I woke up to the energy of my #AngkorEmpire ancestors who are with us for Revere's 'Juan' candidate @juanforrep who has brought our ancestors ♥ from the diaspora to each canvass and more!

So much love to my fellow amazing Asian American sisters in service:

First MA #KhmerAmerican woman State Representative Vanna Howard @vannakhimhoward
Boston City Councillor @wutrain
Wakefield City Councillor @mehreennb
And fellow North Shore leader Helina Fontes


Happy Happy Happy Bornday 🎂 to my ❤ Sarath

You make 40 look as beautiful as you inside and out.

In our teens we thought we knew everything and ran into the world to be the change we want to see.

In our twenties we rocked the world and built a lasting foundation for generations to come.

In our thirties we found self-reflection and strengthened our love and power near and far.

Now you start another decade with so much more to learn, live, and love.

Here's to 40 and continued growth, family, travels, strength, and wealth❣


What's paradise without a visit from the bestie? #RevereBeach2PlayaTeco #Besties #SabbaticalSarath #SonOfAngkor #DaughterOfKambuja

#MovementForward #DaughterOfKambuja heart is home. -

I'm being my authentic and sober self. I started from the bottom and now I'm here. Full circle from #Boston #SanFrancisco #Thailand #Cambodia #Mynamar #India and back to #Revere -

My grandparents moved to the Boston area in the late 1970's from Mumbai. They would visit #RevereBeach often because it reminded them of home, #JuhuBeach -

After a visit with my parents to Revere Beach in early 1987, they drove around the city and came across the home we continue to love and live in today.I remember the many times I would run into them on the MBTA bus as a teen. They didn't always come over but always found a way to the beach. -

I'm still in search for what makes me complete, but I know I'm getting closer. Over the past month I've done a lifetime of soul and spiritual reflection to help me grow into my next phase. I'm going to continue to sing, stare into oceans, have my feet touch the Earth, keep my heart open, stand with my community and in my power. -


I miss you #Pondicherry ! You will always be in my heart. This is not goodbye but see you later.

I've always wanted to go to this Mangrove Forest and I finally did in Pichavarum. It's the second largest in the world. I've dreamt of it on so many occasions and I can't believe I was here.

I've been dancing and praying as Mahakali with the Hindu Gods of Vishnu, Shiva, and Ganesh. I celebrated the Tamil Nadu Festival of Lights with my newest friend Laxmi the elephant at Ganesh's Temple under a full moon!

I ate one of the biggest dosas ever, my favorite food.

I have accomplished so much adventure, blissfulness, and enlightenment to my heart and souls desire.

#SoloTravels #HeartHeadDeep
#DaughterOfKambuja is home

I've been #LivingAndLovingMyBestLife these past few days in #Pondicherry.

I had only read about here in books growing up. The many times my family and I have traveled to India, we've never come to the South. Here I am finally in this magical place being freed, being me, and finding my truth and power on my #SoloTravels -

The best way to taste and eat food is with my hands.

Shoes are not needed. My feet have embraced the hot and cool Earth it's red dirt and brown sands.

My hair, eyes, and skin have met the fountain of youth and my beauty.

I'm at peace and tranquility walking aimlessly in the divine place of Auroville, on French colonial streets, and seashores that close in the evenings for pedestrians, entertainment, shopping, and to enjoy natures sights and sounds.

I gave offerings and held a pooja in my family's name and honor at a 1,000 year old sacred site devoted to Shiva with 4 separate 7 storey towers. As I left the central temple, a 🕊️ dove left luck and blessings on my hands that I've prayed 🙏🏾 with on this month long journey.

I'm one with and am Kali Ma, the Goddess of Time, Creation, Preservation, Destruction and Power. I've become Mahakali in being at my highest consciousness, realizing the basis of my reality, and existence.

#DaughterOfKambuja has arrived home.

I made an album of today's sunrise, sunset, moon, and temples in between. Highlights are below.

Check out the full album here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/XPpbWfSfQLwk6YZp8

#DaughterOfKambuja meets

I'm in #Bagan #Myanmar
I initially planned to go to big cities like Kuala Lumpur and Singapore.

But after being in Bangkok and Phnom Penh, I'm done with the big cities and its horrendous traffic, skyscrapers, development, and gentrification.

I'm enjoying the limited tech access, nature, kindness, ancient history, and moving slow.

I met a few people from here during these recent Thailand travels and took it as a sign to come and explore. I'm looking forward to what the next few days will bring.

I never thought I could be a solo female traveler. But #YOLO

I can't be afraid, but I can be cautious.
I can travel alone to places I've never been before. I don't speak the language, but I'm learning. I don't know how to get around, but maps help. I don't know anyone, but I'm making new friends.

This type of traveling is forcing me out of my comfort zone and to learn to meet new people and see new things.

It's perfect.

#DaughterOfKambuja meets the #KingdomOfPagan

The squad left a few days ago and I have remained. I love the Kingdom of Wonder, but now on to the next chapter of my journey and to uncharted territory, the Kingdom of Pagan.


