Bizappay wishes a happy mawlid an-nabi.

Our prophet Muhammad SAW has amazing characteristics that should be followed amongst them are being true in words and actions, honest, reliable and wise in his ways with people.

These characteristics are also important for entrepreneurs to grow their businesses and empires.

Let us remember him and pray that we will be able to be besides him in the hereafter.

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Bizappay will be closed in commencement of the Prophet Muhammad SAW birth date, hence no settlement will be made on Tuesday October 19th.

Settlement will continue as scheduled on Wednesday October 20th.

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Bizappay akan bercuti pada hari Selasa, 19 Oktober dan tiada Settlement akan dibuat pada tarikh tersebut.

Settlement akan berjalan seperti biasa pada hari Rabu, 20 Oktober.

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Know the meaning of your Collection Status.

When a payment bill is opened, it will be recorded in the list of Collection available to be viewed in your Bizappay application or web dashboard. The different coloured status hold different meanings.

Grey - NO ACTIONS mean that the payment bill was opened but no payment has been made. Either the payment page was opened, the payment link was clicked or the payment QR Code was scanned. No further action was attempted.

Red - FAILED mean that an attempt was made to pay the bill but failed. Failure might be to the individual cancelling the payment. It can also be due to technical issues such as wrong login information input or insufficient balance. Failed status can also mean a technical error in the FPX Payment gateway. Should you see this but the payment has been deducted, contact our team to get it sorted!

Green - SUCCESS mean as what it says. The payment was made to the payment bill and was succesful. The value is deducted from one end and is received on the other.

Follow us and get updated on news and information on Bizappay!

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Selamat Hari Malaysia!
A day for us Malaysian. May we grow stronger together.

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Happy Independence Day Malaysia!

May the remembrance of this historic day reminds us Malaysians of the fruits of hardwork, unity and preserverance.

May we strive to become a better Malaysian for a better Malaysia!

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Bizappay telah berTUKAR kepada DOMAIN BAHARU bagi melancarkan dan menambahbaik perkhidmatan mereka.

Domain baru Bizappay ialah

Bagi semua developers, pastikan anda telah menukarkkan hujung API (API ENDPOITN) anda dari kepada

Pastikan anda juga telah mendapatkan Bizappay for WooCommerce Plugin yang terkini!

Bermula Ogos 31, akan dihentikan perkhidmatannya.

Mari kita mulakan tahun kemerdekaan baru dengan wajah baru di Bizappay!

Terima kasih kepada semua yang terus bersama kami sehingga hari ini. Kami berharap akan dapat terus memberi yang terbaik demi untuk pembangunan kita bersama.

#bizappbroup #bizappay #onlinepayment #paymentgateway #woocommerce

We are pleased to announce to you that we have moved to a NEW DOMAIN to serve you better.

Our new domain is

For all developers, please ensure that you change the API ENDPOINT from tu

Please also update your WooCommerce plugins.

From August 31st, will be off-service.

Let us start this year’s independence day with a new look!

We are very grateful for your continuous support and are very excited to better serve you and grow together in this new chapter.

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Bizappay will be celebrating Independence Day on August 31st, hence no settlement will be made on the day.

Settlement will continue as scheduled on Wednesday, September 1st.

#bizappgroup #bizappay

Bagi menyambut hari kemerdekaan 31 Ogos ini, tiada settelement akan dilakukan oleh Bizappay.

Settlement akan dilaksanakan seperti penjadualan pada hari Rabu 1 September keesokan harinya.

#bizappgroup #bizappay #bizapp

Bizappay wishes a blessed Muharram and New Year 1443H to all muslims.

We hope the coming new year brings a blessing to everyone.

Stay safe.

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Bizappay akan bercuti pada hari Selasa, 10 Ogos dan tiada Settlement akan dibuat pada tarikh tersebut.

Settlement akan berjalan seperti biasa pada hari Rabu, 11 Ogos.

#bizappgroup #bizappay

Bizappay will be celebrating Awal Muharram on August 10th, hence no settlement will be made on the day.

Settlement will continue as scheduled on Wednesday, August 11th.

We wish all muslims a blessed New Year.

#bizappgroup #bizappay

Please update your Bizappay for WooCommerce plugin before August 31st!

Bizappay urges all users to update their Bizappay for WooCommerce plugin as soon as possible.
This is to ensure the smooth and safe performace as we upgrade the system.
A new look and feel will also be here soon! Stay tune!

#bizappgroup #bizappay

Bizappay and Bizapp Group would like to wish all a blessed Eid-Adha especially to all strategic partners, merchants and users.

Not to forget to all muslims across the world.

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Sempena cuti Raya Aidil Adha pada 20 Julai 2021, tiada settlement akan dibuat pada hari tersebut.

Settlement terakhir adalah pada 19 Julai 2021. Settlement berikutnya akan diteruskan pada 21 Julai 2021.

Harap maklum.

#BizApp #Bizappay

Bizappay will be celebrating Eid Adha on July 20th, hence no settlement will be made on the day.

The last settlement will be completed on July 19th, 2021. Settlement will resume on Wednesday, July 21st.

We wish all muslims a blessed Eid Adha.


Notis gangguan ini adalah untuk semua pengguna Pembayaran FPX di Bizapp.

Kami dapati terdapat gangguan pada beberapa pembayaran FPX sejak jam 8 malam 13 Julai semalam.

Setelah diteliti, kami dapati ini adalah kerana terdapat beberapa sekatan baru yang dikenakan oleh beberapa pihak telco / Penyedia Perkhidmatan Internet.

Isu ini telah dilanjutkan untuk tindakan pihak yang berkenaan.

Kami memohon maaf atas sebarang kesulitan.

#bizapp #bizappay

To all Bizappay users, we have noticed connectivity failures since 8:00PM July 13th.

These are due to restrictions imposed by few Internet Service Providers (ISP).

We regret that some of you may not be able to use our service smoothly. We deeply apologies for the inconvenience this may have cause.
We are currently looking into this matter and will inform you once it is resolved.
Thank you for your understanding.


Do you need to pay any registration or subscription to use Bizappay?


Bizappay have no registration or subscription payment. Contact us to know more!

#bizappay #bizappgroup

Hello new business owners and online business merchants!

Let us assist your payment collection and management. We can be integrated into your woo-commerce and application system. You use our mobile application available on both iOS and Android platform to check your payments!

Reach us out now, our team will be happy to assist you!

Stay calm and use Bizappay.

#bizappay #PaymentGateway

Bizappay will undergo a system upgrade and maintenance this Saturday.

Please be informed that Bizappay will not be accessible from Saturday July 3rd, 11:59 PM until Sunday July 4th, 6:00 AM.

Your support is very much appreciated.

#bizappay #bizapp

Bagi pengguna Bizappay di Bizapp, sistem Bizappay akan diselenggara dan ditambahbaik pada 3 Julai ini, hari Sabtu jam 11:59PM sehingga 4 Julai Ahad, jam 6:00AM.

Pembayaran dan semakan tidak dapat dibuat sepanjang tempoh tersebut. Harap maklum.

#bizapp #bizappay

Through the next phase of payment system upgrade, the MERCHANT NAME in the payment note for FPX (online banking) will change from EBYAR Sdn Bhd to ANSI SYSTEM SDN BHD.

Please be informed. Stay calm and stay safe.

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