We often talk about things we want, need or even desire, but how often do you ask who do you need to become to get there?

Humans are not static, the fabric of your being isn’t made of cement. We make a hundreds of choices every day that contribute to who we do (or don’t) become.
What are you choosing today? Tenacity? Grit? Authenticity? Compassion? Love? Open? Gentle? Fierce? Dynamic? Take your pick - you have the power, balls in your court!
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Your internal dialogue runs at 1300-1500 words* flowing through your mind per minute.

With all that noise in your head, let alone the messages from your environment, social media, the idiot box… it’s incredible to think we get anything done everyday!
That’s why you need to be intentional about attaining your purpose. Day by day, hour by hour and minute by minute - if you want to achieve an audacious goal, face into a challenge or make a change you have to put that first.
But how? Having a clear vision and understanding what you want is a brilliant first step. Then developing an awareness of what gets in your way and strategies you can put in place when you go rogue (we’re human, it happens) all help towards making inroads.
The rest is showing up. Over and over again. It’s not a destination, it’s a journey. In the words of Stephen Covey, you have to put first things first.
If you get stuck at the ‘how’ I’d love to help you get clear on your goals and breakthrough blocks that are in your way. Ask me how!
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Do you have a vision for your life?
If you feel like you’re languishing, bored or not growing, it’s a sign that your values or needs aren’t being met.

If you have felt that way for a while, it’s time to take action. By exploring a vision for your life you begin to visualise what you want, what matters and how life could be. It’s the first step to creating the life you WANT to live and taking yourself out of feelings of being stuck, demotivated and dissatisfaction. Remember: you control your life and doing nothing is still a choice. Choose differently, choose better and watch what happens next…
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What can you do today that you couldn’t do 12 months ago?

We don’t often see or think about the many tiny steps of progress we make each day, just the start and the end.
This can make it even harder to persevere when we are languishing or finding it hard to stick to overcoming challenges and creating new habits.
Celebrate yourself and the progress you’ve made today!
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Today's moment of truth is about progress, because I don't think we celebrate ourselves enough.

As a society we hone in on success, results, the things we can see or hear about - the new car, promotion, house, relationship.
But what about the thousand tiny steps you took to get that?
If I were to ask you, what's one thing you can do today that you couldn't do 12 months ago - what would that be?
What do you feel proud of achieving? How long did it take you? How many false starts, failures, sucking at it did it take before you found your feet, found your flow?
The path to success isn't a straight one, it doesn't happen overnight and it isn't given to you. It's earned.
We tend to devalue things that aren't tangible. You don't hear people say, hey I didn't put myself down today! Or I witnessed myself being impulsive and I didn't punish myself for it. Or I took back my apology today, because I'm serial apologiser. Or I managed to not interrupt my partner at dinner! Or I didn't judge my brother at all during lunch today.
There are small steps that you are taking day by day that inch you closer to success - what are they?
What's one thing you can celebrate about a change you're trying to bring about that you can recognise?
What's the progress you're making, or have made?
Learn to look for those steps! Write them down. Share them with people who matter to you. Acknowledge them in yourself.
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Do you have a pattern - of behaviours or thoughts - that isn't helpful?

That gets in the way of your success? Let's take a look at what's happening when we do.
Often when we have a pattern in our life, it's served us well - it's been effective at achieving the results that we want or we've not had enough momentum or motivation to change anything. It works - until it doesn't anymore.
Once we have an awareness of our pattern, it can be really difficult to change unless you understand why you had the pattern in the first place and what it had been giving you.
So there are a few stages I'd like to point out:
1. You don't know what you don't know - it's unconscious behaviour to us
2. You become aware but don't know how to change it. This is the danger zone because the discomfort of changing something and not seeing the rewards straight away, means people often quit and go back to their old ways because it's easier.
3. But if you persevere, with intention, effort and practice you can start to get better and better.
4. Until finally it becomes automatic. You don't have to think about it at all!
So you're not locked into patterns, with some self awareness, a deeper understanding of why that pattern worked for you and finding helpful ways to replace it, you can change things for the better. This is where a coach is great because you get guidance, support and accountability to make a sticky, 'forever' change.
If this has got you thinking or you'd like help to make a change, message me, I'd love to help. Links in bio.
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Double digits baby! #yeow I had an amazing coaching experience last night and had to share with you.

