We'll see you soon ;)
New Arrivals! Holiday Lavender & Rosemary Topiary's, Cyclamen, and Thanksgiving Cactus's!

Cool plants you'll love, Wandering Bubblegum, Sansevieria LaRubia, & Kalanchoe Robbie. #dickmanfarmsgardencenter #dickmanfarms

We’re getting closer! #dickmanfarms #dickmanfarmsgardencenter

Locally grown by Dickman Farms- over 90,000 Poinsettias ❤️!

Getting ready for the holidays #dickmanfarmsgardencenter #dickmanfarms

#dickmanfarmsgardencenter #dickmanfarms

I first encountered Masquerade Peppers at Cornell Gardens.

Every moment painting this magical plant from life is 🔥

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An incredible story of mother nature’s beauty, featuring colors that warm your spirit, and plants that inspire the love of fall.

#dickmanfarmsgardencenter #dickmanfarms

Welcome September!
It’s time to decorate for Fall ❤️ #dickmafarmsgardencenter #dickmanfarms

Shake off the rain! Here comes the sun ☀️and our

NEW ARRIVALS ❤️just in time for an early fall planting. Pow Wow White & Pow Wow Wild Berry Echinacea. Great for pollinators 🦋 , awesome cut flowers for a bouquet and loves the sun ☀️
We’ll see you soon
#dickmanfarmsgardencenter #dickmanfarms

Did someone say DAHLIAS?
Hurry in and stock up on your patio or porch for July 4th! 🇺🇸

Garden Center Hours
Mon.-Fri. 9am-6pm
Sat. 9am-5pm
Sun. July 4th 10am-3pm
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Georgia Peach Truck is coming! Walk up sales might sell out, so pre-order online!

Swipe for details
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CORRECTION to flyer: FRIDAY July 30th 12pm-1:30pm, not Sunday 😊

Now is the perfect time to plant #tomatoes ! Get a jumpstart with our XL Tomatoes with Cage, on special through June 13.

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Philodendron ‘Lickety Split’

While Philodendron Swiss Cheese may get all the attention on Instagram and Houzz, there are dozens of other varieties of Philodendron that are unique in their own ways. One of our favorites is Philodendron ‘Lickety Split’ for its glossy, deeply toothed leaves. The splits along the leaf edges resemble fingers or antlers, sea coral, or even frisee lettuce, adding architectural and textural interest to any outdoor patio or indoor aesthetic. Cut a leaf or two and experiment with adding it to your summer bouquets or as a standalone in a slender vase. It’s funky, it’s cool, so come pick one up ‘Lickety Split’!

‘Lickety Split’ is as resilient as other Philodendron cousins and is a good choice for vacationers, as it will not mind a missed watering or two and tolerates short periods of neglect or low light. Keep soil evenly moist and feed once a month with Jack’s Houseplant Fertilizer once a month.

Pairs Well With…
ZZ Plant
Boston Fern

Plant & Pet Family Tip
Keep your plants and pets happy by keeping Philodendron ‘Lickety Split’ out of reach from cats and dogs. Placing on top of a side table or outside on a patio will help keep harmony in the home. For more information on plants and pets, visit www.aspca.org.

#dickmanfarmsgardencenter #dickmanfarms

STUNNING Daylilies add drama to your backyard and garden. Sun lovers that attract butterflies!

Look for these and many more new arrivals at Dickman Farms. We’ll see you soon! Photos courtesy of Centerton Nursery. #dickmanfarmsgardencenter #dickmanfarms

Aaah, the sweet scent of Lavender ❤️. The aroma is a favorite and has many possible benefits for your well being.

Available in Munstead, Grosso, Hidcote Blue and Phenomenal varieties. Garden Center Hours
Mon.-Sat. 9am-6pm
Sun. 9am-5pm
Mon. May 31 Memorial Day
9am-5pm #dickmanfarmsgardencenter #dickmanfarms

Decorate your porch, deck or patio! Super pretty flowers combinations are ready to go!

