how this book has turned out. I appreciate any and all support you might be able to send its way. There are a variety of rewards at all points of access, many of which will only be made available during the run of this campaign.

Please help the campaign achieve some early momentum if you are in a position to do so. And please share with anyone who might be interested. Thank you all for the continued support!
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Highly perusable selection of books @stedelijkmuseum.

On view through 30 October.
Loved the cover of the Moengo! book by Roosje Verschoor. The book shows the past and the present of the post-colonial and post-industrial town of Moengo (Suriname) through photos taken by eleven young residents of Moengo in collaboration with visual artist Roosje Verschoor.
Also liked:
Encampment Wyoming by Lora Webb Nichols, design by Hans Gremmen.
The living Mountain by Awoiska van der Molen, design by Hans Gremmen.
Wicked Art Assignments by Emiel Heijnen & Melissa Bremmer, design by Laura Pappa
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OUTS available for preorder! Link in bio!

For this publication, the editors of SKYLARK EDITIONS asked 70 artists to provide us with a photograph which didn’t fit into any of their projects, their OUT, but remained compelling for them nonetheless. Using the 1978 text Brief Notes on the Art and Manner of Arranging One’s Books by George Perec, publishing partner and book designer Hans Gremmen of Fw:Books embraced the challenge of sequencing these 70 disparate images resulting in a truly unique object. OUTS includes individual 4.5x6” artist’s cards and an accompanying book - a design that creates new relationship pairings that are printed using gold ink on black paper, an ode to honoring these outliers.


72 Images

136 pages

9.25 x 6.75 inches

ISBN: 978-80-831658-0-6

Artists Included:

Ron Jude, Melanie Schiff, Cecil McDonald, Jr., Carolyn Drake, Delaney Allen, Pixy Liao, Daniel W. Coburn, Geert Goiris, Jo Ann Callis, John Divola, Joshua Lutz, Christian Patterson, KayLynn Deveney, Joshua Dudley Greer, Lise Sarfati, Alec Soth, Eirik Johnson, Andrea Modica, Justin James Reed, Lisa Kereszi, Bryan Schutmaat, Barbara Diener, Carlos Javier Ortiz, Amy Stein, Kenneth Josephson, Irina Rozovsky, Tina Barney, Terry Evans, Alex Webb, Bob Thall, Rebecca Norris Webb, David Taylor, Mark Klett, Tim Davis, Mike Slack, David Hilliard, Melissa Ann Pinney, Yann Gross, Shane Lavalette, Elinor Carucci, Doug DuBois, Jim Goldberg, Tod Papageorge, Susan Meiselas, Mark Steinmetz, Alex Prager, Fred Huening, Jay Wolke, Laurie Simmons, Paul Shambroom, Brian Ulrich, Erik Kessels, Richard Renaldi, Birthe Piontek, David Rothenberg, Natalie Krick, Shawn Bush, Colleen Plumb, Pieter Hugo, David Johnson, Jason Vaughn, Kristine Potter, Jon Horvath, Katharina Bosse, Joy Drury Cox, Amy Elkins, Andres Gonzalez, Guillaume Simoneau, Mimi Plumb, and Ed Panar.

Artist cards pictured here: @renaldiphotos @andresvgonzalez @littlebrownmushroom @paul_shambroom

@skylarkeditions @fw.books
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Stephan Keppel / Soft Copy Hard Copy



Fw: Books / 224ページ / ハードカバー / 300 x 220 mm / 9789490119911 / 2020年

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Witho Worms - Cette Montagne, C'est Moi (2012, Fw:Books)

"'Cette Montagne, C’est Moi’ is about me. Translated literally, it means ‘This mountain that’s me’. It was initially an association of image and meaning that led to the subject matter. The carbon in coal is the same carbon referred to in carbon printing. Carbon printing is a photographic printing process that is excellently suited for reproducing dark tones.
For this project I developed a variation on the carbon printing process, a photographic printing technique from the 19th century. I took a bit of coal from every mountain I photographed. I then ground this coal into a pigment that I used to make photographic paper. I used this paper to make a print of a mountain with the coal originating from that mountain. In other words, the object of the photo, the mountain, has become one with the subject of the photo, the print itself."
– Witho Worms

New in the store, the very rare "Cette Montagne, C'est Moi". Some incredible work where there is as much emphasis on the photography as there is on the design and production. This copy is signed by Worms in white pencil. Published by @fw.books and designed by @hans.gremmen. For more details on the book check the website or go to the link in bio!

