Poop can tell you a lot ⬇️ ⁣

When working with my functional medicine doctor I did a stool test and that is how she confirmed I had Leaky Gut and was on the edge of SIBO.

Your poop can help give inside information on how well (or not so well) your digestive system is working! ⁣

💥First off, if you aren’t pooping at least 1x a day. You’re constipated! ⁣

💥Second, if you are not having type 3 or 4 BMs on that Bristol Stool Chart, we have some work to do 😎⁣

Ready to find a bio-individual approach that works for you? DM me! ⁣
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Meme-Montag: Und zwar auf einer Skala von 1 bis 7 💩

Weitere Gespräche über Stuhl-Einteilungen und vieles mehr gibt's heute Abend ab 20 Uhr zur Medi-Sitzung in der Nürnberger Straße 48 💚

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You know, for Skids!

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New Blog: 12 Signs of Constipation
Do you know for sure that you, your child or your partner are NOT constipated?

Take a quick read of this blog!
https://www.practicallyperfectpt.com/12-signs-of-constipation/ (IG friends, Link in Bio!)
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Good digestion and optimal health starts at the top by that I mean your brain plays the main role in starting digestion.

Believe it or not that plays a part in what comes out of the bottom.
Eating whilst stressed can shut down digestion. This can create overgrowth of unwanted bacteria that can lead to IBS and those painful and uncomfortable symptoms of constipation and diarrhoea. Think before you eat and drink..
Contact for free the IBS specialist now and learn more.

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As a #nurse this amused me. Forget the #bristolstoolchart , here is the @marwellzoo animal stool chart 😂

#acupuncture for #constipation has been shown to be beneficial compared to sham treatment

Chronic severe functional constipation is defined as dry, difficult bowel motion or feeling of incompleteness for 6months

With less than 2 spontaneous bowel movement (bowel motion) per week

It is estimated around 12-19% of adults jn North America suffer from this condition

This study in 2020 analyzed 6 Randomized control trials

Electrical- acupuncture #electroacupuncture
Was more beneficial than sham in :

⚡ Improving bowel motion in 4 weeks

⚡ The difference between electro-acupuncture and sham was twice as big at week 8

⚡ Significantly improved stool form by week 8

⚡ Significantly improved constipation related quality of life

There were no serious adverse events

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Definitely one of the strangest cakes I've ever made but still turned out quite groovy🤣

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💩 Do you know what your poop is telling you?

The Bristol Stool Chart was designed to help doctors measure the time it takes for food to pass through your body and leave as waste.

Every person will have different bowel habits, but the important things to note are:

✔️That your stools are soft and easy to pass like types 3 and 4 below.

💩Type 1-2 indicates constipation
💩Type 3-4 are ideal as they are easier to pass
💩Type 5-7 may indicate diarrhea or urgency.

✔️It should also take no longer than 10 minutes to pass.

✔️You are having a BM anywhere from 1-3 times a day!

If your poop isn't primarily type 3-4, let's chat!! Send me a DM or apply to my program using the link in my bio!

What’s your type? It’s so important to know what’s normal for your body and regular bowel habits are part of that!

Have a look at the Bristol Stool Chart and figure out your type! Type 3 and 4 stool is considered normal - are you outside of this type? Perhaps it’s time to address your gut health! #pelvichealthphysio #pelvichealth #guthealth #wellbehavedbowel #healthybowel #whatsyourtype #bristolstoolchart

⤴️ don't ignore your poop!

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If you answered "Eww...NO!" - we need to chat.⁠

While talking about 💩 may seem taboo, here's the thing...⁠


🔎Yep, there is lots of information about your health that can be gleaned just by peeking into the porcelain bowl.⁠


To quote Dr. Terry Wahls - are we looking at rocks, logs, snakes, pudding or tea?⁠

🐍Snakes are ideal⁠

If you aren't seeing snakes, there could be a number of things going on from lack of hydration, gallbladder issues, food sensitivities and more.⁠


The colour of our poo can change for a number of reasons, even the food we eat (hello beets!)⁠