#dickmanfarmsgardencenter #dickmanfarms

Garden Center Hours
Mon.-Sat. 9am-6pm
Sun. 9am-5pm
Mon. May 31, Memorial Day-9am-5pm

Colors that inspire a palette of flowers! Let your creativity flow with gorgeous annuals for you flowering containers and landscape beds.

#dickmanfarmsgardencenter #dickmanfarms

Thrillers, Fillers, and Spillers

When searching for annuals this spring to fill your patio containers, hanging baskets, and window boxes, look to the same strategy our Custom Potting Designers use every day at Dickman Farms. The Thriller, Filler, Spiller trio will ensure your designs look as polished, chic, and colorful as those made by the pros.

Thrillers – like the name suggests, thrillers are your showstopper elements to any planting. They likely have some feature that is eye catching – vibrant foliage – or serves as a focal point or architectural element – tall stature or movement – to a design. Great examples are Geraniums, Grasses, and Coleus.

Fillers – these are the body of any combination planter or window box. Fillers follow their name by utilizing their size and spread to occupy the otherwise void space in a design. Adding Fillers will make your container look instantly full and lush. Look to Begonias, Million Bells, and upright growing varieties of Petunias and Verbena to fit this bill.

Spillers – no design is complete without a cascading plant that drapes over the edge of a container. These plants are low growing and have a trailing nature to their growth habit, easily filling the otherwise blank edges of a container to complete the look. Any plant with a loose, draping habit will work, like Ivy or Wave Petunias. #dickmanfarmsgardencenter #dickmanfarms

New Arrivals BIRDBATHS! Our feathery friends would love to take a dip! ❤️
Pollinator Week

June 21-27 2021
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Must Have!! Create your green space with these super cool & unique plants!

❤️ #dickmanfarmsgardencenter #dickmanfarms

Aaaah, We’ll see you soon. #dickmanfarmsgardencenter #dickmanfarms

It may be a lil’ dreary outside but

FEEL the FLOWER POWER and pick up some gorgeous tropical blooms for Mom! #dickmanfarmsgardencenter #dickmanfarms

#dickmanfarmsgardencenter #dickmanfarms

A Mom’s Joy is sharing, caring & loving all living things.

Dickman Farms beautiful plants are a timeless tradition that bring endless delight to Mom on Mother’s Day and everyday. We are grateful that we can share our gorgeous flowers with you, your family and friends. Thank you from all of us at Dickman Farms Greenhouses & Garden Center.
Happy Mother’s Day!

Garden Center Hours
Monday- Saturday 9am-6pm,
Sunday 9am-5pm
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Roses are here!! #dickmanfarmsgardencenter #dickmanfarms

Leggere ti cambia la vita!
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I'm glad i got everyone in on the photo. I truly hope you enjoyed your alpaca walking experience @han.edds at Garth Hall Farm.
New Iaito for Kinran !! ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓
De doorzichtige beugel of Orthocaps🤩

Orthocaps zijn doorzichtige uitneembare hoesjes die zorgen voor het corrigeren van de tandstand.
Natur 📷photos

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#GetVaccinated at one of our statewide Georgia vaccination sites this week.
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YEEEEEEEESSS GOT MY CORGI SLEEVES LMAO #magicthegathering #tcg #tcgplayer #cardsleeves #inkedplaymats
Mitä jos jossain vaiheessa viikonloppua laittaisi lempimusiikin soimaan, kaataisi lasiin punaviiniä ja tekisi höyryävän kattilallisen kurpitsakeittoa?
Arcade Female version ❤️
Lots of squash this year so starting to get a little squash-drunk 🤪
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Signature Andhra Prawn Fry!
Skater kook available to tattoo.
Took a best offer of 300 on this. Sad to see it go but I love to see the money💰
The third Destroyers
Never go anywhere without a knife 🔪
Brad Guigar joins The Adam Messer Show live today 4-5p EST on @wruu_107.5_savannah (Wruu.org).
Bistro Guillaume

Lockdown restrictions lifted and this dinner was so delicious.