So, to continue with the #tmbcontentoverview post, I am going to discuss the add-on Gearloc….Dart!!!

Dart is an experiment of the feared Nobulous, but luckily she has escaped. With her trusty Pigadillo and arsenal of darts by her side, she is a force to be reckoned with.

She is moderately fast, but an unlucky roll can put you in the bottom of the initiative: 2, 2, 4, 4, 5, 5.

Dart is very different than all the other Gearlocs so far. She has a companion that she can mount and ride around with. If you decide to use her #1 BP slot, she will go "Dangerous" and her mat flips over. Where the skill dice are, now is a map of the battle mat. If she is on a space on the battle mat that corresponds to an exhausted skill, the skill becomes unexhausted and reusable. This simulates her picking up her thrown dart and having another go with it!
While "Dangerous", she can also ride around the battlemat, displacing enemies. In doing so, she can set up the battlemat for some great combos and destruction.

Another very unique thing to Dart is when she applies a dart (or multiple up to 3) to a target, a single attack die is accompanied with that dart. This means that is you plan on giving a teammate a buff dart, hopefully you do not take them out with a "2".

Her counters for her stats only go to 3. This keeps her stats consistent when her mat is flipped over to the "Dangerous" side.

Now, let us discuss her professions and agents:

Bio-Weapon- This line will get her trusty Boar’d out on the mat along with some skills which may help companions/Gearlocs in battle.

Pharmacist- This line of agents allows dice to be placed in targets Backup Plan, keep agents on infected targets longer, or can allow targets to take out aggression on adjacent units.

Toxicologist- These agents will make it easier for the Gearlocs to take down their enemies. Slow them down, reduce stats, or even move them around the board against their will!

Pathologist- These agents are all about dealing some damage, disabling them, or letting them take a night-night nap!

Dart is extremely unique and fun. She is quite complex and may not be a Gearloc to start off with. Play a few times and then give Dart a go!

Well the campaign continues with only ONE tyrant left!

We are kicking ass and taking names being pairs up as Ghillie and Tantrum. Unlocking this beauty of a trove loot card has provided incredibly helpful as well if I do say so myself 🤣😂 Hoping into the last tyrant battle for tomorrow we are fully stacked and ready to go 🙌 We even completed the lab special encounters and got rid of Aboms die 😍

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Ghillie ist ein Biest🙈


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So, to continue with the #tmbcontentoverview post, I am going to discuss the add-on Gearloc….Gasket!!!

Now, Gasket is the first “non-Gearloc” to be added as a playable character. It is a melee-ranged character ready to brawl…or maybe malfunction. Gasket is immune to certain status effects such as poison, weaken, terrify, stun, and bleed.

It’s initiative is moderately average with a 3, 3, 4, 4, 4, 4.

Now, let us discuss it’s professions:

Hydro-powered- Hydro is a resource that Gasket will spend/maintain to use it’s awesome Mech abilities. If Gasket does not have any Hydro at the beginning of its turn, it will suffer 1 True Damage. In this line, Gasket also has the ability to obtain more Hydro Canisters to last a little longer in battle!

Derail- This line is all about causing some serious damage to the enemy. Some examples are producing an energy arc that will injure adjacent baddies, doing ranged blast damage, or even ramming into an enemy and moving into the vacated position.

Destroy- This line is really interesting and can cause some pretty sick combos. “Cut” will give a bleed effect die to an adjacent baddie and one behind it in line. “Gut” will cause a target with the bleed effect to take 1 True Damage for each position it moves. “Grab” allows you to grab a baddie 2-3 spaces away and will have it’s attack stat reduced by 1. As long as “Grab” is on the baddie and it has not moved outside of 2-3 spaces, using the “Get” ability may cause damage to that unit and it will be placed adjacent to Gasket. Now that you have an adjacent unit, why not try some ramming or an energy arc to cause a bigger combo!

Direct- The dice in this line do not cost Dex or Hydro, but could cause system malfunctions. The outcome of the dice have to be used (also, must be grouped together), but it can be done in any order you choose. The dice may say “increase defense of adjacent unit by 1”. If that unit is a baddie…bad luck! Interesting how these dice may help the group as equally as hurt the party.

Gasket is a heap of fun and can certainly cause chaos around the battle mat. Great for solo play and may add some challenges in co-op (but certainly loads of laughs I imagine!)