A few to watch out for:⁠

🟨Yellow stools may indicate fat malabsorption⁠
⬜️Pale grey stools can indicate gallbladder issues⁠
⬛️Black tarry stools may be from iron supplementation, but can also indicate a GI bleed ⁠
Unless there is an explicable reason, both grey and black stools should be brought to the attention of your health care provider.⁠


Yep - I'm going there!⁠

👃All poo smells, but good sign that you aren't properly digesting and absorbing your fats, is really foul smelling "don't go in there!" BM's.⁠


👀If you are seeing undigested food in your stool, you could need to slow down at mealtime and chew your food more. It can also indicate that some pancreatic support is needed.⁠

If you need help deciphering your 💩 or feel like you need some work optimizing your digestion and gut health - click the Contact Me link in my bio! We can schedule a consult. Gut health is my jam!⁠

So, fess up! Do YOU look at your poo?⁠

P O E P |
Kijk jij eigenlijk wel eens achterom nadat je je grote behoefte hebt gedaan?

We praten weinig over onze ontlasting, het hoort er nu eenmaal bij en het liefste spoelen we hem zo snel mogelijk weg om van de stank af te zijn. Eventuele afwijkingen nemen we al snel voor lief omdat we er ons weinig bewust van zijn, het hoort er nu eenmaal bij, punt. Maar wist je dat je ontlasting je heel veel kan vertellen over hoe het met je spijsvertering en je darmflora gesteld is > en dus ook met je gezondheid? Je darmflora heeft namelijk een grote invloed op je gezondheid.
Wat is nu goede poep?
Het meest ideaal is de ontlasting van type 3 of 4 van bovenstaande afbeelding, dus geen konijnenkeutels of diarree.
* Je kunt in principe dagelijks 1 of 2x naar de wc of in elk geval volgens een vast patroon
* Krampen en pijn horen er niet bij voor of na de ontlasting
* Je kunt soepel en snel zonder hard te persen
* Je hebt slecht 1 of 2x afvegen nodig om schoon te worden (en niet een halve wc rol)
* De ontlasting zakt naar de bodem en blijft niet aan de pot plakken of drijven, oftewel je hoeft niet flinke remsporen weg te boenen
* Ontlasting ruikt nu eenmaal niet naar bloemetjes, maar hoe minder vieze stinkende geur, hoe beter!

Hoe is het gesteld met jouw ontlasting? Kijk eens vaker achterom, bestudeer je ontlasting en neem bij vragen contact met me op!

NB: Als er bloed of slijm bij de ontlasting zit, raadpleeg dan altijd een arts.

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#happyplace #bristolstoolchart 📸 by @ericson_junker

What does your Poo tell you? 😫

The Bristol chart is a good diagnostic tool to check on your gut health!

In some cases your bowel movements can indicate serious health concerns.

One test we can run if you suspect bowel disease is called the GI Map test. This test is very thorough and can help diagnose major gut issues.

Contact us for more information!

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We had a wonderful day of celebration yesterday 🥳 Vegkid papa turned 45 great years 🤩

We had a cake breakfast, as always! This delicious vegan “shit cake” was a blast 💥 kids couldn’t choose which poop to eat first 😌 One may ask - why such cake? Well- the birthday boy is a child in his heart and never left caca period also as a physician 👨🏻‍⚕️ caca is important variable in his life! So at our home #bristolstoolchart is a must to know for everyone 💩

Adults went for drinks & dinner. The Frenchman (vegkid papa) choose the wine and made some comments about Italian insecurities regarding French winemakers 😆 (read the label)
Also, food was great! The waitress said it’s vegan. I had a drink or two so I didn’t go deeper into it, but merengue looked suspicious 🤨

I do not like to celebrate myself, but I deeply enjoy organizing festivities to others 💚 so this birthday is an ongoing project this whole week 🤩

Cake by @healthies_official 😘
Drinks @storan_lkpg
Food @dahlbomsmat

Also, go vegan. As we did it some 7 years ago 🌱


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🧐 How did your poop look today?

The Bristol Stool Chart is an excellent tool for talking about a topic that is often uncomfortable to talk about with your doctor or nutritionist.

The appearance of your 💩 contains vital information about your (gut) health. So next time, take a longer look and compare the results with this chart. #eatfiberpoopbetter


WHAT DOES YOUR POO SAY ABOUT YOU 💩💩 Swipe ⬅️ to check out the Bristol Stool Chart! 