There's so many great things about coaching - the personal growth as a human, being held in a safe container to explore a challenge, block or pattern that isn't serving us.
Even coaches have coaches! I don't think there will be a time that I won't have a coach, it is such an empowering experience. But I also see it having 'integrity to the work' - there's nothing I ask of my clients I haven't done myself as I think coaches should continue to develop themselves too.
So, what do coaches do? They hold a safe container for you that allows you to work through a challenge you're experiencing, a block or pattern that isn't serving you. You're in the drivers seat the whole time and we're your passenger pointing out the scenery, helping you see the different routes you can take so you can make a decision for yourself, sharing different perspectives or angles that you mightn't have seen because they're in your blindspots.
We focus on what's important to you and act in service to the outcome you want - prepping fora new role or transition, discovering what is important to you, breaking through mindset blocks or rewiring our thoughts and behaviour to serve us.
My favourite moment is the 'aha' moment. Where the penny drops and you feel like you not only deeply understand yourself and the situation, but you feel empowered to act or show up in the way you want to - to be able to respond instead of react. The clarity feels great and you leave a session feeling so buzzed, just like I do now even though it was yesterday!
Shoutout to Claire from Neurocoaching Australia, who I continuously choose to train with as a coach. They're ICF accredited and use neuroscience, tools and pragmatic approaches but also are so passionate about helping people.
If you would like to explore coaching or have something to work on, I'd love to talk to you about it. Link in Bio
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What are you saying to yourself?
Do you speak kindly to yourself or do you tear yourself down?

Do you 'should' all over yourself?
Our internal dialogue, sometimes called self talk, is a brilliant space to witness where our personal evolution is. You're not looking for the words it speaks, you're looking to witness how you respond. Because we all have it. But it's about what we do with it that counts.
Do you give it power to ruin your day or psych you out? Or do you hear it, acknowledge it as a signpost of information, of feedback, and then make a choice based on what you want.
I've been creating a coaching program today (which has been amazing and I can't' wait to share it with you) and the topic came up. It has been helpful to me too because even as a coach, I'm still on the journey too - we don't stop. You stop, you are out of the game bud.
Anyway, I'm of the school of thought that things happen in our lives and there's only so much we can control. So we need to focus on what we do in those moments afterwards, the ones where we have choice. To decide if we're going to take that on, if we replace it with more compassionate reframe or just let it exist and move forward into the next moment.
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Waiting for the ‘right’ moment.
I’ll do it when I’m ‘ready’.
I haven’t got the ‘time’.

It’s not a ‘great’ time for it.
These are the short stories we tell ourselves so we don’t have to get uncomfortable, don’t have to take a risk.
Is there something you’re hiding from? Is there an ambition or reality that sits outside your comfort zone? What is stopping you from taking a leap or feeling a little discomfort?
Take action. Start now. Begin today. Do something that takes you one step closer. Spend ten minutes in action.
New workshop and coaching program coming up - head to brazenco.com.au to learn more.
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How do you make decisions? How do you know what to do in your life, when you have challenges, when you have to make choices about your future?

For some of us we seek familiar counsel in friends and family. Others seek out experts or those who we know have succeeded or faced something similar, we research or even survey others. Some trust their gut instincts.
There is no right answer to this question - it's for you to reflect.
I often explore with my clients what their values and principles are. The process can be very clarifying - what's important to me? What needs to align before I say yes? Is this something I want or desire - let me check in with my principles or values.
Congruence, or alignment, can be a great check point when making a decision. Because even if we canvass others for their perspective, at the end of the day you are making the decision - it's your life.
I love these types of conversations - if you'd like support to develop your own principles or find clarity on a decision, please reach out. This is the perfect way to utilise coaching for life challenges.
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We live in a society that is on 100% of the time, bombarding us with messages and that can feel magnified when you're on an upward growth spiral.