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Dit weekend verschijnt het nieuwe boek van fotograaf Raimond Wouda, over het 100-jarige bestaan van Tuindorp Oostzaan.

De expo Thuis in de stad. 100 jaar Tuindorp Oostzaan is tot januari te zien in het @stadsarchief. Voor het artikel in @nrcnl zie link in bio.
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Springs And Wells
Stanley Greenberg, James Reuel Smith
Published by Fw:Books

Designed by Hans Gremmen
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Posted @withregram • @ideabooksnl 🙏

The Paris Photo ( @parisphotofair )-Aperture Foundation ( @aperturefnd ) PhotoBook Awards celebrate the photobook's contributions to the evolving narrative of photography, with three major categories: First PhotoBook, PhotoBook of the Year, and Photography Catalogue of the Year. ❤📚📷

“This year’s submissions faced more than eighteen months of unprecedented production challenges and the uncertainty of another important element in bookmaking—the ability of artists, publishers, and their collaborators to come together,” observed juror Sonel Breslav. “It’s inspiring to witness the resilience of these artists, subjects, and communities."
A final jury will gather at Paris Photo this November to select the winners for all three categories. From there, the shortlisted and winning titles will be profiled in The PhotoBook Review and exhibited in Paris, New York, and tour internationally thereafter.

We are proud to represent these shortlisted:

• First PhotoBook

▪️Wiosna van Bon | Family Stranger | @eriskayconnection , Breda, Netherlands

▪️Luke Le | What are you looking for? | @perimeterbooks , Melbourne, Australia

▪️Jana Hartmann | Mastering the Elements | @eriskayconnection , Breda, Netherlands

• PhotoBook of the Year

▪️Lora Webb Nichols | Encampment, Wyoming | @fw.books , Amsterdam

• Photography Catalogue of the Year

▪️What They Saw: Historical Photobooks by Women, 1843–1999 | Russet Lederman and Olga Yatskevich, eds. | @10x10photobooks , New York

The 2021 PhotoBook Award winners will be announced during Paris Photo on Friday, November 12, 2021.

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Graphic designer, publisher and artist Hans Gremmen ( @hans.gremmen ) has a special interest in the grandeur of the American landscape.

For the contemporary explorer that he is there is plenty of space left to discover, especially the sense of romance of the mid-nineteenth century expeditions expanding westwards, whose reports about railway construction resulted in a near-tangible ‘historical sensation’. Seen in this light it comes as no surprise that Gremmen focused on an exemplary painting by Thomas Moran, for his project Lookout Point, The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone. In 1869 Moran was asked to illustrate for the public one of the early expeditions to Yellowstone. He made drawings on the basis of descriptions without having ever been to Yellowstone himself. His idealized depiction of Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone (1872), painted in his hometown of Newark, nevertheless proved decisive in the designation of Yellowstone as national park, by the authorities who had no doubts about the authenticity of this picture. Gremmen’s project, in line with this infectious form of falsification of history, playfully comments on Moran’s apparent contempt for a true-to-life rendering and the way in which he seduced his audience. Employing a far-reaching reproduction process — commissioning various commercial Chinese oil painters to repaint reproduction upon reproduction —, Gremmen brings into sharp focus questions surrounding fiction and reality and the ‘seeing’ and ‘seen‘.

Published by @fw.books

Come read in-store - 13 Stanton St NYC
Available to purchase online, link in bio

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New Titles!