When we first got #undertow I went through the entire box, and found this blue chip.

It’s not listed in the rules, it seems to have no part in this expansion. Or does it?! @chiptheorygames is one of my favorite publishers because they are truly as nerdy as I am. They hide Easter Eggs in there games. Did you find this one?!

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Played Too Many Bones tonight with @everything_analog !

Although this is one of the more hefty games we have (and I enjoy more lighter games usually), this is one of my favorite games we own. I single-handedly won the tyrant battle immediately. Toffee also helped by sitting on our map.

#boardgames #boardgamesofinstagram #toomanybones #chiptheorygames

@amisl17 just one-shot Nom!! You love to see it.

#boardgames #chiptheorygames #toomanybones

All set up for some Too Many Bones this evening! It's been too long.

Sticking to the base game material tonight - Tantrum and Boomer vs Nom!

We'll see if any Splice & Dice dual type baddies make an appearance.

#boardgames #chiptheorygames #toomanybones

To continue with the #tmbcontentoverview post, I am going to continue the add-on Gearlocs with….Tink!!!

Adam Carlson ( @dewdundency ) from CTG ( @chiptheorygames ) has amazing videos of all of these Gearlocs. Make sure to check out the videos on Youtube!

Tink (I like to call him “old man Tink”) is a mechanic who loves to work with his hands and get Bots out there on the battle mat to crush it! You can only have one Bot on the mat at a time, but as that Bot is causing chaos, Tink can prepare the next Bot in battle!

His initiative is slightly higher than average with a 3, 3, 4, 4, 4, 5.

Now, let us discuss his professions:

Mechanist- Let’s face it, Tink is a small guy, usually behind the body of a mechanical bot he is building or hiding behind a fellow Gearloc. This profession tree allows him to hide himself (untargetable) or hide for as long as he is adjacent to a Bot or Gearloc. If an enemy gets close to you and you are not hiding, hit him right upside the head with a wrench, stunning them.

Robotics- This profession tree allows you to select your Bot (Spiderbot 1.0/2.0) and the Bot Build. The Bot Build is a die with a range of arrows that you roll and place on your Gearloc mat. You choose the orientation of the die. Orient the arrows to the attachments you have unlocked and get the best bang for your buck!

Accessorizer- This profession contains the mother-load of attachments for your bot. What are you looking for your bot to do? Blast out a baddie with an airhorn to disable it? How about pushing baddies away while damaging it? Maybe attacking an enemy, jumping across the mat and selecting a new target to destroy? The choices are yours to make and they are all great!

Tink is an extremely incredible asset to have on the battlefield. He is a highly complex character to use and may not be recommended as the first Gearloc that you add to your collection. In co-op, Tink would be paired very nicely with Pickett as Pickett is a wonderful tank who can absorb the damage that would be going to Tink and the Bot. If you are looking to play Tink solo…that may come across as very difficult, but fun nonetheless!

I truly am having the time of my life with Ghillie on our second campaign through Undertow!!!

I love his traps, I love his pets, I love his abilities 😍 AHHH I love everything about this Gearlock so much! Pausing for tonight before we hit our first tyrant. We hit the special campaigns from Undertow where you fight the same day three times fighting through your lab. Kicker is your HP doesn’t reset, but there’s a nice twist waiting at the end for you if you complete them!!!! No spoilers here, but if you likes twists 😍 Tune in tomorrow to see how the rest of our campaign goes!

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🇩🇪/🇺🇲 Welche Spiele mit unterschiedlichen Fraktionen / Völkern spielt ihr gerne?

Wir lieben Variable Player Powers, also wenn man verschiedene Charaktere mit unterschiedlichen Fähigkeiten hat. Das bringt Varianz ins Spiel!

Am Wochenende haben wir Cloudspire von Chip Theory Games für uns wiederentdeckt. Können es kaum erwarten, die einzelnen Fraktionen zu erforschen...und seht euch das tolle Spielmaterial an 😍

🇺🇲 What's your favorite boardgame with variable player powers?