For the past 20 years, we talked about coming to Cambodia together and here we came home.
We traveled from the Gates of Victory to the Mountain of Joy and all the rice fields in between.

We danced with Apsaras with royalty from as far as Ghana.

We traveled ancient paths with the wind blowing cooling our faces and the country's beautiful red earth covering us from head to toe like the daily rays of sun from riding in windowless tuk tuk's.

We cleansed under the Gods sacred waterfalls and carved stones.

We prayed to the Gods on top of mountains and received blessings of strength and protection.

We danced the night away, floating on a pontoon, under the stars and Moon in an ancient temples moat filled with lotus flowers.

We drank our bellies full of the freshest and sweetest coconuts, fresh squeezed orange juice, and fruit smoothies.

We ate until our bellies were full of num banh chok, kuchay, kathiew, rice, and noodles.

We picked and ate baby sour mangoes, passion fruit, the juiciest watermelons, pineapples and more.
We have so many memories to cherish.

Friendships of a lifetime are family forever.


Today a few of us reunited at the KVAO/Returnee Integration Support Center, RISC which I helped start in 2005.

I left feeling like I left #Cambodia in 2008 too soon and a fire that I thought was put out reignited deep inside. I remember now why I shouldn't have left, but why I did. We remembered a lot today... -

We remembered Pastor Cady and all he did for other's especially us #deported.

We remembered the first groups of #deportees that arrived in the early 2000's.

We remembered the last few groups of deportees that arrived in the last couple of years.

We remembered all that have been deported and the one's that will arrive in the next few weeks.

We remembered the blood, sweat, tears, and lives lost in the years of building RISC.

We remembered the #refugee lives of the deported in a country many never stopped foot in.

We remembered what Cambodia was when the first groups arrived and how its fast paced development is rushing the past that many are still trying to heal from to live in its unknown future.

We remembered all the people, families, communities, we've fought and loved with and for, to keep us united.

We remembered 20 years of the Cambodian anti-deportation movement, the returns, and now the come backs we thought never would or could happen.

Today, I remembered after too long how the #Khmer community took me in and raised me when the Indian community didn't know what to do with me. I remember why I returned and why I'm the #DaughterOfKambuja
We remember. I remember. Remember.

#AngkorWat #SiemReap #KingdomOfWonder #Cambodia

I've collected my precious cargo in Oakland, AKA @alchemistjules and now we are off on the next part of the journey!

Stay tuned it's going to be a worldly.

From the campus of Hofstra University where we first met, to the streets of NYC, Providence, RI and Revere, to the humidity of Miami, the Las Vegas desert heat, and now the art and social justice roots of Oakland, this 20 year friendship is so strong.

Have a blessed Pchum Ben "Ancestors Day" - A 15-day Cambodian religious festival.

On this day many Cambodians pay respect to 7 generations of ancestors.
In Revere, our Buddhist Temple - Wat Ratanarangsey - is full of activity today with many paying respect through ceremonies and making food-offerings.

#PchumBen #Khmer #LoveLivesHere #RevereForEveryone #OneRevere


Food brings people together and allows for conversations about cultures, commonalities, and differences.

Monday night my friend's Karo, Jan, Neelix, and I had the pleasure to meet 19 acrobatics performers from @pharecambodiancircus in #Battambang #Cambodia , at the Community Screening of their documentary on how the play "See You Yesterday" came to life "The suffering of the Khmer Rouge through dance". Thank you to #Revere businesses @battambangkhmermarket and Thmor Da restaurant for all the Cambodian food my friend Vanny and I dropped off to the performers tonight. We delivered fresh mangos to tiger tears and a lot of other dishes in between.

This group of performers are in #Boston , the only stop of the international "See You Yesterday" tour, working hard to put on an amazing show and heading right back to Cambodia after the final show on Sunday night.
They can't get away from their tight schedule to visit the thriving Cambodian American communities in Revere, Lynn, Lowell, Fall River, and Providence. Tonight, thanks to the love of community we brought our friends food to remind them of home away from home.

The documentary brought tears and hope, the acrobatic performance play will bring both and so much more. Check out a once of a lifetime performance of "See You Yesterday" at the Emerson #paramountartscenter between Thursday, May 16th and Sunday, May 19th. The link to tickets and further info is below and in the comments.

Thank you to the @bostonaafilm for bringing this show and the Boston Premier of Surviving Bokator to Boston and close to Lowell, the second biggest Cambodian community in the United States after Long Beach, California.
Discounted tickets are available, DM for more info.

#LoveLivesHere #Community #FoodIsLife #FoodIsLove #OneRevere
#seeyouyesterday #Baaff


Thank you #Kampot #Kep and #KosalKhiev for showing us around these laid back and charming River and Beach towns.

Kampot your green, black, red and white pepper is out of this world delicious. Your durian - always stinky.

Kep your beach and coastline are beautiful and goal to be the cleanest in the country shows.
Finally, Borom Chea, if we randomly run into you a fourth time, I will move back!


@angkorson and I didn't know we were going to hike the #jungle.