🔸️Do you have really hard or super runny stools? Do you feel constipated, urgency or feel unsatisfied or incomplete after a poo? Do you leak stool or experience fecal incontinence?

🔸️Poo's are complicated and your poo type can give you mixed messages!

🔸️Really hard poo's (Type 1-2) may indicate you are not getting enough fluids or the right fibres that help to keep stool soft. 

🔸️Really short poo's may also be related to an overactive pelvic floor making it harder for you to poo or feel empty.

🔸️Runny poo's (Type 6-7) may cause increased urgency and lots and lots of wiping 🧻🧻 Softer stool may also mean you would benefit from the right type of fibre.

🔸️Runny stool or diarrhoea may also be a symptom of chronic constipation!!??

🔸️Did you know that seeing a pelvic health physio can help to optimise your bowel function 🙃 Treatment can include teaching healthy bowel habits, assessing bowel emptying strategies, helping to optimise stool consistency and so much more!! 

⚠️ Disclaimer: This is just a general guide and every body is different. It is always important to consult with a health professional to determine what your individual care needs are! 

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How do you poo? 💩
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Dat hoop ik tenminste wel en ik hoop voor je dagelijks…

Maar hoe hoort het eigenlijk eruit te zien?

In de praktijk merk ik dat mensen amper om kijken als ze de daad geklaard hebben en er helemaal geen aandacht aan schenken. Waarom zou je denk je nu? Omdat het echt heel veel verteld over je gezondheid, eventuele aandoeningen en vooral over hoe je maag- darm stelsel functioneert, die op zijn buurt de basis van je gezondheid vormt, zowel fysiek als mentaal.

💩Ok, je hebt gepoept.

En nu je het belang van poepen kent, hoe weet je dan op welke tekens je moet letten? En wat zegt jouw poep nu over je gezondheid?

Er is een mooie grafiek , bekend als de Bristol Stool Chart, die een uitstekende gids zal zijn als je begint te leren hoe je je poep kunt diagnosticeren.

Deze schaal classificeert poep op basis van de tijd die nodig is om zich in de dikke darm te vormen, evenals de transittijd door je spijsverteringsstelsel. Op deze schaal zijn er 7 verschillende poepgroepen. Als je in de diagrammen voor 1 en 2 valt, heb je meestal constipatie. Type 3 en 4 zijn ideaal, terwijl 5 tot 7 diarree aangeven.

Als je in categorie 1 of 2 valt, zou je om te beginnen meer water kunnen drinken en een van mijn volgende posts lezen die over constipatie gaat. Er zijn meer oorzakken daaraan vebonden.

De categorieën 5, 6 en 7 duiden vaak op diarree, wat erop kan wijzen dat je een infectie, voedselintolerantie of zelfs een ziekte zoals prikkelbare darm syndroom(PDS) hebt, wat eigenlijk geen ziekte is. Je darm reageert “ergens” op. Het is de kunst om te achterhalen waarop. Aanhoudende diarree zou je er zeker toe moeten aanzetten om medisch advies in te winnen.

Het is eigenlijk niet ongebruikelijk dat mensen verschillende soorten poep ervaren, afhankelijk van wat ze hebben gegeten, evenals hun locatie (bijvoorbeeld weg van huis) en hun stressniveau. De vuistregel is dat je poep normaal gesproken zacht en gemakkelijk te passeren moet zijn. Experts zeggen dat de ideale poep verbonden is in een gladde 'S'-vorm - dit geeft aan dat je vertering lekker verloopt en je voldoende water drinkt.

‼️Let op: geen afwijking is niet altijd een garantie voor gezondheid 🙏🏻

Stool (or poop) are waste products of digestion and consist of undigested food, bacteria, salts and other substances.

Depending on your dietary intake, your stool can vary in colour, shape, size and consistency. Intermittent and short-lived changes are common and usually resolve with appropriate adjustments in your diet and exercise patterns. However, frequent and long-lasting changes in the stool can indicate a more serious health condition, like colorectal cancer.