~ Kathrin ~

#cloudspire #cloudspireboardgame
#chiptheorygames #boardgame #brettspiel #boardgameaddict #variableplayerpowers #boardgamelovers #brettspielempfehlungen #brettspiele #wirsolltenmehrspielen #wirliebenbrettspiele #chips #tileplacement #cooperativegames

[Unbezahlte Werbung]

I wanted to continue with this overview of Too Many Bones content by @chiptheorygames to maybe help people who are on the fence with which content to start (or add to) their TMB collection.

Adam Carlson from CTG does amazing content of all of these Gearlocs, their strategies, and how all of the dice work. Make sure to check out the videos on Youtube!

So, to continue with the #tmbcontentoverview post, I am going to continue the add-on Gearlocs with….Nugget!!!

Nugget is a melee-ranged Gearloc who is swift with her long blade and bolo. She is also an avid treasure hunter who really seems to find all the loot at the right time!

Her initiative is moderately average with a 2, 3, 3, 4, 4, 5.

Now, let us discuss her professions:
Gifted- This profession has a few items that you may find useful. My favorite is “Lucky”. You can put the lucky die on any face (+1 HP/Dmg/Def/Bone) you want in your active slot before battle.Throughout your battle if you roll dice with no bones, you reap the benefit of the chosen side…and this does not exhaust until you choose to remove it from the active slot (or a baddie makes you do so!).

Keymaster- Amongst other things, the cream of the crop here is her ability to treasure hunt! You will have many opportunities to obtain loot by pulling off the deck, bypassing lock pick attempts or shuffling special encounters into your deck.

Propellist- With Propellist, you now have the ability to hinder your enemies movement, defense and attack! She is melee-ranged, so she can attack enemies with ease at any range…with a catch. She can use her special dice in this profession for any ranged attacks, but can only use attack dice with adjacent enemies…unless she uses slingstones (which is a counter consumable die…does not get exhausted).

Sword Dancer- Nugget is as nimble on her feet as they come! She can dance around the battlemat, move up in initiative, and even grant her an extra turn…if those rolls do not produce any successful rolls, they will give you tons of bones!

Nugget is a nimble treasure hunter who is quick on her feet! She can prance around the battlemat with the best of them while (hopefully) obtaining some awesome loot along the way.

We did it!!! We ran through our first campaign for #undertow published by @chiptheorygames 😍😍 By Gods it wasn’t easy haha.

3 tyrants in 18 days and Nobulous and Abom were NO walk in the walk. But man oh man we did it with Duster and Nugget and I’m ecstatic we pulled out the win!!!!! Realistically I don’t think Nugget was the best choice for a campaign adventure and I’m dying to get Ghillie onto the field to see how he does!! And we definitely want to unlock the special page in the rule book about Abom 😍 Look at me, already talking about our next campaign hahaha Well I guess you know what we are playing the rest of the week 🤣😂

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Die Lab Rats sind ganz schön gewöhnungsbedürftig und auch bisschen swingy wenn man keine Bones würfelt.

Konnte jetzt nach 3 Anläufen Kollossum legen, musste aber die grünen Baddies aus Splice&Dice rausnehmen, die sind zu übel für die Rats😅.

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Next up for the #SoloSundayChallenge is Too Many Bones from @chiptheorygames

For this challenge participants will use the core box only and play as Picket (uses a Sword and Board 😉) Vs the tyrant the Goblin King.

Specifics - if you are able to defeat him, share how many days it took you (progress points still required and how many rounds it took you to deafest the GK, in case of multiple GK Victories.

You have one week to play your game. Take notes of strategies / builds / memorable moments. We will share Sunday by commenting on my new post for that day, or you can make your own post if you want to show off your build - but make sure you use #solosundaychallenge so we can find it!

This is a good week to encourage you to make your own solo challenges! I went from one of the most accessible games (Cartographers) to one of the most inaccessible. I realize not everyone has Too Many Bones. My goal for the #SoloSundayChallenge hashtag is to have a game and challenge accessible for everyone each week.

I wanted to continue with this overview of Too Many Bones content by @chiptheorygames s to maybe

help people who are on the fence with which content to start (or add to) their Too Many Bones collection.

Adam Carlson ( @dewdundency ) from CTG does amazing content of all of these Gearlocs and how all of the dice work. Great strategies can be learned from him. Make sure to check out the videos on Youtube!

So, to continue with the #tmbcontentoverview post, I am going to start off the add-on Gearlocs with….Ghillie!!!

Ghillie is quite the avid hunter…lurking for his prey, he stalks and swoops in with all of his might.