We thought we were just going to the waterfalls. But the Gods called us and said come and we went. We both hiked the jungle in flip flops!!!! Coming soon, more about our adventures in #SiemReap ... So much magic, so much energy from the earth, so much from the sun, the moon, and the stars that are aligned in making these past couple of days full of love and our ancestors power.

#daughterofkambuja #sonofangkor

Wow Siem Reap! I'm overwhelmed with all the bright lights and many things to do and see.

Walking down Pub Street I ran into my old friend Borom Chea and he introduced us to a new friend Leo Sok originally from Lowell. Even on these busy bright streets friends are near.

We were happily greeted "Welcome home" by staff at Borei Angkor Hotel. I'm just not certain if this is the home I left 10 years ago.... In a few hours Angkor Wat and hope that the lights get less flashy and the feeling of home returns.

#daughterofkambuja #sonofangkor #angkorwat we are coming


#Battambang this is not goodbye, but see you sooner than later 🙏🏾 💖

Battambang is the 3rd largest city in Cambodia and the leading rice production province in the country. In Khmer, Battambang interprets as "loss of stick". This is a story about a farmer who became King. He lost his stick when attempting to strike it at a boy who then became King to avenge his mother's death and those of the other women and children killed by the former farmer King.
Today, before leaving we prayed, left offerings of fruit, and lit incense to the first King who lost his stick, Ta Dambang Kron Houng.
Also before leaving, we heard the sweet melodies of Sinn Sisamuth's song "Champa Battambang" thanks to Sarath's brother and nieces who made these 3 days in Battambang unforgettable. Thank you for the delicious homemade food and love.

Thank you to our tuk tuk driver Bong Bora for your hospitality, patience and service in bringing us around and around and back around.

Thank you to all the staff at The Sanctuary Villa for having us and connecting us to Bong Bora, treating us to your sour mangos, and to enjoy your beautiful land and amenities. However, no thanks to the #gecko who lives on top of the suite we stayed in and reminding us about every 10 minutes who you are throughout the night.

#daughterofkambuja #sonofangkor
#nextstop #SiemReap

With @angkorson

Starting off day 4 with a delicious breakfast at my former go to spot for all types of #vegetarian food while in #Battambang.

Pictured are fried egg and mushroom patty burger with fresh lemon juice.

Even with all the development and changes it's nice to know that places that were here 14 years ago are still here.
#vegetariansheaven #daughterofkambuja

What a wonderful night in #Battambang at Phare Ponleu Selpak watching #Khmer youth perform "Village Market, a circus performance!

In 2007, I led one of the largest youth arts festivals in #Cambodia at Phare Ponleu Selpak. As the Event Coordinator at Cambodian Living Arts I managed and implemented The Fourth Annual CLA Teaching and Learning Youth Arts Festival "Mohaosrop Silapak Khmer Amatak" for over 400 participants.

It was such a sight to see the organization and its growth, especially the amazing performance. "Phare Ponleu Selpak – in Khmer, The Brightness of the Arts – is a Cambodian non-profit arts school located in Battambang, offering support to children, youth and the surrounding communities through artistic, educational, social and community outreach and engagement programmes."

#daughterofkambuja #sonofangkor #nightofartists

Good morning from The Sanctuary Villa 🌞
#battambang #daughterofkambuja

And the most important pictures of the past 24 hours in Phnom Penh and at the rest stop to Battambang, mahope ( #food in #Khmer )!

In order of pictures:
Chah kadao tofu
Nam chow sacht chrouk
Bai chah pahlai
Tuk kreung
Samlaw macho kreung sacht koh x2
Nyom sacht koh
Tofu pad thai
Chah kgney saht chrouk
Egg bhurji with chapati and masala uttapham
😋😁 #foodietravel #foodiethursday #foodiefriday #cambodianfood #indianfood #sonofangkor #daughterofkambuja

And we are off! Two lifelong best friends from Revere on a trip of a lifetime.

A Cambodian Refugee's first time "home" and a second generation Indian's fifth time "home". A 6 month naturalized US citizen and the other born in the USA. From the streets of Shirley Ave. to today's Asian American movement leaders. Here we come Cambodia, finally together!

#sonofangkor #daughterofkambuja

Let the journey and adventure begin!

#khmeramerican #indianamerican #Revere2Cambodia #besties4life
These #chipsandguac need no filter.
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#masal #diyarinda #masalgibi #birhafta
Doinker 15”sidekicks looking sharp in their new tubes!
Esta es la semana del LIFTING SIN CIRUGÍA. Los hilos tensores son la técnica más adecuada para prevenir y tratar la flacidez.
"With my skin tan, my hair Long" Drake

Over at my weekend job with XTREMEFUN showing these pre-teens how its done, while having fun.
Baby Babe 🤫🤭

📷: Direk Jocelyn Palaypay (Twitter)
Today is the two-year anniversary of Tristan Beaudette’s murder at #MalibuCreekStatePark , a tragic event that happened in our community.
What’s your favorite form of creativity? How do you use your creativity to influence the children you serve?
Some WIP coding interaction for a fun project for #lucilletenazas
What Is Your Favorite Couple Of All Time?
#stanxwendy #stendy #marioxpeach #mareach
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