We place greater pressure on ourselves and others to do better, be better, perform higher, get even more results.
But that isn't sustainable. It's not natural - nature has peaks and valleys, we ebb and flow. Which is why it was so freeing to learn from the grand Maya Angelou. She wrote, 'Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better'. And I loved it - because it gives us room to be human.
There's still the element of self improvement there, the striving for excellence and growing and evolving. But it creates space, it makes room for failing, it has within it a hidden compassion that generously allows us to be kind to ourselves. To forgive our ignorance or lapse of judgement, to put down the drive and idle for a moment before moving forward.
What has been a lesson that you've learnt recently? One where things haven't gone your way, you've made a mistake or failed - what's the nugget of wisdom that you can retrieve from that learning and take forward with you.
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Morning friends. As I said on the Moment of Truth #5 video, words can change the trajectory of your life when said with intention.

Try observing your inner dialogue today, how you label yourself. If it isn’t empowering then make a choice to mix it up! Today I am… powerful, compassionate and lit by purpose 🔥 What about you?
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Today I want to talk about reinventing yourself because I don’t think it’s seen as transformational

as it should be - our society admires static people and validates predictable outcomes and identical goals. People that fall beyond that cookie cutter are seen as outliers, mavericks when there are actually a lot of us daring to be different.
That’s why when we try and fail (forward) we can feel shame and our confidence can take a hit, we question our worth. Even though we know our path is destined for something we question whether we shouldn’t just chuck it in and go the straight and narrow, give up on a dream and stop pursuing the thing that is calling us, that purposeful vision yet to be crafted into existence by you.
Newsflash: Purpose is dynamic. Like the phoenix rises from the ashes, it is possible to reinvent yourself and the secret lies in three key ingredients. A vision of what you want. Intention and self efficacy to bring it into the world. Trust - in yourself, your abilities to learn, to think positively and optimistically in your self talk. Name what you want and speak it into existence.
If you learn to master setting your own compass and vision and allow yourself to pivot, grow, evolve, and choose differently you can literally change the trajectory of your life. I did. And you can too.
In two weeks I’m kicking off my program Brazen Clarity which is the ultimate reset. Over four weeks we’ll reset your mindset, help you establish a new baseline so you can be decisive and forge a new path for yourself. You'll set your own intentions about who you are, who you want to be and also who you are not - the result is crystal clarity. And I’ll be there to help you every step of the way. Link in bio to find out more about the program.
Remember our words have power and this isn’t a new concept but in times like these it can be orienting to create an anchor for yourself, to name your intention and set your direction by it. That’s when the adventure really begins!
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We made a podcast! I’d love you to listen to the ‘Lit by Purpose’ episode of @talibrash The Creative Zone Podcast - I had so much fun, there’s lots of gold in there and many giggles too.

Tell me what you think!
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What would happen if you leaned into the parts of you that you want to hide, that you judge, that you reject?

We're all on a journey with accepting ourselves and recently I had watched how I had been putting a lot of energy into resisting and disowning parts of myself instead of embracing them.
So often when we notice something about ourselves that we don't like, that others judge (or we perceive them to judge), that we feel shame about or expected better of ourselves, we rush into disowning it. Denying it in ourselves, masking or containing it so it doesn't spill out into our world so others see it within us.
As humans its a natural instinct to want to belong and yet we don't permit these parts of overselves to belong to us. We don't let them to have a place and honour what they're trying to tell us. We don't like to look at them or listen, we disown.
It's a lose-lose situation because we leech our energy for the good stuff by siphoning it into resistance. By disallowing shadow parts, we are prevented from being our whole or true selves too. The same actions that stop the disowned nature or characteristic being seen also mask our authenticity, our ability to fully connect in our life, blocks our ability to be our best selves. It's like being in a kayak and trying to row upstream - you get nowhere fast. You stand still no matter how much or how hard you try.
But what if we put the oars down? If we embraced those parts, leaned into them, listened to what those parts are trying to tell us and accept them. Then move forward together - complete and whole. It's not easy, we're all practising it and I have had a wonderful reminder myself this week. It requires concious effort, compassion and forgiveness. It requires us to see - truly see - ourselves and face inwards. But it feels so much better when we do.
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This very much relates to today’s Moment Of Truth video about being willing to ask yourself the hard questions about why you want to make change.

