Gala Dinner 🍽 AIMP Challenge ☺️ done by:

🔴 @coach.allam
🔴 @hichame.moubarak

During the dinner the runners went throw their challenge and what they learnt from it as well celebrating this memory with those who ran by their side and support us

Thank you all for being there with your time 🙏🏼 and looking forward for @coach.allam and @hichame.moubarak with their new challenges 😍stay tuned😍.

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Not even two weeks after my first 70.3, I completed the #aimpchallenge week (which I completely underestimated) and my second Sprint!

My Challenge Week was:
-Day 1-3 Half Ironman
-Day 4-6 Olympic Distance Triathlon
-Day 7: Sprint Tri Simulation.
Then 2 days Rest
and a Sprint Tri TODAY! After the #aimpchallenge I felt - in the words of my lovely triathlon friend @bbbettencourt - DUSTED! 😜 But I felt great for the Sprint today! Incredible this endurance stuff! Ready for some rest and beers now… 😃💪🌱 #veganfortheanimals #vegan #veganathlete # #aimpcoaching #swimbikerun #triathlon

Beautiful sunrise on my run this morning.

Capped my #aimpchallenge week off with 15 miles to round out my over 100 mile running week which is the highest mileage since beginning to train for an ultra.

Super grateful for 6/6/60. I learned I can run through pain, things are just hard sometimes, much like life, but if you just keep going it gets better.

There is something beautiful in sufferring and challenging yourself to try something you are not quite sure you can finish.

Then on the other side there’s a sweet confidence gained from a hard journey won. A little less anxiety and fear of failure that translates to all the other areas of your life that have nothing to do with running. Like persevering through a hard day at work or dealing with a toddler who seems intent on never sleeping when they’re supposed to.

People often ask me why I run. I run to be better. A better mom, wife, friend and because thats when i feel closest to that still small voice inside #mycreator.

It’s a blessing all these miles and i’m excited to see what’s next! #runonfriends #aimpchallenge

Back at it, climbing…!

Closing out the AIMP Challenge week with 29029 Vermont.

Looking forward to the next 36 hrs of climbing with all new ultra endurance athletes, but more importantly new friendships!


#aimpchallenge day 7 finished in this beautiful olimpic pool.

Completed 62.38 Miles. "Choosing to do something where the likelihood of failure is greater than success.

When do we get to do that in our daily lives…or - more importantly - when do we PLAN failure likelihood?"
-Chris Hauth #aimpcoaching #aimpchallenge

#aimpchallenge day 6. Almost there.

Friday morning we set out to do one of the challenges @aimpcoach posed to his athletes for his annual AIMP Challenge Week.

6 miles, every 6 hrs for 60 hours (6x6x60).

I started out with an angry hamstring (the one that got reattached last year) and along with that came fear, tears, projections of failing, worry of never being able to participate in events…..While the fear of injury could have easily stopped me after run #1 , 2, 3…I decided right away to take this one run at a time, knowing how endurance events go, my body could loosen up and find a groove or send me clear signs to stop before I get hurt.

I did 9/10 runs, skipping the midnight one (as a middle aged woman, my sleep gets messed with enough!) but adding some hiller miles to make up for it.

I’m proud of myself, mostly for getting over the fear, getting out of my own way and just getting it done. I can usually grunt through physical pain much easier than other life discomforts but this experience reminded me how important it is to just stay in the moment, take one step at a time.

Many of us get bogged down, or even stopped in our tracks over what might happen. I certainly have my moments, but whether it’s getting out of your comfort zone at work, sticking to values with your kids or taking on a physical event that scares you… stay in the moment, one step at a time. #goodthingswillhappen

Next, off to Vermont for 29029, the last one of 2021. And I want to remind those of you that are headed to the mountain, take one climb at a time, and be open to the possibility your body will have moments of feeling good and bad… but that it does ebb and flow. Stay in the game, good things can happen, goals can be achieved. #aimpchallenge #ultraendurance #nourishyourbody #nourishyoursoul #stayinthemoment #stayinthepresent

#aimpchallenge is done and I’m dusted. Day seven was an Olympic triathlon; swim 1 mile (cause that’s where the buoy is,) bike 25 miles and a 10k (6.2) mile run.