His initiative is fairly quick with a 3, 4, 4, 5, 5, 6.
Now, let us discuss his professions:

Trapper- This skill tree allows Ghillie to get a lay of the land and set some traps for his unfriendly foes to become victim to. The really cool thing about this profession is that they fall in line with his Innate skill. His innate skill allows him to scout for baddies in any active stack and keep them or cycle them down to the bottom of the pile. This will allow Ghillie to really plan out where to place the traps. If you can manage to get the Innate+1, that will allow him to scout for 2 baddies every battle!

Ranger- This is his expertise speaking. He is able to really take ownership of the playing field by hitting multiple baddies with one attack, move baddies around the battlemat to his choosing, and even mark baddies that may be tougher so they receive extra damage…great for co-op!

Marksman- This is a really fun profession that lets just give the enemy some extra damage. “In the Zone” is a press your luck where you can keep giving the target +1 damage…until you press you luck too far…really fun!

Zooinguist- You might as well call Ghillie “Ace Ventura”! He is one with the animals and this skill tree lets you have companions. They will venture out in the field and tear your enemies apart! Its great to have wild friends!

He is a great friend to have in the field, but I prefer Ghillie in true solo. He is out there in his element, taking out the baddies and probably eating some stuff in the wild that he should not.

Too Many Bones: Undertow
One of our all-time favourites!

We love it so much, that I'm going to back everything that's still missing in the current #gamefound campaign by #chiptheorygames.
#letsplay #boardgames #spieldochmal #brettspiele
#toomanybones #toomanybonesundertow

Too Many Bones from @chiptheorygames

Too many bones?

More like too many dice, too much quality and too much fun.

This was a game that I fell asleep watching its tutorial videos and overall, just a little intimidating to me. But that was when I was just a few months into this hell of a modern board game ride. I’m a different man now.

So if you’ve realise, I first got hold of this game back in May’21. And since then, I have read the rule book and I realise, it’s not as complicated as I thought.

Although it’s not complicated, this game is nothing near easy. You are constantly thrown challenges that makes you question the saying “you are never given something you can’t handle”. Well maybe that something is this encounter throwing me 3 hardy opponents and a poison little fellow when I’m playing solo together with some lousy rolls.

This is the major flaw to this game which I can’t be 100% sure but it does cause some frustrations. When ladyluck decides to leave home and never comes back, it is quite annoying and losing 1 encounter could start to snowball real quick. Lack of training points means no upgrades for your character and the fact that the # of days still increases, means more difficult baddies the next time round.

Luck aside, this game keeps your mind tingling with decisions to make and to really solve a very intricate puzzle. Each upgrade and move you make feels impactful and each health that you chip off feels satisfying. Like you are doing some real damage to the baddies. Skills that you attained through training points are lifesavers when you find yourself in a pinch.

Component quality is top notch. The next closest thing to sitting in a business class is probably this game right now. And that’s exactly how it feels like unboxing this game (check out the video in bios 😉). From the neoprene mats to the famous plastic waterproof cards, you get the best at just the base price ver.

If you like a good puzzle and the buildup of character powers, but don’t mind the swingy nature of the game and higher price point, definitely go for the base version and give this a try!

#bgg #boardgames #toomanybones #chiptheorygames #roleplayinggame #dicerolling

too many Bones patches and boomer vs nom (and family) #boardgame #boardgamegeek #boardgames #Brettspiel #brettspiele #ganenight #spieleabend #familytime #familienzeit #toomanybones #chiptheorygames

I wanted to continue with this overview of Too Many Bones content by @chiptheorygames to maybe

help people who are on the fence with which content to start (or add to) their Too Many Bones collection.

So, to continue with the #tmbcontentoverview post, I am going to cover the expansion Age of Tyranny.

If you are looking to turn your single battle adventures into a full blown campaign, Age of Tyranny is what you are looking for.

The AoT box comes with 21 new day 1/2/3 cards, campaign cards, 7 epilogue cards for the base Tyrants, boons, scars and other components.

As you play through your adventures, you may obtain boons or scars. These attributes may help you out in battle or truly hinder you as you proceed through the follow on adventures. Beating Tyrants may grant you rewards such as their Tyrant dice to really add some sweet skills to your already powerful Gearlocs.

