di Mohamed Diab
Un film che getta luce su un fenomeno sconosciuto, quello dei bambini concepiti col seme dei padri carcerati.

“Amira rappresenta un’esplorazione microcosmica della divisione e della xenofobia che regnano nel mondo odierno e in Medio Oriente.
Nel dipanare la questione dell’identità della protagonista, il film vuole sollevare la questione se l’odio nasca spontaneo o venga coltivato”
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Jummah Mubarak from Al-Quds the capital of Palestine!🇵🇸✌️

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There seems to be a misconception that because you’re not living in what THEY think is JUST a war torn country- that you aren’t affected.

That once you leave and your children are born in a ‘safe’ country- your troubles are over.

This is a photo of me at my Henna/wedding party earlier this year. My family held this party for me to somehow celebrate my wedding- which at that point was cancelled due to COVID. We had wanted to have it a year earlier but my husband, his family and my family, all with their Palestinian passports were not so free to travel. We waited for a time where we could somehow get everyone together then COVID hit.

So the women in my family, came together to make the dawali, the tabouleh, the maneesh, knafeh and cakes.

My friends and cousins pulled together to decorate my aunt’s back verandah, to bring me THEIR dresses and jewelry to share. My cousin did my hair and make up. My guy cousins helped to clean and clear the house.

The groom stuck unable to enter Australia easily on a Palestinian passport. My father in isolation to protect his health. My sister in Italy. My brother in isolation waiting for test results. My uncle Yousef (my 2nd dad) not allowed to travel.

I stood on the stairs holding back my tears. Dressed in a cousin’s wedding thoub. My uncle Jumaa’s abaya from hajj (اللة يرحمه). The 3gal (gold rope), my mum had made for her wedding and my aunty’s gold. My mama holding my hand.

I thought of all the women in Palestine who had had the occupation impact their weddings- a brother killed, a checkpoint closure, soldiers telling them to turn off their music and take down their flags. Their thoubs shredded and destroyed at checkpoints, their final goodbyes to family whispered at checkpoints, not knowing when they would see them again.

I looked down the stairs where Teta was waiting for me- hand outstretched. Her eyes glittering, the way they do when she’s happy. I heard the women singing for me and I realized, that for me, this was the perfect wedding after all. We did what Falastiniyas do- make the best of every situation to embrace our loved ones and ease their sorrows.

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Lav noget salat og yoghurt til (natural yoghurt)
Bon appetit 🍴

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you need to start
your life, you
gotta start believing

that your morning
commute is cute
and fun. that every
cup of coffee is the
best you've ever had.
that even the smallest
and most mundane
things are exiting
and new. you have to,
because thats when
you start truly living,
thats when you look
forward to every day. -falastinniya
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Walking through the fair = Exploring new faces and smells some good some bad, but all will stick in your mind for years to come.

The loved one you are with will forever be at the fair with uou

That horrible date = a funny story you will be able to tell your friends for years to come, and. I'm sure you learned something

That cup of coffee = Take in the smell and how that first sip made made you feel. Let it feel your soul with excitement and get you ready to crush the day
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FILL IN THE BLANK & CAPTION THIS! 🖤 When your ______ calls you telling you that ________________?

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تذكر أنه في بعض الأحيان لا تحصل على ما تريد هو ضربة حظ رائعة 📿

“Remember that sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stoke of luck.”
The thing is - she wasn’t wrong.

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New shipment of Makaio Ukuleles just arrived.. Baritones, Mahogany models and more electrics as well.
Necesitas internet movil para emprender e impulsar tu negocio conoce los nuevos planes y servicios
Completed HOOOGE Triple Stryke!!!
🌵 Happy Monday lovelies x

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It’s hard work to try dishes for our Festive Christmas menu. 😅
Motivation Monday!
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Anime: My Hero Academia
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|| 🚩Bank OCBC NISP, Tbk - MCP MALANG ||
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Prior to joining Miss Universe Philippines, Ramona [ @monayamat ] worked as a Flight Attendant for
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Got home to @iahhouston Monday night and the wonderful @sasstulli was my @uber I saw a
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TW Trail Light 16" with no horn, Trail lined fenders, butterfly skirt.  2 years old serial 3922