Actually felt better at the end of today’s training than yesterday. I guess that #swimbikerun is more my jam than straight running. Fun having my friend and strong athlete @szcary60 join me for the entire challenge; “that sounds crazy, what time?” The weekly total is a huge boost from what I’ve been doing this year training for 70.3 distance races:
Bike: 194.65 miles - 13 hours 27 mins. Run: 32.58 miles - 8 hours. Swim: 7,989 yards - 3 hours 9 mins. I think that is a weekly running record for me. It’s been fun, I’m glad it’s done. #hawaiifromhome #triathlonchallenge #bigtrainingblock #whosideawasthis ?

Congratulations to all of the #aimpchallenge athletes that finished the 6x6x60 and their respective challenges 🎉🎉.

To those still in the fight on your challenges, keep going 👊🏻.

6x6x60 complete, before 6pm, to be officially within 60hrs. @davidgoggins : what’s next?

As my father says to this day: “finish what you started son, and use the obstacles placed in your way as validation that you are on the right path”. It always makes me smile when things get hard…


#aimpchallenge done! 6 miles every 6 hours for 60 hours.

@aimpcoach once told me prior to an Ironman that with improved fitness we must demand more of ourselves. That was my mindset. I tried to stay consistent but at a level I was not sure I could maintain. I demanded more and was surprised by the outcome. The routes were not glamours and getting some of these in while at work definitely added another level of difficulty. I felt the accumulation when I started the 12am segment today. Getting going was the hardest but I kept one foot in front of the other and got the miles done. Interestingly the 12pm segments were my fastest.
#run #running #ultrarunning #endurance #endurancetraining #swimbikerun #workoutmotivation #workout #fitness #fitnessmotivation #lovethepain #lovethepain_official #plantbased #plantpowered #plantstrong #pma

9/10. Starting to feel the miles…

“We must all either wear out or rust out, every one of us.

My choice is to wear out” - Theodore Roosevelt


Day 3 of my #aimpchallenge to run 85k in 7 days 🏃‍♀️

Biggest win?

I didn’t even get lost in the British countryside SOOOOO big things are happening, people.

And I got to experience some of the Ridgeway trail, a national trail described as Britain’s oldest trail, used for over 5,000 years ✨✨🌈

Lord, grant me the ability to persist through tedium, to survive without the oxygen of recognition, praise and stroking, and to do something each day which is seen only by God

8/10 done. Home stretch.

6/10 complete. 24 hours to go.


“The fundamental essence of an adventure has to incorporate the unknown.

The most rich experiences come from those sort of slightly chaotic moments when you’re not completely prepared.”

Not completely prepared…where potential failure sets up hyper diligent observation and potential growth


#aimpchallenge I am halfway through this challenge. 50k down with 50k to go. Started Friday at 6am.

Right in the middle of the #aimpchallenge today. For the rest of the weekend you can find me running…6 miles…every 6 hours…for 60 hours total.

Why? Because I believe that we feel our best when we push our limits, get out of our comfort zone, and challenge the beliefs we hold about what we are capable of. When was the last time you tried something you weren’t sure you could achieve?
#aimpcoaching #ultraendurance #ultrarunning #runningmotivation #dohardthings #testyourself #nolimits #selfgrowth #selfdiscovery #getoutsideyourcomfortzone #midnightrunners #fallrunning #endurancechallenge

5 Runs in/30 miles down. 5 more to go. Sweetest moment so far was when my son said i was cool today because i do hard stuff.

#aimpchallenge #getitdone #blessedandgrateful

Run Nr. 2 of 10.

Seneca says to treat the body rigorously so that it is not disobedient to the mind.

Choose the harder way…


AIMP Challenge 2021 has begun. 9 more 6 mile runs…in the next 54 hrs…to kick off a week of discomfort, work and perseverance…

If you don’t try, you can’t fail…
If you argue for your limitations you get to keep them…


Began this little adventure yesterday! 6 miles, every 6 hours for 60 hours.

The hardest part so far was running at 10 last night and getting up to run again before the craziness of the day begins.

#aimpchallenge #trainingforultra #runningwithkids #endurance

The 2021 #aimpchallenge is here! Go time! @aimpcoach

Weekend calling 😎 tomorrow AIMP challenge week is starting!
Coach explains it like this:

Something far outside the realm of current training, somewhere between unachievable and curiosity. For most of us failure is the goal. Only in it so we discover, grow, adapt, and kick out stronger.
Looking forward to this challenge and going beyond comfort, to the far edge.
Thanks, Chris, for organising this challenge week again! 😎🏃‍♂️ #aimpchallenge #adventuresinendurance #6x6x60 #fe226
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