☝️🏼*Pic last year* Meeting my lifesaver (literally) again soon. 🤗 Dr.

Roman Nowygrod of Columbia New York Presbyterian performed the 6 1/2 hour surgery on me on 6/27/1997 after a 🔫 bullet ripped through my right shoulder, severing my aorta (think Selena injury, except I wasn't the intended target) and lodging in my chest wall, where it STILL resides today, right under my angel wings pendant. You can see and feel the bulge! This amazing, relentless surgeon was flown in from Florida for my emergency surgery, REFUSED to amputate my arm at the shoulder (even after my parents signed the waiver authorizing it), and saved my life, arm and pregnancy at the time (yep, they discovered I was 2.5 months, 20 yrs old; my daughter was fine!) Dr. Nowygrod and a team of 14 Doctors removed an artery from my leg, to replace the damaged one to my heart. ❤ Took a full year to regain full use of my arm, but today I use BOTH hands to write!👐 #Ambidextrous #Survivor #WalkingMiracle #MoreThanYouKnow #NothingScaresMe #LoveMyScars #ThreeEightInchScars #ChestArmLeg #PROUD of my #CuteCaterpillars #Blessed #GodLovesMe THEN, 👉🏼 #WTC911survivor3YearsLater 💫 #DrRomanNowygrod
😍Uyire en uyire😍 😎Thotti jaya😎
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Here are Asna Khan’s ( @a.khanama ) photographs from the first task in Strategies of Making.
Cuaderno a5+boli+taza: 13,5€ de nuestro charro favorito!
Massive thanks to all who came out to last night’s show at #theflowingspring it was awesome to be with my full band #livemusicphotography #livemusic #liveinlevis #musicforever #instaawesome #readinguk #readingmusicscene #henleyonthames 🎸😎👍
Closings # 9 10 + 11 for 2020! Once again, these great clients were friends first.
A CSLG tee is the perfect way to rep our city! Made in USA from the softest cotton.
If you are looking for what to buy on this dhanteras this is right place to find..!!
Newcastle Knights have officially signed Gehamat Shibasaki until the end of 2022!
What a fantastic opening weekend! Thank you to everyone who came out and saw Beauty and the Beast and celebrated our Grand Reopening ♥️♥️♥️ You have 2 more weekends to see this wonderful production.
‘Meet the exec’ posts coming soon💙💛💙💛 #HUDT #Universityofhull
What's the beauty of Nutritional Therapy? that we take into account so so many aspects of your UNIQUE, individual needs.
Vintage VHS copies of #5’5X191 /4” and #ontheroad_withspike.
What happened to this guy? Anyone else curious? Here’s a guy who is on a presidential candidate’s staff talking about violence if the legal election process doesn’t work in #berniesanders favor.
Introducing our new dessert - the Lady Kenny. A limited edition dessert that was so popular, we’ve made it permanent on our new Covent Garden menu - opening later this month!
Nice 4 pounder on the @rapala DT6. I think my bilge worked for two hours straight today...😂

Tomorrow (October 23, 2020) will mark 5 years since Baylor’s traumatic brain injury.
Good a place as any to spend the night. Marquart Lake near Merritt, BC.
@kudupoosa badu nadda? 🥲
Jack Frost Taeyong is hereeee 😆 Is it the real Jack Frost or Taeyongie? Well I dunno anymoreee.
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