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Entre Entree - Stephan Keppel published by FW:Books (2014) #stephankeppel #fwbooks #hansgremmen #photobook #dutchphotobook #photobooks #dutchphotography

Encampment, Wyoming, Lora Webb Nichols
21.5 x 28 cm
208 pages

32 pages with silver ink on black paper
Designed by Hans Gremmen
Texts by Nancy F. Anderson & Nicole Jean Hill

“Encampment, Wyoming: Selections from the Lora Webb Nichols Archive 1899-1948“ features Nichols’ own work and the images by amateur photographers she collected in the early 20th century as the proprietor of a photofinishing business in southern Wyoming. Culled from over 24,000 photographs, the book provides a dynamic visual window into the social, domestic, and economic aspects of the American Western frontier and captures an elusive sense of place through the images of this community of friends, families, and strangers.
- From the publisher’s website

Concrete Doesn’t Burn, Bertrand Cavalier
24 x 29.5 cm

160 pages
Duotone photographs
Design by Hans Gremmen

Bertrand Cavalier investigates how political upheaval becomes visible in the urban landscape and how this affects the lives of the people who live in it. He photographs places that have been marked by armed conflicts in the past. For inhabitants, this is often no more than the backdrop against which they live their lives. However, politics have a way of subliminally impacting on people’s habits and dictating behaviour. By photographing the townspeople in their own context, Cavalier reveals their true connection with their environment.
- From the publisher’s website

Issei Suda - My Japan
17 x 20.5 cm
144 pages

Duotone + colour photographs
Text by Frits Gierstberg
Design by Ayumi Higuchi
Edited by Anne Ruygt

For Issei Suda (1940–2019), photography was a means to document the ordinary and reveal the extraordinary. Traditional country festivals were a favourite subject, but he also saw theatre in Tokyo’s street life. Suda had a talent for square format compositions and is known for the technical perfection of his black-and-white prints as well as for his unique and surrealistic visual style. “Issei Suda – My Japan“ is an introduction to his life’s work, from the 1960s until the publication of his final book in 2018. It includes rarely seen photographs from his early stage photographer days for the avant-garde theatre troupe Tenjo Sajiki, and iconic series, such as “Fushi Kaden“ and “Waga Tokyo 100“. In the interview included in this book, Suda called every photograph his favourite: “For me, they work together as a photographic album that reflects myself and my times.”
- From the publisher’s website

I'm very excited to be working on a new book of photographic works titled Stick Holding Branch together with @fw.books:

@hans.gremmen and @petrastavast. It was wonderful to finally be working in person again. Can't wait for it to be finished! :)

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#Repost @postpoetics with @make_repost
Restocked! 📚

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Out now! Culture of Creation published by @satyendra_pakhale #design #architecture #bookstructure #threebooksinabook #satyendrapakhalé #satyendrapakhale #cultureofcreation #book #nai010

Restocked! 📚

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Thank you all of you who have been continuously, supporting and participating on the
Selamat Hari Pahlawan 10 November 2021

~Bangsa yang tidak percaya kepada kekuatan dirinya sebagai suatu bangsa, tidak dapat berdiri sebagai suatu bangsa yang merdeka.
Dr. Alan Gaby’s Nutritional Medicine textbook is a phenomenal resource for Naturopathic doctors and students.
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La pollada sigue creciendo, hoy tuvieron visita!! 🐓 🆚 🐍,
Zoilo Farm Cuernavaca Mor. 🇲🇽
Round antique cypress top table with four pressed back chairs.
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Best Adventure Company.

Surprise who you love with our holiday gift sets.
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Seematti Been Kannan Bridal Show 2018

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I am too addicted to this musical

You can find it on #youtube or #skydisney
Let’s talk Smartship and why it’s freaking important!
Is typing...
[19th November 2017]
•Don't let this be our final song•
Do you guys like Rimuru? I think he’s a fun character! 😁🤣
This episode brothers Joab and Isaac sat with me and we talked about "Dia de los muertos or Day of
Promotion wax ตามใจฉันรอบนี้ขอนำเสนอตัวนี้ครับ Wolfgang DGPS ราคาเท่าเดิมครับ เริ่มวันศุกร์นี้ครับ