As you play from adventure to adventure, you may also be able to keep some skills or stats to carry over.

Another component that is pretty useful which is included is the snapshot mat. Once your adventures is over and you are ready to pack it up, you can place your defeated Tyrants, stats, and saved skills on the mat. Take a sweet picture with your camera and your game is now saved for next time.

This expansion may not be for everyone. If you prefer one-shot adventures, you may not get much use out of this. However, it will add the much needed 21 extra day 1-3 cards that the core box was seriously missing!

If campaign games are your style, this is a great addition. It not only combines multiple adventures into one campaign, but it also gives you positive and negative attributes to alter your adventure.

The new standalone expansion Unbreakable is live on @gamefound.crowdfunding now!
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Whose backing Too Many Bones?
We're all in 🙈 I think fomo is a huge factor here.

Nic and I finally played this game together the other night and really enjoyed it! 😁

#toomanybones #chiptheorygames #kickstarter

I wanted to continue with this overview of Too Many Bones content to maybe help people who are on the fence with which content to start (or add to) their Too Many Bones collection.

You may know that @chiptheorygames is running a crowd funding campaign on @gamefound.crowdfunding RIGHT NOW which is doing absolutely fantastic!!! They funded the campaign in just under 2 minutes and are at (at the time of this post) at $1.9 million USD!

So, to continue with the #tmbcontentoverview post, I am going to cover the expansion Splice and Dice.

OK, I am extremely excited to talk to you about this expansion! In my opinion, it is completely underrated and would be an excellent addition to your collection.

Splice and Dice includes many new components for your collection. There are a handful of dual-type baddies, 4 new Tyrants, a lab neoprene mat and another neoprene mat where you build up your Tyrant.
There are also loads of cards and dice that I'll explain later.

There are two modes with this expansion. They are the Build A Tyrant (BAT) mode and Nobulous' Apprentice Program (NAP) mode.

In BAT mode, you are playing a standard game of TMB without having a preset Tyrant selected. As you defeat baddies, those baddies are whisked away to Nobulous' lab and are being spliced to start the creation of the ultimate Tyrant. This may change up your strategy that you are accustomed to. When you have reached your chosen progress points, you may battle your created Tyrant.

NAP mode is a very different experience. You are working as Nobulous' apprentice and must create a powerful Tyrant by researching and splicing baddies. It can't be that easy though! You must also fulfill requests and demands. Unable to do so?? Pay the punishment. Setbacks will really make it tough for you to do your job as well!
If you succeed as an amazing apprectice and splice enough parts & pieces, you can take your newly created Tyrant and battle it up against the evil Prototyrant.

In both game modes, you can save all the stats and go up against your created Tyrants in any iteration of TMB.

This is an excellent expansion to add to your collection which will offer infinite replayabilty to an already amazing ga


🇬🇧 I know that everyone’s talking about “Too Many Bones” these days, but @chiptheorygames is also “Cloudspire” 🔥

I haven’t played this game for a long time and I think I forgot most of the rules 😅 But my resolution for November is to get back to this fantastic game. Play it solo but also multiplayer with @weeklygamenight and the gang 😀

What are the games you love but you don’t play because of lack of time, too many other games or any other reasons? 🙂

🇵🇱 Wiem, że wszyscy teraz piszą tylko o „Too Many Bones”, ale @chiptheorygames to również „Cloudspire” 🔥

Nie grałem w to od bardzo dawna i chyba już zapomniałem większość zasad 😅 Ale moje postanowienie na listopad to wrócić do tej świetnej gry. Pograć solo, ale też w więcej osób, razem z @weeklygamenight i bandą 😀

Jakie są Wasze gry, które uwielbiacie, ale w nie nie gracie z braku czasu, nadmiaru innych gier czy innych powodów? 🙂

Too many bones 🦴🦴 #brettspiel #boardgames #boardgamegeek #bgg #boardgame #playmat

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The 12th Annual #Milipol #Qatar Exhibition ends today, and we are happy to say that it was a rousing success.
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Modo entreno en #PSR CLUB ..el mejor combo 🔥
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[Cass & Rapunzel edit]
We're remembering model and actress Rebecca Schaeffer, who would have been 54 today.
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Mit welchen lukrativen Produktideen kann man auf Amazon Geld verdienen?
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Coming soon! Zyme!

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