The Bristol Stool Chart is a useful guide to assess your stool and classifies them into the seven types, with Type 4 being most ideal and often reflects a good balance of food types and a healthy digestive system. However, this tool should be used in consultation with a Specialist. Speak with our Doctor to learn more.

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Inktober Day 25
All of these are a nice number 4 on the Bristol Stool Chart.

They land with a nice splat. Formed but pliable. Now with cute faces and stink lines.
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💩This may be an embarrassing topic for some, but when was the last time you looked in the toilet bowl after you did a poo?

👉What your poo looks and smells like (but no, we are not expecting roses 🌹 here!) can give a very good insight into your overall health. 👍
⏰ Passing a bowel motion (aka stool, aka poop) around once a day is ideal, (anywhere from 3 times a day to once every 3 days is considered ‘healthy defecation’) and usually indicates a gastrointestinal system that is functioning optimally 💪, largely due to adequate fibre 🍲 , adequate hydration 💧 and fully functional peristalsis 👏, moving the stool 💩 along for elimination.
👀 Looking at the Bristol Stool Chart, if you decide your stools are usually a type 3, 4 or 5, this is great! 🏆
🤔 However, if you peer down and notice 💩 marks on the side of the toilet bowl this can indicate either dehydration, constipation or excessive mucous in the stool which can be indicative of gastrointestinal conditions like IBS, Coeliac Disease or Crohn’s Disease, requiring medical treatment.
💩 Splatters can indicate diarrhoea, as a result of viral/bacterial/parasitic infection, food intolerances or medical conditions of the bowel.
➡️If you experience rapid changes in consistency or frequency this is also something to be aware of and inform your nutritionist or health practitioner. It is not normal to be overly constipated or have extreme amounts of pain. ❌
🩸If you see fresh blood in your stool this can indicate the presence of haemorrhoids however dark, tarry black stools can indicate 🩸in the upper GI tract which also require medical attention.

🍲 Food particles 🌽🌰 in your 💩 indicate undigested fibres, eating too quickly, food intolerances, or enzyme or hydrochloric acid insufficiency. Undigested food also means nutrient contents are not absorbed which can lead to nutrient deficiencies and further health problems down the track. 😱
💩Pale stools that float on the bowl water can indicate a parasite or infection, or they can indicate malabsorption issues related to the liver/gallbladder/pancreas, or to Coeliac Disease.

🧠Brain, skin & thyroid health are also closely linked to gut health!💩
Come to the Cheltenham Farmes Market today for some Italian treats...
💥🍂☀️ Les belles journées d'automne nous feraient presque oublier les printemps et été capricieux que nous venons de vivre !

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⭐Conjunto Falon | Naranja | Conjunto Falon | Fucsia | ⭐
☑️ Tomá por lo menos, 2L de agua purificada y rica en minerales todos los días. ⁣

Reduce los tiempos de inspección y aumenta la seguridad del personal.

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Remembered always 🙏
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How do you feel about celery dumplings?
Round 2 for 3rd grade tomorrow @ 10am… Kell High School #GoldBlooded
Look Gorgeous in a @hashboosh
@maansijoshii stuns in a @hashboosh 👗
Skin is…ok. Finding it hard to paint “cold” red skin that doesn’t look too red.
“Nature has given us all the pieces required to achieve exceptional wellness and health, but has left it to us to put these pieces together.”— Diane McLaren
Crispy Baaton ka hoga Endless Silsila,
Jab Hot McCain Masala Fries ka Miley Ghar pe hi Mazaa,
Javanese ritual of #kacarkucur #daharklimah #ngunjukdegan #ngabekten did by #bridegroom @indiraary @priyopramono #bothsideparents Bp.
سریال: The Blacklist
فصل : ششم
قسمت: 1 — 22 (آخر)
کیفیت: WED DL 720p
Rare Oros, The Avenger 161/165 (Time Spiral). First of all:
Anyone want a wager Dm the page
Dùng Whey TỐT - Giúp BODY càng phát triển TỐT hơn ✊🏻✊🏻🥳🥳
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Over my
Seedsman Bruce Banger
Looks thicker from the the back
Time for a spot of Pig-sploitation! 🐷 don't be expecting "Babe" 😂