It can be a really powerful driving force when trying to make changes that stick.
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Having a real conversation with yourself, without judgement, is important when you’re starting to create change in your life.

Knowing *why* you want to make a change can make such a difference and help you find deeper reserves of perseverance, determination and motivation when it gets challenging to stick to your commitment to yourself.
So often people beat themselves up for not achieving a goal, creating a new habit or dropping one that doesn’t serve them but they never really set themselves up for success in the first place.
There are stages to change - being aware of a problem, thinking about changing and preparing to change all happen before you take any action. And that process is important because if you’re unclear on why you want something, you certainly won’t stick to a new way of operating.
Asking yourself why you want to make a change, what it will mean for you, how it will feel all go a long way to creating a recipe for changes that will stick. Be honest, truthful and honour the answers you receive. Because that’s where you are at and ‘should-ing’ all over yourself and guilting yourself into feeling bad isn’t going to get you further - it’ll just make you feel worse.
I love helping my clients really get a visceral sense of why they want to make a change before we dive into anything - it sets a clear goal, vision and motivator. But it all begins with you and your truth. If you’re not willing to get real about that you’re probably not in a place where you're going to do anything about it either.
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Moment Of Truth is a new series I'll be posting daily in the lead up to my first program, Brazen Clarity on Oct 11.

It's helpful, bite sized content to try or think about.
There's a lot happening in the world and a lot we don’t have any control over e.g. today I launched my business but there was also an earthquake (!!!) in Australia this morning and the global financial market may be on the brink of collapse. For this reason, I think the phrase "ready for change” can be unhelpful. You won’t always suddenly feel ready, there isn’t a fool safe formula to follow. Sometimes we choose change, sometimes change chooses us.
Our life experiences shape the automatic way we respond when feeling challenged, stressed, unsafe or insecure. You may have heard of ‘fight or flight’ but there's flood, fawn and fatigue in there too.
In times like these it's natural to want to try and control things. But if we look at the 'Circle of Control' model, you'll see we can create MORE stress and drama wasting energy trying to control what is OUTSIDE of our reach.
So next time you feel yourself feeling stressed, a simple tip is to stop, check in with yourself and see if you're trying to control something you can’t. If you are, you now have a choice that you didn't while in stress mode, you have options.
To take a deep breath and create some space for yourself.
To acknowledge your emotions are being triggered instead of pushing them away.
To decide to let it go.
To speak to someone who gets you.
To do something kind or compassionate for yourself.
To journal to release the desire.
We're going to experience more uncertainty, there will be more days like today where a bunch of things are way out of our control. So we need to expand our emotional agility capabilities, to be mindful, productive, resilient to move on after setbacks.
If you would love some help to shift your mindset or expand your emotional agility, I'd love to help you. DM me!
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Leaves are like nature's glitter - they're a mess, but who can resist?
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Appreciate play in a different way. Make sure to allow it for your kids and yourself.

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"It's got 4-wheel drive but the cabin can feel a little crowded.

With a little help, we can make this baby FLY!"
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I can slide through with some fresh guacamole and a couple sos pads and we see where this evening takes us.
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My most important madals so far for Extreme Euro Open 2021 Classic division.
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I’m soooo tired after trail hiking at #francisbeattypark but it was a lot of fun with my parents and brother @joey_demarco1 and our friend Gerry.
Love it
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KVMH Golf Tournament

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2019 put a smile on my face cos of all the things that happened this year from playing @ 2 SOLD OUT SHOWS‼️💯 Making people laugh with comedy skits
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What are gloves? Just hanging out the car door, parked somewhere?
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Welcome to South Coquitlam’s newest community, SOCO by @theanthemway.
@stevesteadham Grind Potential at the dug up Surf de Earth Skatepark in Vista in 1984. Photo:
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Via Giacomo Matteotti.
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